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Created By TailsDoller2 And Devonte And Boltgon

Toy Story 2 spoilers ahead.

Yep, this exists, unfortunately.

Ok, so basically, in my previous report, i talked about that I went to Pixar HQ to find a lost Zurg pilot, but Joe Ranft treated me like an asshole, and later I found the tape, which contained horrible stuff that still can't take out of my mind.

It's Called "Zurg Ü 2"

Why a sequel of this shit?

Anyways, I went back home and put it on TBE player

The Disney Channel Ribbon Era Up next appeared, the announcer said: Next, the MOTHERFUCKING sequel of Zurg Ü, Zurg Ü 2 on Disney Channel.

What a minute, did I just hear the Announcer cussing?! He can't cuss in a Fucking Kids Network!

The Movie Intro Started with Zurg in a weird space. This was after he was pushed into the portal by Buzz.

This kept playing as scary music was heard.

Finally, he fell right on Andy's house, but the animation quality dropped heavily.

The movie showed "Toy Story 2" meaning Zurg went back in time.

We see Zurg outside Andy's house.

"Where the hell am I?" he asked himself.

He pulled out a phone and he saw the date: November 24, 1999, the same date the movie was released.

"Well fuck, now I'm stuck in another era" he said.

Apparently, there was a yard sale at the garden.

"Shit, I must stay still or else..." said Zurg, when Andy's mom came outside, but she didn't saw Zurg moving. In fact, she couldn't even see him, like he was invisible.

"The fuck? Did she saw me?" he wondered, when he went into a conviniently placed broken mirror, and he didn't saw his reflection.

"I'm... invisible? FUCK YEAH, NOW I CAN DO WHATEVER I FUCKING WANT!" he hollered, happily.

He then saw how Woody tried to rescue Whezzy, but failed, and got kidnapped by Al McWhiggin.

"Fucking sucks to be Ü" he said, mockingly.

Luckily he wasn't spotted by Buzz, who tried to save Woody.

He went to Molly's room.




He starts making a mess there...

Sunddenly, Garfield the fat fuck cat appeared out of nowhere, except it was a fuckin plush of him, with buttons as eyes and his mouth was fuckin' sewed, but he could somehow fuckin' talk.

"What the fuck are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here, not even at this time" he said, with an angry expression and with a text to speech voice.

"And who the fuck do you think you are to tell me what the fuck I can do?" Zurg said.

"Name's Garfield, and you are messing with the timeline. I will have to arrest you." he said.

"ARREST THIS!" he said, pulling out his middle fingers and jumping out of the window.

"What a bitch" Garfield said.

Zurg then got up and saw Andy's toys outside. It was evening, so at this part the toys were going to rescue Woody. He decided to follow them, without beign noticed. Who knows, someone could be able to see invisible people, or toys, in this case.

”Those fuckers don’t even know I’m there.” Zurg said.

They suddenly turned around and Zurg quickly hided in some bushes.

"Huh? Thought someone followed us" Buzz said, and they procceded on their way.

"That was close" Zurg thought.

Sunddenly, Tex the Fucking THX mascot appeared of nowhere.

Why Tex was there?

And also Pixar didn't even owned THX!

The strangest thing is that this Tex was a plush instead of beign a robot.

"Hey there sparky." Tex said.

"Who the hell are you?" Zurg asked.

"Don't you recognize me? I'm Tex!" he said.

"Never heard that name..." Tex said.

"Actually, what happened to your robotic body?" Zurg asked.

"How did you know that? Sigh... I don't remember anything..." he said.

"(Maybe Garfield has something to do with this...)" Zurg tought. "Ok, if you help me with something maybe we'll fix your situation" he offered to Tex.

"Alright, seems the best option I have right now" Tex said.

Then they followed them...

The footage suddenly cut to Coop Burtonburger from Kid vs. Kat talking about how Rob Boutilier was not funny.

What The Fuck is This? This shit is nothing do with Zurg! And Why Coop Burtonburger talking about Rob Boutilier, He Can't Never Talk like that!