The Author of this Story is Cjaymarch84, aka DaveTheUseless. This is the fourth story narrated by DaveTheUseless (although it was recorded/narrated earlier and released on a previous channel; the video was re-uploaded as the fourth CreepyPasta story on the DaveTheUseless channel.)

Yogi Bear was walking along the park one day, when he saw a sign. He looked up and read it, but he couldn’t understand it. It said something about a picnic at the park tomorrow at 10 AM, but the park had been torn down by foreigners not too long ago. Unfortunately, the world was getting too populated, so natural resources had to suffer in return. The park had been removed, and soon, the entire forest would be.
CREEPYPASTA Yogi Bear Adventures!

CREEPYPASTA Yogi Bear Adventures!

But most urgently, there was no place to picnic. Yogi Bear went back to his cave to talk to Booboo Bear about this mishap. It was dark in the cave. He lit a match, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere...

... a SPIDER emerged! Yogi dashed for the exit, but it was suddenly blocked by boulders. The spider drew closer and closer, and Yogi was beginning to sweat. Suddenly, his match went out. It was just him. In the dark. Alone. With the spider. Why had fate done this to him? He wanted so desperately to go to the picnic, and sing and dance with the civilians. He always was a fan of social gatherings and good entertainment, and he considered himself an entertainer. He even performed as a comedian once! His jokes weren’t funny though, and they threw tomatoes at him.

But before Yogi could finish his thought... the SPIDER LEPT ON HIM! Yogi tried and tried to shrug it off, but it was no use. The spider had bit him. Yogi felt himself losing consciousness. Before the world went black, he saw a bloody corpse in the corner. A half a second before it all came to an end, he realized it was Booboo’s.


The park ranger finished dancing, and went back to the blanket to finish his picnic lunch. Suddenly, the town mayor came by!

”Ranger Smith! What a pleasant day this is! ... But where is that old stubborn bear who always snatches our picnic baskets and runs away?”

”Oh... him”, Ranger Smith replied with a chuckle. ”I’m afraid we won’t see him for quite awhile. It appears he got stuck in a very sticky situation."

The End.