Remember the Aardman series Wallace and Gromit?I remember it and I watched it when I was little.If you don’t know it,then I will tell you what it is about Wallace the inventor and Gromit the Dog.but I Got a VHS Tape of Wallace and Gromit that I found from a Garage sale.i put it inside my VCR.and It started with the Wallace and Gromit song From A Close Shave.The video starts with Wallace having Toast for Breakfast and he got dressed usually normal.and Gromit put the bread in the toaster and the bread popped out of the toaster and he put Jam on it.Wallace got tea.and he said this is a Great meal,thanks lad.Gromit went upstairs and he saw the Penguin from The Wrong Trousers.i was confused because a character from another Movie or Show cannot be in another different I kept on watching.and The Penguin killed Gromit.After that,Wallace Went upstairs and found Gromit laying on the floor and he Ran out of the house.after it cut to that scene,Wallace Stood in front of a Gravestone.Wallace starts crying softly but it sounded like an actual Person crying as if the voice actor was crying in pain rather than then zoomed it front of the Gravestone.there was no name on it but it simply gives from time of birth and death from 1921-2017.this was the Birth and death date of Peter Sallis the American actor.Wallace stopped crying and went back to the house and ate Cheese and Crackers and he also ran away and found dead bodies of Children and tears rolled down his eyes,and Wallace‘s eyes were starring onto the screen as if he was starring at the viewer.and it ended with the credits and the theme song from A Close Shave still played.the video ended with the Aardman logo and it ended sadly.i took the VHS and smashed it and I found out that on June 2nd 2017 that the Voice Actor for Wallace named Peter Sallis died.he was on,y 96.The film was called Wallace and Gromit:Depression and it was the 6th Wallace and Gromit Film in the was also disturbing and depressing for children and parents said that it was too creepy for their children.and the news said that Peter Sallis Died in 2017.and it was the Second Film to feature The Penguin.i was very shocked after what I watched because the Wallace and Gromit series was my favorite show on Aardman animations and i did discover the 6th Wallace and Gromit Movie but I still remembered Peter Sallis and how he died and he did voice Wallace.but Peter Sallis Will Never Be Forgotten.

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