I'm a huge fan of Thomas the tank engine. I had all the merchandise and all the episodes. I was looking at a convenience store when I found a VHS tape that said:Thomas the tank engine: tHE eNd. It was a weird tape: the title was written in sharpie. For some reason I bought it but when the price showed up on the clerks register it said it was $00.0 I thought maybe it was just a glitch. When I got home I hooked up my VCR and put the tape in and sat on the couch. It started with the usual intro but the windmill wasn't there and so were Annie and Clarabel and I could hear what sounded like muffled screams of children. It jumpcutted to the tidmouth sheds. The narrator sounded like he was drunk or something

James creepy face by thesodorengines-d5nqdyi

This is what they looked like

and the engines had this sinister smile on all of them.Sir Topham Hatt arrives and asks them to do there tasks Thomas interrupts him and said "SHUT UP FATASS" and ran over him blood gushing everywhere you could see his severed head gushing blood. It then jumpcut to James and Percy at the docks with some tankers behind them that said "Gasoline" on them. James spotted what was a group of inspectors coming to the docks with Diesel who also had a sinister smile on him "aw shit the inspectors" Percy said "lets light-em up" James said. James driver and fireman got out of there cab with flamethrowers and walked up to the inspectors and burned them. Then Percys crew jumped out with a long cloth, they put it in the top of one of the tankers and lit the cloth it then showed the hole docks exploding with lots of screaming it then jumpcut to Thomas at the sheds: right up the camera, still with the sinister smile, his eyes were red...and screaming. I tried turning off the T.V but it wouldn't budge. It did this for about 30 minutes... then the screen went static and launched the tape out of the VCR. The tape was all BURN'T! It looked like it was on fire but just put out. I grabbed the tape but it was scolding hot! I grabbed my oven mittens and grabbed the tape and brought it into my garage and grabbed my shotgun and shot the tape till it was destroyed completely. I had trouble sleeping all night, all I could think of was that tape.

In the middle of the night I heard Thomas's whistle from my window

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