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My reaction to the tape

Thomas & Friends (or fully known as Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends and referred to as Thomas the Tank Engine) is a British children's television series that had its first broadcast on the ITV network in 1984, and is based on The Railway Series of books by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son, Christopher Awdry.

It started airing in the United States through Shining Time Station on January 1989 until September 1st, 2020 when all of Season 24's regular length episodes were released in the US on Netflix. The series finished airing in airing order in the UK on January 20th, 2021. The last episode of the 1984-2020 series produced overall is "Thomas and the Royal Engine", despite being released on May 1st, 2020 alongside the "Marvelous Machinery" two-part arc on Netflix in the US, and on May 2nd, 2020 a day later in the UK.

While Thomas is supposed to be one of the greatest children shows in the UK, Mattel the current owner of the show made a lot of changes.

The upcoming 2D animated reboot, Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!, slated for October 2021, is expected to take the quality of the Thomas franchise to new levels of low, way worse than S8-11 and S22-24, as it will be considered non-canon to the original series. From relying too much on cartoon physics (which is jarring and out of place since the original series focused on realism most of the time), forcing Thomas to be the main character of every episode, engines now having fun than doing work, kicking out the British aspect and feel from the original, to taking Sir Topham Hatt's role as railway director away just to treat him more of a joke than in Seasons 19-24, to Thomas acting more childlike than in the original, to Gordon becoming a father figure of Thomas, to pushing humans to background characters! In fact, said reboot makes S12-16 look like a masterpiece in comparison.

Anyways, I first got my Job at Mattel in around 2009 and officially retired in 2021. However I Remember seeing a Disturbing and Weird Episode at the Studio. And I tell you, it didn't even air on TV due to how disturbing it was.

It all started when we received the copy which was supposed to be the episode "Thomas' Animal Friends". However instead, me and the other interns discovered it was actually a cancelled episode that was originally going to be the finale. However, that cancelled episode must of got finished by the producers, writers, etc. So anyway, the episode started with the theme song in reverse for some reason. We then see the Title Card.

"Thomas gets Scrapped"

Everyone of us laughed at the title, except for me. Instead, I was confused. The episode then finally started with Thomas shunting trucks as the narrator said: "It's a beautiful day on the island of Sodor. And Thomas is working on his Branchline". As the Narrator finished what he said, Thomas then said: "Oh Boy! It's a Wonderful Day Here!"

The narrator then said: "Then the Fat Controller came. He was very depressed." He was holding a letter that was sent to him. The Fat Controller said: 'Thomas, I have some sad news.

He started reading the letter and it said:

Dear Fat Controller

I'm sorry to say this but due to Brand new Construction workers with Newer Powerful Vehicles You are Bankrupt!

Sincerly, Mierda

Who the Heck is Mierda anyways?

Yeah i know it's the spanish word for shit and crap

"I'm afraid you are not very useful anymore. You are going to have to get scrapped, MUHAHAHAHAHA!'"

Thomas then gasped. "The Fat Controller? Why?!" said Thomas.

"Because after all those crashes and accidents, It proves that you aren't a useful engine at all motherfucka." The Fat Controller replied. Then Thomas started sobbing and The Fat Controller started fucking laughing. It cut to static for 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds of static, it cut to Thomas at Tidmouth sheds. All the other engines were asleep but except for Thomas. His shed door was open as Thomas was still hanging out. Thomas then said: "I can't believe it! I'm getting scrapped. After lots of accidents and crashes over the years I'm getting scrapped? What have I done to deserve this?!" It then cut to black for 1 second.

it then cut to Thomas at the Scrapyard, with all the engines crying. "Goodbye Thomas!" cried Percy. "I will miss you."

"I will miss you too." replied Thomas.

Then here's when the disturbing things happen.

Thomas' face got cut off by a blade. All of us, including me, saw blood and guts with organs with a brain, a pair of teeth, human eye balls, etc. inside him as Where The Hood At? By DMX plays in background.

It was like a human being inside of a train. The Fat Controller then said in a evil voice: "And there we have it. I'm afraid our Thomas is gone!"

Everybody including the engines were sobbing.

The Narrator then said in a crying voice: "And thats how Thomas got scrapped.... I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!"

It then cut to Thomas, now scrapped. His wheels were completely removed, his whistle was removed too. He was completely scrapped.

Then a claw came down and grabbed him. It pulled him upward and dropped Thomas into the huge pool of molten metal. He melted in the pool, on screen.

Thomas Fucking Dies.

It then cut to the Fat Controller making a announcement to the Engines.

Everybody, I have an announcement! I'm afraid we're fucking Bankrupt!

They all gasped.

  • Percy: Ok. Well what's going to happen to us now?!
  • The Fat Controller: well... you engines are all gonna get scrapped unfortunately bitch.

All of the Vehicles then screamed FUUUUUCCCCCKKK!!!!!!.

It then cut to the Fat Controller in his home started dancing as shitty maroon 5 remix plays in background.

The screen turned to static. It then showed a black and white film of the scrapyards. It showed various engines burning alive, their faces melting like they opened the Ark Of The Covenant. Some scrap engines without faces were screaming in the background, and they multiplied in number as more scrapped engines were placed in the pile of scrap. Slowly, more important characters, such as Emily, Duck, and even Edward were being scrapped, with Thomas as seen in the 2021 reboot simply staring at their destruction with a creepily blank smile, laughing like a fucking banshee.

It then showed Lady Hatt and her children crying at the Gravestone saying: R. I. P. The Fat Controller.

The Fuck? The Fat Controller Wasn't fucking dead!

The screen then zooms out to show the entire Island of Sodor where Thomas lived. Then the screen fades to black and shows a picture of Thomas in the nameboard sequence, with text above saying: "In Loving Memory Of" on top of the screen. The music was "My Heart Will Go On" by Elton John, which appeared in the 1997 film "Titanic". The screen then cuts to black when the music ends and that was that.

Then the credits rolled. There was no music. It was just white text scrolling on a black background.

It cut back to the episode. The Reboot Thomas was in the middle of nowhere with a dark red sky, and there was an infinite expanse of rocky ground. Percy and Nia who also seen in the 2021 reboot were on the other tracks, following him. But they were talking in gibberish. Meanwhile, the reboot Thomas was smiling at the ground and no sound was playing.

It then abruptly cut to Tidmouth Sheds, demolished and decayed. The Reboot Thomas was sitting there, alone, still with the blank smile, but with red paint and devil horns. A decaying skull appeared on the screen. It said "You came this far. Prepare to meet the Lord" and it ended a Blue screen.

All of the interns, except for me, were shocked in horror. I was like: "my god... Whoever thought this was a good idea to finish this cancelled episode needs to be fired!"

I had nightmares from this episode for weeks! But now...Looking back to the episode to this day. It was disturbing!

In Loving memory of Thomas and Friends


This episode is not available due to a copyright claim of Moonbug Mattel.