The Slipgate Complex (quakeypasta)

The Slipgate Complex (quakeypasta)

The slipgate has been finished, the scientists wiped the sweat off their heads as the slipgate was placed in position, you are the head of the slipgate project. You sit behind the viewing window to see how successful it will be. 

"Uh, are you sure this won't open another dimension?" One of the scientists nervously ask "I remember what happened last time a portal like this was opened. I still see those horrid monsters in my dreams, I'm so glad I got out of there..." 

You facepalm and proclaim with confidence "Come on! It won't open another dimension. I swear on it. Besides, we can close this thing faster than the old slipgate ever could. If any monsters try to get through this one, they'll be in half because this closes so fast!"

Another scientist hesitantly flipped the switch, the machine whirred and groaned as it tried to open a portal. Then there was a line of, what seemed to be sparkles. 

The test subject you hired cautiously stepped though, whispering to himself "This is what they're paying me to do." In an unsuccessful attempt to reassure himself, he stepped into the gate and disappeared with flash of light and a big "BOOM!" There was silence, no words were exchanged. 

12 seconds later, the test subject ran out of the slipgate, yelling and panicking like a madman. "It's happening again! Close the slipgate!" You shout, The technician at the switch flipped it to the "Off" setting, what happened on Phobos and Deimos wasn't happening again. Not this time. 

About a week later, you sit in your bed and think to yourself "What was in there that made him so upset? There's only one way to find out." But you try to convince yourself that whatever was in there, it had to be the same monsters from the incident many, many years ago. But it only makes you more curious, you'll have to wait for tomorrow when the next test begins. 

You try to sleep that night, but your curiosity kept you awake. You pull on your hair and say out loud "I must figure out what's on the other side of that slipgate!" You put on some clothes, grab your shotgun and sneak out, you don't know what could be behind that slipgate.  

Here it is, the slipgate, you approach the power switch warily, and flip it to the "On" setting, the machine once again moaned and whirred. The portal appeared, but then you remember, the security cameras! You turn around to notice one recording you! The authorities are going to find you here and you'll have some serious explaining to do. You step in the slipgate, knowing it's the only good hiding spot. 

Before your eyes, you see a whole new dimension outside of ours, it didn't seem like Hell, but was scary enough to qualify as such, You pump a round into your shotgun carefully, as you explore, you find various castles, and other ancient structures. Behind you, you hear a moan, you turn around as fast as possible, firing rounds blindly. Once you calm down, you noticed that you just gunned down a zombie. 

You say to yourself "Ha!, I just killed a zombie!" You look at the cadaver to see it slowly getting back up. You scream and run back to the slipgate. But you get a nice welcome party, held by the authorities themselves. You stand for about 5 seconds. Then you book it, gunshots sounded behind you, you turn a corner and catch your breath. Just when you think you should give in, Panicked screams could be heard, along with angry growls. You gasp and remind yourself "The slipgate! Oh no!" You turn the corner you passed to see many officers dead, only a few being dragged to the slipgate, "Help me! Please! Help!" One calls out before disappearing, what have you done? You stand there all shaky and sorry and shuddery. 

You think of what to do. You could try to save the officers that got abducted, but what if what's in there is worse than that zombie? After sorting out decisions, the only possible decision was to call the army to investigate. You head for the nearest phone and call for the army, the dispatcher seemed skeptical of the whole situation, but followed your request anyway. 

You hide at the viewing window, shotgun ready, minutes later, one of the soldiers ask "Where is the slipgate at?" You point towards it, a few entered while the others waited behind. 

You sigh with relaxation, knowing this whole fiasco will blow over soon. Just as you get ready to leave, one of the officers from before return, but something's wrong, the officer looked rotted away like one of the zombies, but somewhere in your gut, this one didn't seem undead. Like as if he was under some mind control. The officer let out a small growl, the small squad of soldiers readied their weapons at what seemed to be the officer. 

The former officer let out a chuckle, you and the soldiers' jaws dropped at the horrifying sight, the soldiers from before stepped out the slipgate in the same conditions as the police officer, the former soldiers point their nailguns at you and your allies. You open fire and the former humans fall down and die, you notice their face, it no longer seemed malicious, but more like they were... thanking you. 

One by one you and the soldiers at your side watch as more monsters pour out of the slipgate, Ogres, Fiends, Shamblers, and other hideous abominations stepped out. 

The soldiers froze in fear, they never had any training for this. A Shambler sends a lightning bolt shooting at your comrades. They all exploded in grotesque mess, arms and legs scatter far away from their original bodies, heads roll along the floor, their horrified expressions still lingering on them. 

You fall to your knees and cry out "This is all my fault!" And the last thing you see is a claw swiping towards your face...   

You were eviscerated by a Fiend. 



Written by DoomMaster10913

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