This is a story about a boy.

He has experienced something unnatural. You could say even ‘supernatural.’


Little Timmy was wandering about the woods.

He walked and walked about the land of trees.

He thought that he was safe, safe and sound.

Little Timmy thought he could stay there for life.

He liked the sound of living in the forest. It was nice

and quiet, and he was getting very lonely. He called

for friends, in need.

But none of them arrived. He was frightening, scared

for life, he then heard a sound. He couldn’t make out

what it was.

Then, out of the forest, covered in blood, came Pigman,

who stood there. Little Timmy looked up at him in awe,

thinking the possibilities about what they could do together.

Just as all was found, Pigman grabbed his hand.

They went into the forest, and Little Timmy was never found.



You see, Pigman is the #2 reason for disappearences of children. Nobody realizes what danger they are in. So, if he offers you candy, do not take it.