Have you ever wondered how the Madagascar movies were successful that they just needed a TV show? I know why, We needed the penguins that go by the names such as Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico to tell their backstory and see the adventures they go on! What a lot people don't know is that the show was only meant to have one season. But did you know, For a fact, That there was a weird lost episode of this series. Well, You will eventually hear about it.

CREEPYPASTA LOST EPISODES- The Penguins of Madagascar- King Julien's Crush

CREEPYPASTA LOST EPISODES- The Penguins of Madagascar- King Julien's Crush

Hello, My name is Chloe Carmichael. I am a 10 year old girl who is Timmy Turner's next door neighbor. When it comes to weird TV series with title cards, You'll never know if it's nightmare fuel or whatsoever. I have sometimes had a problem when a TV show plays an episode that doesn't look interesting to me.

There was a lost episode of The Penguins of Madagascar that I managed to encounter myself. It seemed pretty funny throughout the entire episode. One evening, My parents went out to a party at a friends house for the rest of the night. The only ones at home were me and my new brother named Ben. I almost forgot about a special surprise I planned to give him, So I went on eBay and went to search for Dora The Explorer DVDs.

At the very bottom of the third page, there was a DVD named "tHe PeNgUiN's oF mAdAgAsCaR loST epISodE". It was poorly written in a blue Sharpie, and the DVD itself had no case, and it looked burnt. The good thing was that it was only 20 cents! I thought it was too good to be true, so I bought it along with a Dora The Explorer DVD.

Both of them arrived just in thirty-five minutes. "Quicker than I thought." I said in my mind.

So, I went upstairs with Ben, and popped it in the DVD player. A little menu came up, And I went to Episode Selection. I saw that it only had 5 episodes, So I picked the first one. I left the room so he could watch the DVD while I ate dinner.

When I was eating Spaghetti, The lights flickered and the power went out for a minute. "Who did that?" I said to myself. "Oh well, There was a strong wind storm a week ago.

Right when I was about to eat my Chicken Noodle Soup, Ben burst into the kitchen, Looking as pale as a sheet.

"Chloe,"His voice seemed weak.

"Are you okay?" I asked, Worried. I felt his forehead and noticed that his temperature had gone up.

"Why did King Julien push his girlfriend into lava?!?" My heart sank to rock bottom, Like a stone, But soon I brushed it off. At first, I noticed I bought that Penguins of Madagascar DVD off the internet.

"Oh iʼm sure King Julien didnʼt push his girlfriend into lava, Itʼs probably just your imagination." I reassured him. "Now you need some rest and medicine." I said. And we got to the living room.

After putting him to bed I watched some Class of 3000 in my room. 25 minutes later I got curious as to what he saw. So I went upstairs and popped in the DVD into the DVD player and it began to play.

I went to the episode selection and tried all the episodes. However, I noticed only episode 1 worked so I selected that. Man I wish I could go back in time and take it back.

The theme song was distorted and the animation was a bit blurry, but I could recall some scenes.

The episode was called "King Julien's Crush", with King Julien looking at the screen with his eyes wide open while having a happy expression on his face. The episode started with the penguins at the food mart stealing some peanut butter winkies.

Private was hijacking the soda vending machine until he saw King Julien walking down the streets of New York City.

Private was just sitting there, Smiling as if everything was normal. Also, there was no music except for faint static. Then the screen cuts to another scene with Maurice speaking to Mort, But the only problem was, The audio was reversed. Luckily, I have a sound recorder so I recorded the conversation and reversed it. Here's what I heard and rick brown. 

Mort: "'Sup Maurice?"

Maurice: "I've had a very bad day."

Mort: "Why?"

Maurice: "I'm a horrible bodyguard!"

Then Maurice begins crying, But it wasn't normal cartoon crying, This crying sounded absolutely pained and miserable. I couldn't believe what I was watching, I tried to turn off the TV, But I wanted to see how it ended. The screen went to static for a few minutes, And that's when everything took a turn for the worse, I actually saw Kowalski (Now in the Penguin Lair) destroying one of the pipes. Not only that, he takes an axe and cuts off Rico's dolls head, Realistic blood pours out of the neck stump.

Skipper, Rico and Private soon noticed this and here's how the conversation went.

Private: Skipper, Did you forget to pay the water bill?

Skipper: Private, We are zoo animals! Animals like us don't pay bills!

Rico: (Spits a pipe out of his mouth)

Skipper: Thanks Rico! Now we'll have our water in our lair again.

As Skipper, Private and Rico look at their brand new pipe, Kowalski breaks in crying intensely. It didn’t sound like the usual cartoon crying, It sounded like realistic, Pained crying, Almost like the voice actor was actually sad.

“Kowalski, What's the matter?” Skipper asks.

“Oh Skipper, It's horrible! King Julien is bringing her girlfriend by the name of Vicky over! And she'll do horrible things to us!” Kowalski cries out.

In the next scene, It was raining at the Central Park Zoo, A car pulls up to the gate of the zoo, Driven by Norman Osborn from the Spider Man movies and his assistant, Vicky (King Julien's Crush). He told Norman that she met King Julien at the zoo once and is planning to use his feelings for her to get him to buy an insurance policy. Inside, A roof at King Julien's hut is leaking and he is waiting for a roofer to come and fix it while getting ready for his rendezvous with Diana.

Back at the Penguin Lair. Kowalski was watching an episode of Charlie and Lola. While Skipper was bored beyond belief to the point where he is willing to do another crime with Private.

It cut back to King Julien's hut. As King Julien lets Vicky in, He is hit by the ball Mort throws for Maurice to fetch. King Julien tells them not to annoy him or Vicky.

I fast forwarded through the episode to see where Ben told me about King Julien tossing Vicky into the lava. I got to the scene, King Julien pushed Vicky's back and down into the lava she went.

Then, It went to the credits, But it looked like it was written by a 3rd grader. The writing looked like someone wrote it with a brown Cra-Z-Art crayon. I only recognized Tom McGrath and Eric Darnellʼs names as they worked on the original movies. The rest were of people iʼve never even heard of. The copyright notice at the end said "© 2005 Dreamworks Animation" which was odd because the show didnʼt begin until 2009.

I mean, The strange DVD with the weird front cover, Vicky being murdered, That Kowalski rage scene, my brother Ben having a fever, EVERYTHING! They confiscated the VHS and stomped on it like a Hispanic man would contempt at refried beans. I felt…confused. Lost…disheveled.

They explained to me that an intern at Dreamworks Animation named Tom McGrath had left the microphone on while playing with a Barbie doll. That explained the whole “he’ll take your eyes” bit I heard earlier. He had also been stabbed in the thumb with a stapler, Rather jokingly, By a cowriter who was aiming the pen at the paper but accidentally stapled him. The whole umblical brain thing was supposed to be a tie-in for a new Taco Bell promotional item, The Brainlupa, a delicious 1/3 pound of cow brain in a delicious mole sauce with sour cream. It made sense… I guess. The Barbie doll was also one of the toys that was going to come with the Brainlupa Kids Pack, which didn’t really make sense because the production costs would have to have been in the thousands, but they assured me that it was a prototype and the real one would’ve been a cheap knockoff assembled in a Chinese sweatshop.

Leaving me there, alone. Cold. Couchless. There was nothing else on the tape I could explain because I smashed it, In fact, Maybe you are one of the collectors. Maybe you are the one reflecting light, and you spent so many years in pain that you couldn’t even see it. After all, A lost episode comes after rain. Maybe it’s more important that people don’t see you as an actor on a stage, But who you truly are. The people were right, I had spent so many years in pain myself that I couldn’t see everyone else breaking down around me. I could have been the illusion that people want to see.

It turns out that I wasn’t that much of a collector, And I was simply infected with gonnhorea and herpes simplex b. A few days later I was watching the Ellen Degeneres show. It was on in the other room and I wasn’t really thinking about it. That was until I heard the words “Oh and by the way, I’m really enjoying this brand new couch.” I squinted hard, and it was Ellen Degeneres using my couch! I even recognized the gimp leg. But it wasn’t Ellen. It wasn’t Ellen at all.

The End

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