Written By: Brian The Snowman and Oliver Grainger

Full Name: Incredibles 3: The Incredible Adventure

Alternate Names: Horrid Henry 2: Moody Margaret's Rampage, Horrid Henry 2: The Incredible Adventure and Incredibles 3: We're going to Kentucky....

The Story[edit | edit source]

Brian the Snowman

Hi, My name is Brian the Snowman. Oliver Grainger is 31, Hanyuu Furude is 16, I’m telling you a story about the last christmas on 2019, I wrapped up my present secretly after I rapped my previous presents.

Abby Hatcher Nite Game (2025)

Horrid Henry The Movie 2: The DVD[edit | edit source]

I found a DVD named “Incredibles 3: The Incredible Adventure” I was excited about this DVD, The cover was just a image of Robert “Bob” Parr, Helen Parr, Dashiell Robert Parr, Arthur Read, Horrid Henry, Dora Winifred Read, Gromit, Hanyuu Furude and Violet Parr standing in a Plane and the sun was Blue for some fuckin’ reason.

The Movie[edit | edit source]

"That's it, I'm gonna eject this stupid fucking disc!"

I popped the disc, and the Disney logo played and the Pixar logo as well. i could never expect what it came next! The text “Incredibles 3” showed up and then the subtitle reads “The Incredible Adventure (“We’re going to Kentucky...”)“

Which made no mc’fucking sense, Then it opened on Perfect Peter and Sour Susan plays Mortal Kombat, Rude Ralph and Moody Margaret playing cards, and Dad playing with Horrid Henry while catching the knife, “Henry! You’re going to fast with that knife! Catch that or you will be killed!” Henry's Dad said as he ignited A rag doll of Helen Parr and D.W. And Sends the rag doll into the sky and exploded in mid air.

Helen Parr and D.W. falls into the backyard and lands in her ass in the trampoline and bounced into the ground. Hanyuu then yelled: "YOU SEE, BOB, PEOPLE ARE LIKE ONIONS! AND ONIONS HAVE LAYERS!" “Bob! You made me land in the backyard and the rag doll exploded while I’m washing the damn dishes!” Helen and D.W. yelled in a Posh deep-guttural accent “Dishes are good to...?” Horrid Henry said.

"Yeah, Nobody cares about you stupid plot!" Perfect Peter said. "It sucks!" Rude Ralph said. "I need to play Cards! You are distracing me!" Moody Margaret said. "Did you say stick?" Sour Susan said.

Jack-Jack and Misa Amane was dragged by Horrid Henry, someone and the family had to catch them. "YOU DARE DEFY ME? YOU WILL DIE!" Moody Margaret said. Moody Margaret takes Misa Amane instead. Sour Susan grabs a knife out of his overalls and shoves it up Peter's heart. "Ooh, My heart!" Perfect Peter said. just like Peter impaled Desti was a few minutes ago. after one night while Jack Jack and Misa Amane was going outside of the backyard at 3:30AM. They went on a jet plane and started searching for Jack-Jack and Misa Amane.

”Bob, we have a 2 passengers on the plane!“ Helen yelled “Gromit? Hanyuu? We need to go to Kentucky.” Bob said. "Gromit?" Horrid Henry said while catching his breath or something? “Hi there incredibles!” Gromit said in an English Accent "Hello there." Hanyuu said. “Disengage Bob! Disengage! Gromit, we must go faster!” Helen yelled.

”Do I have to?” Bob yelled. "Do I have to!?" Henry yelled.

"What, is here Allison Mack too? I can see them!"

Helen and D.W. then yelled “Abort Abort Abort!” Bob and Arthur then said “We have to get away from the damn drones! GOD!” Henry then said "Oh my god!" He started taking control the plane and Peter Griffin and Coldescol was in the plane and yelled “Holy shit!” and "OH GOD OH FUCK!" And Bob, Helen, D.W., Arthur, Henry, Dashiell, And Violet Parr jumped out of the airplane with their God damn parachutes, The plane exploded with Peter griffin inside, Gromit broke the ceiling from the plane and flies out the plane before he nearly died.

Suddenly he saw a Henry's helicopter and started hoping on it to attack... “The Punch Monkey Monster”

“Number 1, I have to save Jack-Jack and Misa Amane captured by Melony from SMG4!“ Gromit said in a cockpit while the Incredibles started searching for Jack-Jack and Misa Amane. I paused it and thought: "Melony from SMG4?" and unpaused it. Hanyuu then said "BOB, WE NEED TO SAVE JACK-JACK AND MISA AMANE TO STOP THE PUNCH MONKEY!"

D.W. then said “What, is Allison Mack here too? I can see them!" And suddenly Gromit‘s helicopter broke into pieces and hits the ground, and a burnt helicopter falls onto Gromit, killing him instantly, is the creators milking Wallace & Gromit dry?

Bob Parr then found Jack-Jack And uses a rope to grab Jack-Jack’s neck, and saved him.

"Number 2, I have to save Misa Amane and I hope I don't get caught by Nicholas Cage!" Horrid Henry said in a cockpit while The Incredibles started searching for Misa Amane. D.W. then said "What, is Melony here too? I can see them!"

Bob Parr, Melony and Horrid Henry then found Misa Amane and uses a rope to grab Misa Amane's hand, and saved her. Misa Amane then said: "You saved her? Bob? Henry? Melony?"

“WHAT, the fuck is that monster like monkey!“ Bob parr and Arthur yelled. "WHAT? Misa, look! The fuck is that monster like monkey!" Horrid Henry yelled as he ignited a nuclear bomb causing the punch-monkey monster plummet to his death and said “I’ll be back mr’ incredible and arthur!!!!”

He said before Bob, Misa Amane and Jack-Jack escape from the volcano and Gromit woke up, “BOB!!! I‘m undead! LET ME IN!!!” Gromit yelled before the lava came into Gromit, melting into clay.

The family ride back into their helicopter and back home.

The news brings Misa to tears. The scene goes to Margaret's alleyway which is full of coins garbage. Moody Margaret is relaxing while Rude Ralph is theorizing what will happen now that he attack is commenced.

and they all jumped into their bodies sleeping and Jack-Jack cracks his skull in the trampoline and got broken, bleeding everywhere. "i'm Making Waffles!" Hanyuu said, "I'm tired." Misa Amane closes her eyes and sleeping. Misa Amane opens her eyes and turn red. "You....will....PAY!" Misa Amane said.

the credits played and the background was just Logan Thirtyacre, Lance Thirtyacre, Jeffy from SuperMarioLogan and Chris Netherton looking at us and smiling and saying: "Thank you for 6 millon subscribers, thanks guys for helping us hit 6 millon subscribers. I honestly thought the channel was return!", It scrolled to the credits, written by: nutaku.net & Christopher FartinI, Starring: Tasmin Heatley as Mum, Wayne Forrester as Dad, Elizabeth Waterworth-Santo as Henry, Siiocal and Arthur Read, Aidan Cook as Rude Ralph, Joanna Ruis as Sour Susan and Coldescol, Sue Ellliot-Nichols as Moody Margaret, Emma Tate as Perfect Peter and Truccus, Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as Helen, Eli Fucile as Jack-Jack, Sarah Vowell as Violet, Grey DeLisle as D.W. Read, Huckleberry Miller as Dash, Oliver Grainger as Gromit and Rabero, Meagan Smith as Hanyuu, Shannon Chan-Kent as Misa Amane and Punch Monkey, Logan Thirtyacre as Himself, Lance Thirtyacre as Himself and Jeffy, Chris Netherton as Himself and Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin and Mythar, which Rabero saying, "I am kung fu panda" Over and over again, like a broken record. which Truccus saying: "There was no cats in brazil." Over and over again. which Misa saying "There was no video.", Siiocal saying: "THE SITH STILL BREATHE!", Mythar yelled: 'THE CRUST STILL BREATHE!" Mythar attacks Siiocal with crust gun. Mythar then yelled: "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE CRUST!" Screen gets covered in pizza crust. Mythar staring on the screen. Mythar saying: "THANK YOU FOR WATCHING THIS!"

“Hi Hanyuu! How your has life been?” Brian said. "My life has been truly Brian the Snowman! I just vandalised a local bakery!", "That's it, I'm gonna eject this stupid fucking disc!" Arthur and D.W. said but it did not eject the disc, after the credits finished it was a disturbing footage of Helen, D.W. Violet, And Lewis Dawkins at the Metro Astro Distribution Animation lot, the logo was plastered in a yellow wall and suddenly, Instead of the SML question saying: "Why are watching The Incredibles?" the disc stopped and ended.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]


”Thank god, I will see this disc again!” I said perfectly

then I kept it in my bed and ever saw this. Again.

the end.

Update: March 7, 2021[edit | edit source]

I found transcript on the story, Here's the link: The Incredibles: The Incredible Adventure/Transcript

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