Did you know that there is an industrial freezer secretly hidden along the southeast? No? That’s just what I thought. It is said that the freezer holds up to 3,000 different kinds of meat, including human meat… it is all a secret kept by the government. That is where your local grocery store gets their meat, and they say it’s cow’s meat, but the simple, disgusting truth is… it is a lie. People who work for the government butcher people alive in the freezer, and grind the flesh until it looks like cow meat.

They grind it together with intestines, and send it through the grinder a minimum of 14 times to get that ‘cow meat’ look. People have tried looking for it, but they couldn’t find it. Police are searching for this gigantic freezer, but haven’t found it. They have forced the government to tell them, but it won’t work. It will always remain a secret, and only grocery stores know where that huge freezer is.



Some say it’s under ground, some say it’s on an remote island. But those are just theories about where it is, but we do know, that it is somewhere located in the southeast. Still, the police won’t give up, they’ll just keep on looking for the freezer, which is located in an unseen landscape, in southeast Asia, and is controlled by the government.

Just think of all that human meat being grinded and grinded again… just think of the brown dye they put directly IN the meat to make it seem like a cow. Out of all of the government’s secrets, this is the worst of all…. human meat….

“Burgers anyone?”

“Naah, I’m not that hungry…”

Good for you.