The Author of this Story is Anonymous/Unknown. This is the thirteenth CreepyPasta that was narrated by DaveTheUseless .

Today you are walking home from the store with a bag of groceries. You hear a small noise behind you, and you glance back. It’s a small black kitten. You watch it for a moment and it mewls pitifully, running closer to you. You tear your eyes away from the adorable kitten, certain that you don’t need it.
CREEPYPASTA The Black Kitten

CREEPYPASTA The Black Kitten

A few minutes later, you hear it mewling again. It’s running next to you, keeping pace with you rather well. You sigh and continue walking, trying to forget the kitten beside you.

When you get home, the kitten is still following you. You look down at it, at its huge sapphire-blue eyes. You bite your lip and run inside to drop your bags on the counter.

You go back outside and the kitten is still there. It mewls again. It’s such a lonely and lost sound that you melt. You kneel down and pick it up. It purrs and kneads your arms.

By the time that you finish putting the groceries away, it’s getting late. You go into your room and go to sleep, deciding to take the kitten to the shelter tomorrow. After all, it’s so cute that it’ll get adopted in no time. You let the kitten sleep next to you, and you drift off to sleep with the sound of purring in your ears.

When you wake, there is a heavy weight on your chest and you can only see blue. The kitten must be so close that its eyes take up your vision. You reach up to move it, but instead of soft kitten fur, your hands meet normal human skin.

You gasp in surprise and sit up. The ‘kitten’ tumbles into your lap, and you see that there is a little boy in your lap instead of the kitten you expected. He looks like he’s around three years old, and he has black hair. He looks up at you with his piercing blue eyes.

Later, a couple with the same raven hair and blue eyes comes to your door asking if you have their child. When you bring the boy to the door, they thank you for finding and helping him. They had lost track of him while they were hiking and they had been worried. Apparently, this is a normal occurrence for them. When you try to ask about the kitten, they glance sternly at the boy, deny the existence of the kitten, and leave.

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