Ink Takes Cover Behind A Giant Rock,He Uses His Paintbrush to Create A New Sans

Ink!Sans Old

Ink Sans

Called EpicInkFell Sans,Which Is Me,Then Ink Whispered To Me: “Ok So You Need To Attack Curly First Then Abby And Bozzly, When Your Done Bring Them To Me So I Can Overdraw Them” “Yes Ink, I’ll Do That For You And I’ll Be Sure To Bring Them To You” If You The Reader Don't Know What Overdraw Is,Is Like Overwrite From Underverse But It Can Either Make A Person Or A  UnderTale AU With No Bads Or It Can Destroy An AU Permanently,  DustInkSwap Sans Have Overwrite but Then He Give Some Of It To Ink Sans, Ink Uses His Paintbrush And Teleported Away. “Oh Ink? Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are?” Said Abby, “Inks Not Here, Only Me!” I Replied. I Jumped Up In The Air And Look At Curly “Your First Curly” I Said Landing Near Her, I Soon Notice That All 3 Of Them Have An Pink Glow On There Body’s, But That Won’t Stop Me,Or Did It?

I Was Battling Curly,She Eaten The Super Strength Jelly’s,I Was Better And Powerful Then Her But What I Didn’t Know Is That,She Was Stronger Than Abby And Bozzly,Both Of Then Eat 1 Jelly While Curly Eat 14 Jelly’s And It Was Giving Her Super Strength Longer Then Expected. Then I Use My Paintbrush To Block Curly From Hitting Me,But Then I Saw A Crack In The Middle Of The Paintbrush Then I Realize That She Was Breaking The The Brush By Touching It, Then The Paintbrush Break In Half And Curly Punched Me And I Flew Back A Few Feet And  I Was Knockout Cold Instantly.


DustEpicInkFell Sans

7 Hours Later And I Wake Up In A Lab,I Turn Left And Saw My Work Belt With Rainbow Paint Vials And Then When I Turn Right,I Felt So Much Anger And Rage,I Saw 4 Needle Shots With My Rainbow Blood. We’re There Taking My Blood So They Can Do Something,Then An Scientist Came And He Said:Well You Woke Up Early,But I know You're Wondering Why 4 Needle Shots With Your Blood, Well I Will Use Your Blood To Give Us Power To Kill The Furries! Then I Realized That Today Was November 10 2018,I Said:But I Got Knockout By Curly In 2020,So Why I Am In 2018 Instead Of 2020. The Scientist Said Back:When You Was Knockout,I Dragged Your Body And Went Into An Time Machine Back To 2018 At The Time Of The Tik Tok Furry Wars.Then I Said Angrily:Well,Since I Now Have The Need For Power And XP,You Will Have An MAD BRUH TIME! I Summon An Gaster Blaster And Killed The Scientist Instantly,I Grab All 4 Of The Needle Shots And Rush Out Of The Lab And Summon A Giant Gaster Blaster To Destroy The Entire Lab.Then I Saw The Time Machine,Typed “May 17 2020” And I Sent Back To Present Day.Then I Injected All 4 Of The Needles With My Rainbow  Blood Back Into My Body But I Was Still Felt With Rage, I Was No Longer EpicInkFell Sans,I’m Now DustEpicInkFellSans:An Painter With Out An Paintbrush And Now Having A Hunt For More Power.

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