Okay, everyone, do you remember the Nick Jr. show "The Backyardigans"? I do. In fact, I think about the show every day. I was going to write this on "The Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki", but my other Creepypasta, "Pablo Looses Teddy", got deleted so it would not let me. Anyway, there's a lost episode called "A Merry Little Christmas".

One time, I got a notification on my computer saying, "New From Treehouse Direct: The Backyardigans: A Merry Little Christmas Ep.81". I clicked it and went to the computer, with a glass of egg-nog, but then a strange feeling went down my spine. I accidentally knocked over my glass of egg-nog, shattering it into pieces. Some of them even went into my arm! Oh no, I had to go to the hospital! But the Backyardigans literally are my everything...

The intro played normally and once it ended, it cut to the main title card of the episode. On it there's a black background, and in dark red and light red font, the title of the episode is shown saying, "A Merry Little Christmas". The song "Silent Night", an original song by Justin Bieber, was playing in the background, and the start credits popped up saying: "Written by Satan - Music by Death." It was written in blood and I got really freaked out. It was snowing in the backyard. Tyrone walked out of his house, introduced himself to the viewers and said to Pablo who was also walking out of his own house, "Where is Austin at?" "I don't know," Pablo said as he gave Tyrone a Christmas cookie. I paused the video to look at what the episode was about and the description said, "Austin died from a car accident". I pressed play while taking a sip of my egg nog.

"Oh, I remember now. Austin died from a car accident!" Tyrone said as he ate the Christmas cookie. The Christmas cookie was shaped like a Christmas tree. A card popped up saying, "In Austin's Funeral..." as Tyrone said his sentence. It cut to Austin's Funeral. Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua and Tasha were all crying extremely hard. A depressing organ melody was also playing.

The title card from the episode.

"You were like a brother to me!" Pablo said as tears rolled down his face. The tears they were crying looked like a drop of water was rolling down my computer screen. I sniffed the tears, and they smelled like a roast beef. Then another card popped up saying, "One hour later..." It was in the same font as in the title card. It cut to all the backyard members except Austin, due to the fact that he died in a car accident like the plot said. Next they were tying noose's around they're neck's then kicking the chairs beneath them. But why? They still had their entire lives ahead of them! They were in Pablo's house at the time.

The episode ended with the credits, except it was just white text in Shag-Lounge font, scrolling on a black background, along with the backyard member's hanging body's. (Well, Tasha was wearing some Christmas elf clothes, so I finally got what I wanted, other than the snow from earlier.) As soon as the credits came to a close, the Nickelodeon light bulb shattered into pieces. The music playing in the credits was again "Silent Night" by Justin Bieber. This freaked me out even more.

I ejected the DVD and then buried it as a time capsule. On it, I wrote: "To the year 2000-Never!" Here on out, I have nightmares of The Backyardigans, as demons, chasing me with bloody butcher knives, something that was seen in an unaired version of a SpongeBob episode called "Squid's Visit." If you see the notification then just click the X button on the notification and keep doing what you were doing. (The video later got taken down due to copyright thank god)

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