I Think You Have Heard About Abby Hatcher Before Don't You? It’s A Nick Jr Show About A 7 Year Old Girl Named Abby As She And Bozzly Help Other Fuzzlys  When There Is Some Trouble, I’d Watch Almost All The Episodes Of It And Kinda Like It, But I Have A Theory In Mind.

Remember In The Ending Of When Abby Meets Bozzly Where It Shows The Eyes Of All The Fuzzlys Except Grumbles, And Abby And Here Family Was In A Different House That Was Never Mentioned In The Show? I Theorize That Abby Did Have All The Fuzzlys Except For Bozzly, Also Originally Bozzly Would Be Called Fuzzly And The Fuzzlys Would Be Called Monsters, So Abby Called All The Fuzzlys Monsters Instead Of Calling Them Fuzzlys And When Abby Heard About A Fuzzly In The New Hotel That She Moved To, She Was Very Excited About Meeting A Fuzzly For The First Time. 

And Another Thing I Theorize Is That All The Fuzzlys Species Are… Endangered. Almost Every One Of There Species Was Killed For Many Years And There The Last Ones Of Their Species And Almost All Of Bozzly’s Species Was Killed In The Construction Of The Hotel And Maybe That's Why Bozzly Was Scared Of Abby, He Was Scarred From The Death Of His Family And His Species Until He Meet Abby And Now He His Abby’s Best Friend. Then Throughout The Series Abby And Bozzly Has Found All The Fuzzlys And Their Last Find Was Grumbles In The Fuzzly Camping Trip. Another Thing: Abby Excitement To Find Grumbles Was The Same As Her Finding Bozzly And Grumbles Is Different From The Fuzzlys In This Theory, He Don’t Have A Species But He Was The Last Fuzzly To Be Found, He Used To Act Shy But Now He’s Good With Abby.

So That It With The Theory, I Don’t Think It Will Be Accurate To The Show It Self, But I Recommend You To Watch Abby Hatcher, It Has A Lot Of Good Episodes In It.

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