whyatt´s revenge whyatt is waking up in the morning suddenlyn, a strange sound is coming in the room whyatt is walking down in the whyatt´s basement whyatt´s older brother has to kill with the gun to die with bloody guts inside whyatt has a evil smile next day, friends is walking in the whyatt´s basement whyatt says hello there, welcome to whyatt´s basement do you want to kill with me youngest pig,wonder red and princess presto is getting very scared at whyatt whyatt kills with youngest pig wonder red shockes and she said no, please, dont kill me, whyatt whyatt pulls to kill your wonder red she is dead but princess presto is crying and screaming dont get weep, l wanna loves you whyatt starts to laughing at princess presto but princess presto is dead whyatt has a evil laugh all the time the end


Update: Ok this was my first story, and now looking at it, it's AWFUL! But I got better though. Check out my other BETTER AND MORE WELL WRITTEN LOST EPISODE STORIES, Chloe and the Nurb Lost Episode: The Emotions, and Sofia The First Lost Episode: Crown Cancer. They are on the Spinpasta Wiki, not on here.

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