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(feel free to edit this and put an image gallery of the characters, just dont vandalize it. also this is inspired by Oliver Charles and Chimichangar funnypastas. ) We all know about that one mario cartoon called The Super Mario Bros Super Show. But little did you bums know that there was a secret lost episode. So while i was dumpster diving i ended up finding a fucking tape saying SUPER MARIO BROS SUPER SHOW written in comic sans font. I took it home and inserted it into my VCR. The DIC logo popped up but it said "DIE" instead of DIC and Dr.T from boom beach said the word.

The intro played as usual but fucking Peter Griffin from Family Guy was singing the lyrics, and he kept making weird fuckin noises at every pause.

I pressed on anyways.

Then the real deal played. It started with those sitcom-like real life segments, except Captain Lou and Danny Wells were arguing about who assasinated JFK. Then suddenly the fucking clone high version of JFK suddenly walks in and says "Nothing bad ever happens to the fuckin kennedys!" before Captain lou throws him out the fucking window.

The Episode's title was "Mario does a thing", and it began on a shot of mario staring at the screen in a white room for what was like, i shit you not, 1 fucking hour. I wish i was fucking joking. Mario then runs off and ends up in the sky. He suddenly sees Luigi and says "Holy shit luigi, this is a fucking bomb" before passing out in what appeared to be a asylum. Mario then says "Remember kids, never take LSD." It then cuts to a random shot of Dr. Neo Cortex from the game Crash Bandicoot puking into a toxic waste barrel, before saying "I'm fucking deranged, what did you expect?" idk why he just fucking did it. It then shows Luigi staring at some KFC summertime BBQ sauce "Oh fuck, that is epic sauce." Luigi said before the fucking among us crewmate appears and steals it. Luigi then says "HEY BASTARD GET BACK HERE WITH MY SAUCE!" before chasing after the crewmate. It then cut to a random video of Captain Lou Albano dancing with fuckin MC Skat Kat, Dr. Moro and Rap Rat while an EXTREMELY LOUD rap song played. All of a sudden it cuts to a pepsi commercial with Mario pissing into a pepsi can.

We then see Dr. Neo Cortex and fucking Brody Foxx from Yo Mama again but now they are staring at a microwave. They says nothing, and walk towards the screen. Suddenly fucking Ex from the video game Puyo Puyo Tetris comes out of the fucking microwave and says "BRUH" over and over again. All of a sudden Woolly & Worth from those Woolworths Ads come out of a tv screen like the fucking ring. "Well worth, we're about to trash this fuckin' place." woolly said to worth as worth replied with "Well of course Woolly. Besides this place deserves to be trashed!" "WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE?!" Neo Cortex hollered before fucking Danny Wells and Captain Lou come in again and say "You'll be HOOKED on da brothas." Before impaling Neo Cortex with a fucking meat hook as he screamed in pain. "FUCK! WE ALL REMEMBER THE 1997 SERIES KING OF THE HILL!" Neo Cortex hollered before he suddenly vomits out blue slime. The slime then transformed into Sly Cooper, in which then Sly Cooper begins to beat Ex, Captain Lou, Danny Wells, Woolly & Worth with his golden hook while Aviicii's "Levels" plays in the background. He then frees Neo Cortex and says "You know what they say Dr. Cortex, when there's smoke, they pinch back." Brody Says "YO MAMA SO FAT, SHE LITERALLY DIED!"

It then showed, Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner and Dot Warner from Animaniacs, Commander Feral and Felina Feral from Swat Kats and even Huckleberry Hound applauding them while badly done music played.

"I must say, that was one hell of a show!" Felina Feral said to Commander Feral.

"I know Felina. Besides those assholes deserved to get the crap beaten out of them!" Commander Feral proclaimed.

"Hooray for Sly Cooper!" the Warner siblings cheered.

"I really hope I don't see Woolly & Worth again." Huckleberry Hound said to himself.

it then showed a random video of fucking xiibuss from upbeat adventures humping a random metal bar to some stupid ass rap song.

We then see Mario again. He says nothing. He just turns on a shitty boombox and begins fucking rapping to a shitty beat. He was rapping about how lots of 50's cartoons just had fuckin male and female voices singing together before having a fucking seizure.

it then showed a video of Carl Wheezer from the movie Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, Wolf O'Donnell from the Star Fox franchise, and Shaggy Rogers from the Scooby Doo franchise dancing to "Primetime Sexcrime" by Earphones.

After it was over, the episode just stopped.

Or at least I wished it did.

We see Wolf O'Donnell again, this time he's staring at a windows update screen. "DR. XXX!" He yelled at the top of his lungs as the Mad Doctor from the game Epic Mickey walked in. "Why the fuck is my windows 10 gamer PC not updating! I wanna play Minecraft on this damn thing!" Wolf said angrily. "Sir, the windows update takes time." The Mad Doctor said to Wolf O' Donnell. All of a sudden Fucking Ex appears again and says "EX GETS WHAT EX WANTS!" and fuckin turns off the pc, causing the update data to get fucking DESTROYED. Wolf O'Donnell gets extremely mad and yells "EX, YOU JUST DESTROYED MY FUCKING PC DATA UPDATE!" Before fucking Gru appears. "I SHALT STUFF THEE ALL IN THY CRUST!" Gru screamed before pulling out a crust gun and turning the Mad Doctor into a crust statue with it as Wolf O'Donnell and Ex ducked.

What the fuck was this? A reference to those fucking chimichangar despicable me funnypastas?

And what the fuck did this fuck have fucks worth of fuck to do with MARIO?!

It then cuts outside the microsoft headquarters, as it shows Wolf O'Donnell and Ex walking in, hotel mario style.

It then cuts in into the Head office, showing fucking Lickboot from the tom and jerry movie sniffing some money like the fucker he is.

"We've got to have...MONEY!" He said, as he as protected by Bluster Kong and Vex.

All of a sudden the door bursts open as Wolf O'Donnell, Neo Cortex, and Ex walked towards Lickboot.

Why the fuck was Neo Cortex here all of a sudden? Well, there's a good reason for that, actually.

Y'see, Neo ended up meeting Ex and they fought, until some fucking dog named Puggsy, and his flea named Frankie, Who told them they had to be friends or they wouldn't get far. They sung a song called "Friends to the end" as Cortex and Ex tried their best to sing while Wolf O'Donnell was playing the music on a radio as Puggsy and Frankie egged them on.

So now back to where we were.

Neo Cortex said "Appearantly you've replaced poor Bill Gates as CEO of microsoft."

"Why on earth would you become the new CEO of microsoft, Lickboot?" Wolf O'Donnell asked.

Lickboot replied with "I had to have, MONEY!"

All of a sudden Lickboot's desk turned into a giant robot, as my remote turned into a game controller. What the fuck, was i fighting a boss now?!

The boss was pretty hard, he kept fucking killing me instantly with the rockets, but I got through it.

The robot blew up and Lickboot fell to the ground. "Oh deary me. Mr. King Dice will have me sleeping in the cold, cold, darkness for this." Neo Cortex said "Next time, try ACTUALLY MAKING UPDATES FASTER!"

It then showed Neo Cortex and Wolf O'Donnell then walked off into the sunset.

It then cut to Lickboot working at starbucks.

Pewdiepie was there. "Ya got any subs man?"

Lickboot just threw a subway sandwich at him and Blitz from Road Rovers appears and eats it.

"That sandwich of steel surely hit the spot!" Blitz said as Wolf O'Donnell and Neo Cortex started laughing like maniacs.

the credits were just a clip of truccus and tomshrumm dancing to "Everything She Wants" by Wham.

After that, the episode just stopped.

I really don't know what to say for myself..

If you see this episode on TV, make sure to tell your parents what you just saw.

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