Do you guys have ever watched South Park? I really love to watch that show, along with SpongeBob, Adventure Time and the Looney Tunes. But, this show aired on YTV for 1 day.

I was watching the SpongeBob movie on YTV, they went to commercials, one said that there was a new Skunk Fu episode. I got excited, so I waited to the movie finale and there was no Skunk Fu, it was South Park. I got surprised to see an adult show on a channel like YTV, but I watched the episode.

The episode began with Stan and Kyle at school. Both we're the only students at the school, no one more was there. They talked for about 5 minutes until the scene froze and shows a flashback of the episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", where Cartman sings "I Love to Singa". After that, Stan asks Kyle: "Remember the death of Cartman and Kenny? They died in a car accident". Well, that was very mature content to be on YTV. It then fades to Cartman and Kenny in Hell, both intact. Cartman's voice was from the very early seasons. He said to Kenny, "My mom's car crashed and we ended here, in Hell".

The scene returns to Stan and Kyle, chasing theirselves. Later, Wendy hits Stan with a bat and takes him to a trash can, he exited but he ended on the street. A truck hits him and he is melted into a realistic meat. I was so scared, but the TV was locked so I couldn't change channels.

It then cut to his funeral, I saw how Shelly laughed for the death of her brother, as Stan was now in Hell.

The normal SP credits rolled up, but instead of the SP credits music, the song playing was "Bring Me to Life". After the credits I destroyed the TV with a chainsaw.

If you see it again, please don't watch that show to not have the same experience I had, or why wouldn't you shoot the TV?.

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