If you ever happen to stop at any local gas station or convenience store, then at the check out you'll be likely to see a Snickers bar on the counter. You see, these delicious treats may seem like heavenly bliss, but if you knew the truth, you'd be more than likely to quit eating them and go on a diet. You see, Snickers aren't made of chocolate and caramel and blah blah blah. Instead, its made out of what you would be likely to least expect: Snickers chocolate isn't chocolate at all. It's grinded up flesh with brown dye, and the caramel, well I'm not even going to tell you what it's made of.... something inamaginable. Trust me, if you knew why I am not telling you the caramel is made of, you'd be thanking me to kingdom come...

Well, still, do not eat Snickers. Once, a McDonalds in UK was selling a certain Late', and they put Snickers in it to make it good. However, one man ordered it, took it to go, in his car... and crashed.

The late' was splashed with oil, and people had to treat the late' like a nuclear bomb that would be likely to go off.... any.... single... minute. They dispposed of it properly in a waste dump, where acid rain was so common, that the waste was called "The Acid Dump." 

You see, it was very dangerous. Snickers is so dangerous, in fact, that one bite, just one more and... and... AANNDD.... you'll be more than likely to go POP! And highly-realistic gore will go every, and it'll be horrible! Snickers is dangerous. I see that you just think I am just lying, but more than likely, some people believe me.

Really. Snickers is seriously dangerous, no joke, really, no joke, I'm serious. You could suddenly crack a very funny joke and I'd just... just stare at you, and tell you to just, just get serious, because some people have resold Snickers after planting a bomb in them, and it would go BOOM! when the person would eat it. Valero does this all the time. Planting bombs into Snickers, and the McDonald's was sued because of the Snickers bomb thingy! Really, guys, highly-realistic gore.

Gore. Gore. Gore. Gore caused by Snickers! SNICKERS! I'm not joking! REALLY! Okay, okay, I'm started to get very angry, I mean..... GOOORRREE! I will explode and turn into a gorilla! Really! I can do so! Teen Titans go! SpongeBob! Jeopardy! AAAAAHHH! FLYING POTATOS! AND!!! AND UNICORNS POOPING OUT ICE CREAM AND KIDS WATCHING SQUIDWARD'S SUUUIIICIIDE!!! OH!! I CANNOT TAKE IT!!





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Creepy pasta- snickers

Creepy pasta- snickers

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