I'm a huge Rio fan, and my favorite character used to be Gabi the poison dart frog. One day, I was at the dollar store in my home town in Vevay, Indiana, and I found a DVD disc that said "Rio 2: Gabi's Revenge". So I put it on my TV and it was disturbing as hell!

The movie started off with Bia and Carla playing patty cake while Tiago was sitting next to them playing his Nintendo 3DS. He lost the game and yelled: "DAMMIT, FUCK THAT MARIO BULLSHIT!" I was so surprised that he could use language like that, but then it got really disturbing. It cut to Nigel and Gabi walking through the jungle and they both made it to Blu and Jewel's birdhouse.

Gabi then walked up to Blu, and start stabbing him right in front of Jewel. Blood was spurted everywhere! Then she ripped out Blu's liver and gave it to Nigel. Then she walked up to Jewel and sliced her head off. Then she killed Bia, Tiago and Carla, and the whole family are completely dead. The movie ends with Gabi doing an evil laugh and making a Luigi-style death stare at the camera. That scared the crap out of me, and now I'm scared of Gabi. I've literally had nightmares about her!

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