There is a time, when things are 'complicated'. Things like how to open a jar of peanut butter, or do a everyday job. Those things can even curse the very being of your existence. Call me insane, but what you are about to hear will shock you. Or even make you look at the world differently.

Planet Earth is not perfect. We all can clearly see that Donald Trump is destroying America. But did you know that Donald Trump is secretly The Tick? (Does anyone remember that show of The Tick?) Yep, that was his biggest secret, he is The Tick, and he is sucking the blood out of Mexicans, Muslims, and much more. If you can, close your eyes and imagine yourself in space. Space is the place, and if you see that lonesome highway, walk down it. But don't be hypnotized, reincarnation doesn't have to be, you just keep concentrating on your mental telepathy.

You'll be surprised by what you'll have.

You'll have the powers to warp reality, it's imbedded in the back of your brain, and if you take a closer look on the news, you'll see Hitler waving behind the camera. He's holding a balloon for each boy and girl and wore a clown suit. You'll have visions as well, and if you close your eyes again, you'll see Barney at a strip club full of children. Barney was a transvestite.

There is a McDonald's around the corner, and Ronald McDonald with a semi automatic shooting at cars, bystanders, everything, till a plane landed on the clown in an explosion. Then if you look up, Cthulhu comes out and goes Godzilla on everyone.

It may seem like this is all bullshit, but it's all from your point of view. You are insane, and so am I. We're insane all together. But the truth is, we're the real people. People like Trump are the monsters and the fakes. As we sit here in our padded rooms, we believe that there is no God or Satan, but Cthulhu and SpongeBob.

Because after all... Reality doesn't exist here, it's just an old urban legend. A myth.

So, did you see that car crash last night?

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