I love Racing Stripes. It’s the best animal zebra movie of all time.

if there is one question: what if they sent an unreleased version that was longer than the original one and unlike both of them, both are darker tone since the lighthearted one. The characters use a swear word or two that was never use in a PG film. What if the characters are more dramatic and argue frequently a lot. It’s a children’s film with a great cast of Dustin Hoffman, Patrick Stewart, Jeff Foxworthy, Fred Dalton Thompson, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Clarke Duncan, Mandy Moore and Snoop Dogg.

please enjoy my story.

Story[edit | edit source]

The film opens with a rainy day at the circus leaving a poor baby zebra and then Nolan Walsh the owner of the farm took him in. Channing was so excited about keeping the zebra in.

Franny and Tucker along with the sheep’s and Reggie went there and explain. Franny said to Tucker "Come out here and say hello!" the Farm animals greet Stripes in the barn and Stripes was accepted in the farm.

The next morning, when Stripes catches Pride and Ruffshodd after Stripes gets Tucker’s advice when he tells the story of how he quit the training when Channing’s mother died. Sir Trenton saw the zebra races the foals, he rushes to him. He was pissed off to see Pride racing at the fence.


"Come on, dad. We’re just having some fun!"

"Fun is overrated. If you’re going to be a champion, I suggest you start acting like one!"

Pride glared at him.

Sir Trenton nearly kicked him. He never does this in the original film. "Either you stay away from that damn fence or I’ll gonna have to kill you. I SAID, STAY AWAY FROM THAT FENCE!!!!!!!"

Pride and Ruffshood headed back to the stables, with Pride complain. Ruffshodd said "Wow, your dad scares me dude, not me!"

Sir Trenton called out “PRIDE! Ruffshodd!”

"Coming mr Sir Trenton sir!"


Stripes felt sad, he told Tucker about being differences.

"Different is scary" Tucker said to Stripes.

the next scene where Stripes is seen racing the mailman and he saw Sandy and he races along the line. The scene where Stripes and Sandy were having a talk about become a racehorse. The horses met Stripes and Sir Trenton despite being his grumpy and abrasive self.

Sir Trenton said "Listen you goddamn rat, I want you to stop bothering my son, and you can tell stupid Tucker I said that. Trenton’s pride is a champion with a real future and you will.....you’ll have your place"

Pride stammers "Father....I"

"YOU AND I WILL TALK About THIS LATER!!!! You’re think you’re tough boy, but if you don’t become a champion, YOU WILL D-"

Ruffshodd got involved too "Mr Trenton, sir, we been trying to get this guy to stop bothering us"

Sir Trenton yelled at Ruffshodd to shut Up and called him an idiot. He turn away and glared angrily at Pride. "One day. Boy, if you don’t be a champion, you’re about to find out real soon".

Pride said to Stripes "There’s a place where we can settle this. No humans, no rules", Stripes said "Where and when?" 

That night, the horses attending when Clydesdale tells everyone “Get ready to race!”

Pride and Stripes ran after the track but Stripes loses, the next morning Goose arrived at the farm.

Tucker and Goose bicker very comical and Franny ends the conversation. I know that Goose, Stripes, Tucker and the gang are very comical.

That night, Goose tells everyone to destroy the bIke and they succeed. The next morning when Channing takes Stripes to Clara’s track, Buzz and Scuzz, the two flies, meets Stripes at the track and often makes friends with him too. It was funny.

That night, Channing races with Stripes after getting home. Nolan and Channing were arguing about Stripes, which Channing wished Mom was here instead of him, she never says this in the original film. After giving advice to Stripes, Reggie the rooster shouts at the barn “Does anybody have a clock!”. The next day, Channing was racing Stripes with the horses. He got spooked, nearly throwing Channing off of him, Nolan picked Channing up after Stripes feels guilty for what happened to throw chan of him.

Nolan says to Channing to look to his eyes, Channing says she’s fine. Nolan violently slaps Channing and snarls "This is exactly what the hell I told you what the hell is gonna happen!". Why would Nolan do that to Channing, he never does this in the original film.

After arguing with her dad in the truck, wishing that her mom was here instead of him, Channing races with Stripes, Nolan’s eyes were fiery rage so he could get ride of Stripes. Ignore Woodzie’s persuasion, Nolan refuses and so Buzz and Scuzz cheers Stripes up so he’s not having it anymore.

Stripes leaves and that night, Nolan calls Channing so he could get rid of the problem. Channing was so upset, Nolan angrily snarled at her "What do you think the alternative is". Channing said tearfully "I don’t ride him.......ever...ever again". Nolan said "That’s right, honey. Get that damn zebra out of the barn tomorrow. You’re a disgrace to the family, you’re not my daughter anymore" Channing yelled back "I wish mom was here....instead of you. I wish....you’re not my dad anymore. I hate you" She walks away and slams the door, Nolan felt guilty what he said to Channing, he wished he never show Channing some zebras, he wasn’t Channing wasn’t born and he wished his wife was here, unlike the original version, Nolan didn’t mean to disown Channing since he loved her too much. This is line is a reference of Bambi 2.

Nolan gives a great decision from Franny, Tucker and Reggie, so Channing and Nolan reconcile these next morning after Nolan do the racetrack at the cornfield, Stripes walks away and Tucker tells Reggie to get off his back. I felt bad for everything else. The next scene shows Sandy drinking at the lake then the donkey zebra Stripes greets her but tells her that he wants to be alone and Sandy said she wants to travel and Stripes stated that it’s not her problem.

"Maybe to you, but it’s not your damn problem anymore, Sandy. You’re such an asshole" that’s not what Stripes said in the original film

"You know, if you want to see the real problem, try looking down"


Stripes started at the lake, he would kick offf at the racing track.

"Stupid mares"

I obviously know that some scenes were different in the final film such as Goose and Tucker telling off each other, Nolan disowning Channing and insults are much worse than this.

Meanwhile, Stripes misbehaves During training, and the help from Franny, Stripes and Tucker have a conversation. But after that, Stripes and Channing have a race in the cornfield.

Sir Trenton was not happy "I will not allow that damn beast, to run in my competition"

Pride bickered back "Father please, shut up, I can win it fair and square" I know that Pride has had enough of Trenton insulting the poor zebra.

Sir Trenton retorted "That’s not a risk I’m willing to take, you boy better not help the beast, but after the beast wins, I’ll kill him and you better wish you never born”

The training montage began with the song It Ain’t over yet from Bryan Adams who done a good job singing this from Jock and Spirit.

Tucker and Sir Trenton have a fight over the track. "Boy, you’re in for surprise" Tucker snarled. Trenton smirks and roared "You will NEVER beat a Trenton. Rail rat like you deserve to be dead" and he looks at the horizon. That’s not what Trenton speaks to Tucker in the final version,

After the scene where Scuzz farts in a bubble and Tucker and Stripes have good talk and then later that night, Stripes was then let loose by Franny saying that he will make things right with Sandy.

Stripes meet Sandy by the creek and have a chat with each other but the next scene shows Trenton walking towards them and hires a henchman to kidnap Sandy and attacked Stripes. "You better not hurt her" Stripes snarled. Sir Trenton cackled "Oh, don’t fret about her, as long as if you don’t race tomorrow I wouldn’t dream of harming her, you on the other hand, need to be taught a lesson. Show him. KILL HIM!" Trenton roared at the horses to kill Stripes. That is not what Sir Trenton said in the original film. He hired his horses to knock the zebra unconscious but the scene gets worse and worse and worse when the horses attacked him and brutally beating up poor Stripes. The next scene where Franny, Goose and Tucker ran down the creek.

When they ran towards the creek, he saw Stripes in a horrible states, instead of having hoof marks on his bodies, his face was badly bruised and his left eye was swollen shut, but the bloody stains on his body and cuts, marks and bruises on his side due to the violent fight last night. He tells the gang about Trenton taken Sandy and the gang went on to save Sandy.

Meanwhile, Buzz and Scuzz along with Goose, Tucker and Franny rescue Sandy from the stables while Buzz and Scuzz dancing to the music which is catchy.

Sir Trenton roared in rage "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!

Franny Spoke to Tucker "Tucker get Sandy!"

Tucker agreed "You’re the boss"

After Franny rescued Sandy with the help from Tucker, they ran out of the hallway in the stables. Sir Trenton’s death threats shouted at him yet Tucker ignore him.

After a confrontation with Sir Trenton, Stripes and Sandy along with Tucker and Franny Leaves while Sir Trenton "You fool. You bastards. You runts don’t know what you’re in for. If you win that race, I’ll make you wish you were never born. You like it or not." 

Meanwhile, Stripes and the gang head back to the racetrack. The normal scene begins as Stripes races and wins, Pride and Stripes make amends, Ruffshodd and Sir Trenton possibly learn his lesson, Clara learned her lesson, and the farmyard animals are here to take a picture and the film ends. 

Fredrick De Chau, the director, took out the brutal and darker scenes and make it more lighter and softer in the final movie. 

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