INFO COMING SOON (Man, it's been a while since I made a page here...)

I found a wierd vhs tape was i found at old shop

I just put vcr at begining pingu intro is ok the begining on the episode pingu was sleeping but he found a evil sonic pingu screamed but now hes dead pinga starts to cry she cold a telephone to penguin army The 1st penguin army has chain saw The 2nd penguin army has knife the 3rd one has hammer and 4th one has a machine gun they all ready to kill sonic but evil sonic was dead the 3rd army calling telephone to doctor the doctor went in tractor sledge and he went to hospital pingu was in hospital mom and dad came and he said pingu are you ok pingu said yes pingu watches the tv as the news

the penguin man said breaking news guys pingu was being dead at evil sonic the police department was bin found a red evil sonic was being arested on childiviews it was being in jail forever pingu saws a bos was reading how to being dead evil sonic but officer haved an idea he put the chair with eletric the 2nd with the cage to put in fire and putting in to be dead to shark pingu was happy now he went to home as safe and sound the dad put sine says no evil sonic allowed but at the end says the end the good news is the oldest version cold pingu starring harry corbett who did on steptoe and son,sooty. I would be a huge star of pingu but this fild was drama.

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