Giant Walrus

What can make sense of obey before giant walrus better than Obey The Walrus! You do remember Pingu's Punishment when I read to you? Actually you know what? NO! No-No-No-No-No-No-No! You-You don't remember it, then again, neither do I! I do, and I read about that too! Cuz we all dead inside! Moisture cockers mockers ruining my cocking live unless mother fuckers mocker cockers of this gay of no ones can have cancers of mockers of MOCK! Have you ever being afraid of a Giant Walrus as a Farther? I heard about that too, I'm 50 years old as Daddy, because i know my son is ready to go home with my dear wife, mother. One time of the year, I was working on my computer for now, my son... i-is frightened. "D-Daddy?" Said frightened boy named Peter Watson. I said," Are you ok? Tell me, what are YOU afraid of?" "Lost Episodes!" Shouted Peter Watson. I yelled out loud saying," WHAT!?! LOST EPISODES?! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT EVEN MEAN ABOUT THAT?!? YOUR NOT ALONE!!!" "Okay," Peter Watson said. I told to him," Go ahead and go home with your mother." Peter Watson said," Okay." When I heard Mom's car nearby to my house, she need her son about that. Peter Waved," Goodbye Daddy!" "Goodbye my son, and take care of you," I said. Mom's left with my son. As I walk home and found the tape from the TV Room floor, so I read," Pingu's Dream Lost Episode". What's Pingu? I thought, Well I guess that comes from the lost episode, seemed to be flat out ridiculous. It was created by Gutmann in 1991, but this happens is what I ever EVER done is what's wrong with special guest stars of their own sweaty cheeky armpits of sexual that their mothers made their scary spaghetti, hamburgers and cheeseburgers. But, it seemed like major Mikhael Judge, what's Hank Hill Popular yet? The Next Morning, I was glad to watch pingu's episodes in 1991, I grabbed My Water, and enjoy my drink, and prepared for put tape in the VHS. I'm more and more Happy and excited to watch Pingu (1991), on VHS! I hope it's penguinese language! I watched that episode. It starts with narrator, more than Hank Hill, he said,"Giant Walrus, Better Agreements, Better Mashbitation, Better Instructions, Better Constructions, Watch out for that Giant Walrus! He will eat you for real life Help by Zombie Army, I know." Wait do you mean Giant Walrus? GIANT WALRUS?! Even Zombie Army? EVEN ZOMBIE ARMY?! Oh My God, I can't believe it... But... Well, I continued watching. It starts with Kermit in the Letter O, Lookin' distracted more than angry voice," HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! TODAY'S OUR SPECIAL GUEST STAR FROM GUTMANN IN 1991 IS... POLAR BEAR, GRIZZLY BEAR, AND PANDA!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That was from The Muppet Show! I can't believe it this episode! Kermit was good frog! It switched to episode. But... Remember Last time, I read and Remember heard of The Bob The Builder? I read that long time ago. may probably heard of this one. This Episode is called," Pingu's Dream Lost Episode (Christmas And Halloween Edition)". It has casts, such as, Pingu, Pinga, Robby, Pingu's Mom, Pingu's Dad, Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, Panda, Crash Bandicoot, Winnie the Pooh, Bob The Builder, Hank Hill, Michael judge, Franklin, Trevor, Michael, Sonic And Tails from The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog, Tails Doll, American Sasquatch, Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy, The Great Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Rizzo The Rat, The Swedish Chef, and ect as many others, and...well you probably heard of this Monster, The Monster is called,"Giant Walrus". Giant Walrus was a monster and probably a villian? Nevermind... The Episode Started with a reverse music, rather than a original ones. I know that was kinda... weird. This Episode for intro is filled as G-major, and that sound is Fucking weird even more! Intro ends, with reverse music, and G-major, Episode begins. Pingu, was sit on the bed with covers, Pingu's Mom was reading a story tell books, She saids," So the boy climb up to the beanstalk, and went the clouds, and into the castle, there was a Giant! He had a goose! He fed goose with a doughnut, giant slept, while he slept, goose laid a perfect, golden egg." That's from Jack and the beanstalk! I never heard that before. Pingu is sleeping, mother walk towards him, she knows he still fast asleep. She said,"Goodnight, Pingu." She Walks and closed the door. Pingu had a good sleep, then some stupid things happened, The Igloo wake pingu up, and flying away from him! Pingu yelled," NOOT NOOT, FLYING IGLOO?! WHAT IS THAT MEAN?! NOOT NOOT!" Then his bed got up, and do ugly moves, because the bed was moving. Pingu yelled even more," NOOT NOOT! WHAT IN THE WORLD?! MY BED IS MOVING?! NOOT NOOT!!!" The Bed got crazy, again! Pingu got dizzy about bed's crazy club. I was completely shocked, that bed got crazy about this episode! That time, Pingu was riding a bed, like a horse! It came from Indiana Jones! I never heard that dream before the whole time! After Pingu was riding a bed like a horse, I totally frightened, and shocked! I saw... The Giant Walrus! He was right there, peeking out of his head! But he was not there, Pingu still riding bed, like horse, but the bed gone more and more crazy! Pingu and his bed continued to find Igloo, The Giant Walrus Appeared Again! Pingu and his bed still finding for igloo, Giant Walrus following Pingu and the bed, Pingu and his bed continued finding igloo hard, The Giant Walrus is still following pingu and the bed again! Pingu and his bed still going to find his igloo. The Giant Walrus still following Pingu even fucking more! Pingu and his bed found his igloo, as pingu and his bed kept closer, The Giant Walrus found Pingu and his bed at last! Pingu screamed,"AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Giant Walrus said, I got you now, count bitchula! I'm going to capture you with an igloo, right fucking now!!" Woah, he cursed, and got triggered! And capturing pingu and the bed with an igloo? That's Inappropriate for Family Show, and guess what even more, he actually did captured pingu and the bed with an igloo! Walrus yelled," And the next up, I gonna play with you, PIngu!" And he playing with pingu, he left a deeper laugh," Hahahahahahaha!" He kept playing with pingu, and left a deeper laugh again," Hahahahahahaha!" And he blocks Pingu's bed, and eats mattress?! " Om nom nom nom nom nom nom!" Said Giant Walrus. What?! He Eats Mattress?! WHY!!! That's wrong one of those episodes. I thought this isn't the real Pingu in 1991. Pingu and his bed finally escaped the Giant Walrus! Pingu was running with his bed, and he slide and falls down! Pingu looked at his bed, his bed was covered in snow, and not very claymation for mash-up! Pingu see his mother, Mother thinks that pingu is still alive, but pingu had nightmares about Giant Walrus! Pingu cries, and Pingu's mom said," Don't worry my child, it's just a bad dream." "It actually is a nightmare for pingu!" Said Pingu's Dad. What! There's Pingu's Dad?! Yeah I remember about him. "Dad, I had a nightmare!" Said Pingu. "Oh don't worry, your Mother and I were here with you." Said Pingu's Dad. Then, the second thing is came up with Franklin from Grand Theft Auto 5, and with an angry face. "What do you get the lost episode?" He yelled," BY PUTTING THIS EPISODE ON VHS!" Wait a minute, do you really mean this lost episode? THIS EPISODE?! Beginning skit was Kermit and Miss Piggy both argued for tonight's Christmas And Halloween. Miss Piggy said," We gonna make christmas and halloween special! And misleading to leavin' fashinal!" Wait you mean Christmas And Halloween Special? CHRISTMAS AND HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Was start on December And October. Fozzie Bear said," We are Sloths and we do! Because It IS Christmas And Halloween Special!" "Yeah that's right!" said The Swedish Chef. wait-a-minute did Fozzie Bear Said Sloths? We are sloths, we were controlling the government as revenge, and take over the world, and rule the world. I heard Kermit's voice! "It'S NoT EaSy BeInG GrEeN!" Kermit screamed, out of nowhere, more than demonic voice of intalent and his face melded in most realistic. But that's why I heard about that. And I heard Weegee's voice," IF YOU CALL THE POLICE... IF YOU CALL THE ASYLUM... OVER SOME LOST EPISODES... IF YOU WILL KILLED BY GIANT WALRUS... EVEN ZOMBIE ARMY... YOU WILL BE NEXT... WATCH THE REST... YOU WILL FIND MORE CLUES... AND THAT MOMENT... ANSWERS WILL BE REVEALED... TOO LATE..." I was crying like a baby in agony, but I had to find more clues nevertheless. Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I am insane. I’m scared, I’m not cheering; make it your way… CHEERS. Tonight on an episode of Family Guy… Or The Simpsons... I am more wacky. Not like that shitty ass goddamn cock cunts with posers like Woody Woodpecker or Daffy Duck, Even Loony Toons! Fuck that cartoon show! I’m more insane. WILSON WE’RE AT TOOL TIME NOW. Y'all listen to Tool or Sum 41... or Alkaline Trio... or Mocker's LIMP BIZKIT. EVEN DRUGS COUNT 666. NOT $99 cents. I’m not cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! Fuck that bird! Call me Caddy Cannibal. Nobody Likes Droopy Dog, Except for his mom and dad. Fuck me! Fuck you! Fuck Everyone! WE ALL REMEMBER THE 1997 SERIES KING OF THE HILL. I’M DR. EGGMAN. SCARY SPAGHETTI. SCARY HAMBURGERS, AND CHEESEBURGERS. FAGGOT MEANS CIGARETTE. In the not too distant future… NEXT TIME ON TARGET BELL ZEE. BARNEY WAS MURDERED WITH A PICKAXE. I had a axe. WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT I WILL TAKE A GODDAMN SHIT CAUSE I’M MORE FUCKING ANGRIER THAN THAT ONE ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD. COMIC SANS THE MAN HERNANDEZ AND GEORGE JETSON IS HERE. What I like about this Necronomicon is- How to raise the dead, I hate Tuesdays- I would like to buy a costume or even foods; is that a final answer? I’m a n****. LIFE IS LIKE A TORNADO. I pull the plug on the VCR YOU FUCKING N****, GREAT, AND NONE SEXUAL WITH HER, NOT THAN MR GROUCH, Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge Man. Propane Tanks. Gas Cans. Bombs. Nukes. Rocko's Modern Life. Limp Bizkit Kid Rock Stand Papa Roach Creed Nickelback. CRAWLING ALL OVER ON MY FLOOOOOOOR, and THAT is TONIGHT’S ZEMO and LEMO. I don't know what is happening to Giant Walrus and Polar Bear, thinking about what is going on? Giant Walrus along with Polar Bear both thinking about something else, "I don't know what are gonna do?" asked Giant Walrus. "Me ever", said Polar bear. Polar bear brought Grizzly Bear, but panda appeared along with grizzly bear, so he said," Americans, your coffins have arrived! Even Coffee arrived too! Paid by only US Tax Dollars, hmm?" Said Panda. Panda brought coffins out of nowhere, and brought coffees for people?! That was worked from Bob The Builder Lost Episode. The third skit came up with Robby the seal looking angry german ancinted. "WHAT DO YOU KNOW THE GIANT WALRUS?" He yelled, "BY CREATING GIANT WALRUS MADE OUT OF CLAY!?!" Wait, do you mean created giant walrus made out of clay? CREATED GIANT WALRUS MADE OUT OF CLAY?! Oh No! I continued watching again. 4th came with The Great Gonzo, with 1 leg with a bump on his forehead with a noose on his neck, while holding a Skateboard. "For my next act," Said The Great Gonzo, "I will shove this Skateboard at my FUCKING ASS!!!" Who- he cursed! And shoving his skateboard up his ass? That's an Reasonable for family show, a 2nd time. And guess what, he actually shoves a skateboard up his ass! He yelled," And the next up, I'm gonna vomit BLOOD!" And he vomited blood red, and there was red meat again! I'm started to think this is REAL Pingu's Dream Lost Episode. Well, that red meat didn't came up to my ass. 5th skit was the Polar Bear instead of talking nonsensical swedish chef's language, had a voice of an black man. And remember talk of the Grizzly Bear And Panda. "Listen Up, N******s," he said, " Are you about to cook some turkey, and some roast pig? And made that as a favorite dinner. And about cook some chicken? Some Fried Chicken? And turn them into creepypastas, Let them beat my ass!" What's with the cussing? Last time I look at Show for the Whole Family! He cooks some turkey and some roast pig. He puts an apple on roast pig's mouth, and put light on candles, and manager eats raw chicken even Guest for pork and eats it raw! GROSS! Then Pinga put a gold teeth on the chain with a chicken and even rabbit. Polar Bear wore Gold sharp teeth. Then, he starts rapping, he takes with his boom pox and the shitty beat plays. "Yo i'm the Polar Bear, and this is grizzly bear and panda, and we here to tell y'all. getting rich? Beat your ass! Watching The Simpsons and The Family Guy, It's spending some $100 dollars. $666 dollars, for FREE to get RICH! Eat McDonalds And Subway, And even taco bell! I'm gonna buy dinosaur costume? FOR HALLOWEEN! Cuz you what to do, cuz it's no good, read some stupid comic con books! It's stupid, ugly, and worse mess! Spend $99 cents! $22 cents, smoke some weed! Do you want to watch Squidward's Suicide lost episode? Ride in the roller coaster cuz I help you. Playing games? PLAYING CHEAT! There is no idea what is going on. Cuz Giant Walrus is the Fucking #1! because I'm your singer teller, Cuz I'm the best! Read summer tale! Mr. name was? Mr. Bitch! I gonna get tools and anything we are gonna get. Jackhammer! For this ain't a drill! Read Necronomicon!" Seem Oddly weird...but...I know who's got cursing. Then Gonzo appeared out of nowhere, and started screaming," OH MY GOD!" He uses Swedish Chef's Knife to keep his pockets and he uses the Swedish chef's rolling pipe up his ass! He said," For my next act, I will walk with one leg, and another, as a Human! I'll smash with a baseball bat one of my victims anymore. I'll will strangle Humans like American Sasquatch... Anyone remember about American Sasquatch?" Then, American Sasquatch appeared. I remem- oh wait I remembered about American Sasquatch! Like The Muppet Show Lost Episode! Lookin' Crazy, Crash Bandicoot Appeared lookin' sinister same as Mr.Blik. “The German nationalist party will rise again!” Panda yelled. “Dur Wille Zer mann!! Bob The Builder screamed,"MANN!" Bob was sounding less like he worked in construction and more like a raving lunatic. “Delfine send MESSAGE LIKE HELL!” Panda screamed. “A planck here! A planck there! A max planck Everywherzen!” Bob The Builder sounded nuts. Pingu? Pingu? "No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-NO!" I mumbled myself as pinched my skin, that wasn't Pingu and the episode, that was Pingu's Dream Lost Episode and titled Giant Walrus' Revenge! That was my Pingu show on DVD and VHS TAPE from 1991, for 30 Years. Pingu holds a gun, and said sobbly and crying," Goodbye, crule world!" And ends up Pingu killed himself, and we seen Pingu's Mom, Dad, and Pinga crying hard! I can't believe it! Pingu's family still crying about Pingu died! We see Grover from Sesame Street, but more than black man for now, there was Oscar the grouch, Gordon Robinson, and everyone, they all there, and they all run to see the President, Grover said" Hey, Americans!" He Asked the President," For Presidents speech and republicains, and what's wrong with Giant Walrus, because he doesn't have beak, but mustache, didn't played beach Blue Balls, or doesn't know what he's doing? He Knows!" " This going to be ass blasting bitcheonode!" Argued Oscar The Grouch. What in the hell was that? "Not Your Concern." Gordon Robinson answered. "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU N****!" Giant Walrus Yelled, " I don't even know about what is going on for now, but your not an reasonable!" Well What's, With, The Cursing? Elmo Said," I going to kill George Jetson for real life now!" Now George Jetson just tied up by a chair, and had duck tape on his mouth! George Jetson said with Duck Tape on his mouth," Merf!" And Kermit The Frog Appeared Out of nowhere and begin screaming out loud," OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!" He steal Swedish Chef's Knife from Gonzo's pockets, and kill George Jetson with no fucking reason," For my next act," Said Kermit The Frog," I will murder People with My OWN Swedish Chef's Knife to Death! As anyone remember that show the Simpsons?" Then, Homer Simpson appeared. More than- Oh Wait! It looks like him! Yeah! Hell! It looks Like Homer Simpson, except bein' Sinister, Kermit Met Homer Simpson, but Gonzo crying in agony about Rizzo The Rat Died. Homer drinking beer duff. And finally, Sonic and Tails appeared from The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog. Oh-wait I remember them, instead of they want me as hero friends! Instead I answer," I LOVE YOU SONIC AND TAILS!" two heroes accepted to me. I don't know about that show was. Then, American Sasquatch, appeared my living room, and I said," Come on Bigfoot, give me money of cash for $800,000 dollars!" American Sasquatch looked at me like I was an inspectable. "Manners!" he said, "young men like you have forgotten their manners." What is that manners mean? Last time, I read to you about Does Whatever Spider Does for the whole lost episodes! Angry Video Game Nerd said, “Ya sack of nuts and bolts, I’m laughing at you, especially everyone in this futuristic world and entire Earth, because of- YOU... ARE... FUCKING... RETARDED.” I was insulted from my intelligence, but I should’ve known… that Herb Brooks died even Jim Henson too. It killed people by American Sasquatch and even Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, And Panda, And even Tails Doll too. At this time, At this point, in the entire episode people were started murdering each other, causing the set to be destroyed. Hell, I even heard similar noises coming from outside. People running and- oh god! Fucking God! Giant Walrus himself and his Zombie army! They were already knocking on my door and I was terrified by this. I tried to use my Barbie phone to call the Police, the NYPD, Metro, SWAT, the CIA, the KGB, report GANG, even the town’s insane asylum. Maybe I needed to be eaten flesh now. Or even Maybe I need to be taken away. But No, they broken, they broking me, and they smash and broke the door, they got in, as Zombies were running and... OW! they tappy! Giant Walrus and Zombie army Killed And Eat me! I fainting! So yeah, I woke up from Nightmare sometime later to find out that the lost episodes and any sort of pastas that Dave read were real! I saw Sonic And Tails still inside, still alive, playing games. Fozzie Bear smiled and… shoved three testicles down my throat as the Gutmann still alive. And it occurred to me… we are the sloths. The moral of the story. If you find another lost episode... all of this will happened. But...there was a Machine," Insert." The Machine Said. I put the tape on name, it popped to see this title," Pingu's Dream Lost Episode: Giant Walrus's Revenge." It can't be! I said," I think about this show, this is Pingu's Dream? This is the Real Pingu's Dream? I mean God damnit!" I heard a knock on my door, to reveal it... It was Giga Bowser.EXE! I tried to contact to the Police as he said," No WaY gEt To ThE pHoNe, YoU aRe NoW bE sTuFfEd In BoWsEr JuNiOr SuIt..." I raised my eyebrows, and of course I get stuffed into Bowser Junior suit, unlike Five Nights at Freddy's for example. He stuffed me into a suit, looks like I his farther. I died! But... Even if these episodes are fake and I mean hell, some lost episodes are too much scary. In such tragedies in the world, all lost episodes include the one Dave has been reading for four and a half years... Giant Walrus... is... fucking... real... Even Zombies... Hank Hill... Tails Doll... And more sinisters and monsters... ARE MORE REAL.. in... this... relm... We frozen and we ARE gonnadiegonnadiegonnadiegonnadiegonnadiegonnadiegonnadiegonnadiewouldyoudiewouldyoudiewouldyoudiewouldyoudie,no, NONONONONONONONON, gonnadiegonnadiegonnadiegonnadie, I said, ddddddddddddddddd gonnadiegonnadiegonnadiegonnadiegonnadieidoidjfshfldufhzsldiufhsdflih! ye...ahh. *strangled and choking* Giant Walrus said, an evil word," I, AM GOD OF HELL DEMON!!!" But... you must... Obey before him.. There was a message of Grizzly Bear... He said," The Only Way Out Of Hell Is... Suicide." This.... is your..... End....


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