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Oobi aired on Febuary of the late 2000s, held as one of the most unique puppet shows next to "Fraggle Rock" and "The Muppet Show" According to a old Noggin Magazine, there was a season 1 episode taken off from air, due to backlash for being too disturbing and uneasy for kids. The only way to watch it is to find a bootleg tape, DVD, Youtube Video but what I found maybe the lost episode, I think. A Normal Oobi would be teaching about important things in life like Aspearagus, Chinease Food, Baths And Even Music, but this episode, was anything but family friendly. I remember the characters well: Oobi, Kako, Uma, Grandpu...George Jetson...No, Wait, he wasn't in there, My apologies.

Of course, I was a janitor in a Detroit hotel, cleaning the hallways and sometimes organize the DVD and VHS shelf, I came across a small USB stick, sticking out in the "Kids" shelf. The stick read "Toy Guns" in Crappy MSPaint, and for some reason, it smelt like gunpowder, I asked one of the workers if I can investigate this, he agreed (since we have to view the footage before we give it to a random family) I plug the USB stick into my laptop, all that was in the stick was a .exe file and a text file, I clicked on the text file and read it quickly, it was a copywrite statement, it was copywrited 2015 for some reason, on the bottom, there was a trollface made out of code for some reason, I clicked on the .exe file, it extracted only a mp4 file. Why did it need to be a .exe file? What is this, Sonic.exe? I doubleclicked on the video, it showed the titlescreen and the titlecard "Toy Guns"

it opened with oobi who simply yelled "HI KIDS!" for some reason, his one eye was spinning and his one finger was seemingly missing. He then broke the silence by yelling again "TOY!" he picked up a cartoony toy gun and pulled the trigger, a freaking bullet shot out of it and hit the fridge, Grampu came in and screamed in a highly gay-ish tone "OOBI! GUN NOT ALLOWED!" oobi didn't listen and just shot grampu, grampu fell backwards and fell inside a garbage bin. It cut to Uma talking to a guy which uma says "Toy, Fun?" the guy just nods without saying anything, suddenly, uma ran to the side and slammed her head into the door, a cartoonly loud "SMACK!" sound was heard, then, you heard Oobi scream "OH MY GOD!" and then shot the guy in the head. Then It showed Kako playing the drums, then he throws the drums and says in a racist tone "LISTEN UP, YOU FUCKING FUCKERS!" (Gasp) H-he Cursed, and, the- What is going on? Last time, I thought Oobi was family friendly, I guess not. It cuts to Uma with the toy gun and she shoots everyone while oobi and Kako start beating each other. It then cut to a montage of kids playing with toy guns and shooting everyone, and then Grampu screamed "THERE'S A BOMB IN MY ASS!" and then Grampu exploded, it cut to a picture of a skeleton skull and it sayed "Shit!" which jumping up and down like some sort of toy skeleton. It cut to a real episode of "Oobi" and it showed a man dressed up in a chicken outfit singing a themesong to some obscure TV called "Ratafak Platcha" I had no clue why the man was singing this. It ended with everyone arguing and throwing words like "Shit! Dick! Hell! Fuck! Ass!" it ended with oobi yelling "BYE!" as the kids cried.

I proceeded to remove the USB stick and threw it in the trash! For some reason, I found a toy gun in one of the rooms and I swear to god, I thought I heard a argument in one of the rooms, it was like the video was a "haunted" video. While I was cleaning, I was later kidnapped into a studio, apparently I was forced to put on googly eyes on my hands and start talking in a kiddish tone, while other people did the same thing they were forcing me to do, so, now I work in a cynical kids/adult TV show, at least It can't get any worse..hehe..Right?