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Well, here we go again...

I'm the same guy who watched a video while eating caramel-flavored foods. Ever since I watched the Funeral episode, I lost a tiny bit of braincells. Not everything is good in the Oobi franchise, still, because of another lost episode I found the other day, though. I went to the same Goodwill store, and I found something, which is a Oobi DVD. It said: "Oobi: Make Believe". Wow, how original. That DVD cover was a picture of the cast... from a picture. However, Oobi wasn't present. Nevertheless, I bought the DVD and I went back to my house.

Smiling with eagerness, I grabbed a bag of popcorn, heated it up, filled it with butter with my Popcorn Butter dispenser, walked down to the basement, injected the DVD player, and inserted the disc, so I can see what this episode's got in store for me. So, The FBI warning appeared. it said: "Warning: This DVD is a DVD. Nuff said." and after that, There were no logos, but instead, it's like a coming up next bumper from the Disney Channel Bounce Era. The announcer said: And now, the episode you've all been waiting for, Oobi, Make Believe. So without further ado, let's watch!” And then, it cut to the DVD menu. I didn't watch it yet though, but there are 3 buttons. "Play", "Options", and "Do Nothing". I selected play, and yes. I was ready to watch it. The intro began playing as normal, but instead of the happy banjo music, it was replaced with off-key circus music with electric guitars and synthesized drumbeats. The lyrics were also different, looking like it came from an AI.

Oobi's like me

Oobi's like you

Oobi's gonna play the music, smoke weed everyday too

Uma's his sis

He's massive, she's not

Grampu is his very best friend

Kako is a literal robot

Oobi (gibberish) Skee biddly dee

Cookie Monster with a deep voice and even raspier tone: HEY, I EAT THE TOILETS

And then, the intro ended with Oobi with the logo on top of him, but instead of him saying "Oobi, You, Friends" and chuckling, he grabs a grenade out of nowhere and throws it to the camera, causing a huge explosion. Afterward, with no title card whatsoever, the episode began. It began with Oobi greeting the audience as he usually did, for some reason. "Hi kids! What a lovely day we're having in my neighborhood, isn't it? Well then, let's go!" He then walked in, and then... Grampu was there too. He said: "You're going to learn... ABOUT ON HOW YOU CAN BE A BITCH ON MAKING BELIEVE!" I wasn't expecting that. and then Grampu yelled by breaking the fourth wall: "FUCK YOU!" Woah! He cursed! That's shocking. And then, after three seconds of static, Oobi and Kako began yelling at each other again like in 2 mysterious episodes, and Uma and Grampu were arguing too, as well as all other characters, and even RATAFAK PLACHTA? Not him again! He scared the living crap out of me when I was young! And then... yes. otherwise, a voice all of a sudden said: "Satan's my lord and savior, and I love him. We all zoozoos worship him by making weird rituals like Ratafak Plachta, in which theme song sounds like a Nick Jr. program from the 2000s and late 1990s, which we do not fucking know." and after that. a voice that sounded like George Jetson said: "Hi, You look like Satan. That's all."

And after that, it cutted to Grampu, but he looked ugly and had a top hat. he said: "Hello bastards!" SWEARING!!! In a kids program. I thought. He yelled again: "Ah de bootiful sheeyut." and after that, he yelled out in a racist tone: "you fuckin' mcfuckin' mc burger mcfuckin' fucker!" OH MY GOODNESS! He... CURSED AGAIN!?!?!?!? (Fine, I'll stop complaining about the swearing all the time)

Oobi then says "We're having a big parade outside, and you're invited!" Kako doing his usual pointing pose, slowly zoomed at me while off-key circus music was playing in the background. It then cuts to Uma in her bed. She says "Ich werde schreien!" before she spazzed around her room wildly. She opens the door and tickles Oobi, who started SHRIEKING as a loud death metal song played. This went on for a few seconds, and it then cut to Kako surrounded by fat men dancing around in Chicken Outfits, singing in Czech. I had no clue what the song was about, but whatever.

It then cut to Oobi, Uma and Kako, in their costumes. Oobi was wearing Donald Trump, Kako was wearing Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit, and Uma was dressed up in a chicken outfit with black text saying "Ratafak Platcha Man!" Uma then says "It's time to get this make believe parade started! Come on! yeah you, yeah you, I'm talking to you, come on. Let's go, Chop chop! You're gonna be late! You're not going to have breakfast, or a snack. COME, ON. IT'S TIME TO GO!" and leads the boys out the front door. Outside, there was Grampu, Inka, Randy, Angus, an hand that is upside-down, Tulla, the endless-dancing 576 skeletons, five hands that look like Limp Bizkit, Dino-Kako with a clown nose, Randy with sunglasses and a weird shirt, a hand dressed up as Adolf Hitler, a hand that looks like SpongeBob, and (of course) Ratafak Plachta. They were all arguing about why Poland no longer became a communist country in 1989. Oobi, Uma and Kako walked outside the door, and Uma proceeded to yell so loudly "LISTEN UP YOU POLISH COMMUNISM IDIOTS!" Everybody stopped arguing. Ratafak Plachta then said "Kamaráde, co to s tebou je? Mluvíme o tom, proč Polsko v roce 1989 přestalo být komunistickým státem!" Uma punched his nuts, and said "Let the parade commence!" Everybody cheered, while Grampu walked fastly into the camera, with a extreme close-up on his face. "Are you ready as well?" Oobi yelled at Grampu, "JUST STOP LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!" Grampu then sighed, and walked out the camera. Uma then says, "Anyway, now that we're all here, let's have a blast. So without further ado, let the parade commence!" And so, the Parade March started. Uma then started to rap, as Kako took out a boombox and off-key circus music mixed with Limp Bizkit music started to play.


Our make believe parade's today, so LISTEN UP

As we take you down, downer than 2014's world cup

We're gonna go stroll through Kalamazoo,

L.A., Philly and New York too

Now I'm-a pass the mic to my bro

He's a fly emcee and he got rhymes to go

So to bust a rhyme without further ado

Take it away, Oobi, backwards Iboo!


Grampu's a life-changer, miracle-arranger

Born to the virgin mom in a manger

Water to wine, he's a drink exchanger

And he died for your sins

I preach the word, that's my gig

And I rhyme better than Notorious BIG

Other emcees, I wish them well

But if you live in sin, you burn in hell



This time I'm 'a let it all come out

This time I'm 'a stand up and shout

I'm 'a do things my way

It's my way; my way, or the highway



Everybody started dancing while Oobi, Uma and Kako spitted out weird, loud, gibberish noises. but 14 seconds later, Grampu notices the camera and yells: "My dog has just died! LET'S GO, MOTHERFUCKER!" in a gangsta tone. Woah, didn't expect the swearing again. Afterwards, more of the characters stepped in as the song continued.


Yeah we're all stepping in, with asses of fire

Because we need anything you nearly desire

2 plus 2 equals four, because we are definitely back for more


We're going on a trip, yes we're going on a trip

Come on, everybody let's go!

It's the make believe parade, down the street!

Communism more like S U C C unism! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

after that, they all marched in to Uma's preschool, and then, Paula walked in and to my surprise, the guys have Travis Scott Meal cards! WHAT THE HECK? I thought the show came out in 2003, but the Travis Scott Meal was introduced in 2020! they summoned the Travis Scott Meal, and then Oobi yelled: "We've got some chaos going on!" And afterwards, Paula said: "Let's keep moving!" So then, everyone marched out of the preschool, and all other characters were there too! They were looking at me! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

And then, the next part appeared. The Make Believe parade was still happening. Everyone marched together, and this time, Chef Grampu, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Chuck E. Cheese, Donkey Kong, the entire cast of Seinfeld, and the Teletubbies were there too. And there's also this weird skeleton named Mr. Bones! He appeared out of nowhere and said: "Where the fuck am I?" without asking. The entire parade said: "YOU SHALL!" and after that, Ratafak Plachta walked to Mr. Bones and says the following: "Zasloužíte si to za to, že jste idiot a úplný pitomec! Nezasloužíš si žít na zemi! Nyní se připrav na smrt, děvko!" and then, Mr. Bones beated up everyone, including Ratafak Plachta. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Oobi yelled. After that, it cuts to everybody in court. Grampu with that same clown nose that says "I hate weekends", glasses and a voice of a Yiddish-German accent, was the judge and he said the following:

"Mr. Skellington Rip Off Ratafak Plachta Clone Skeleton Nathan Bones Junior The Second, you are on trial for domestic violence, was pretty fucking bad. So how do you plead?"

Mr. Bones couldn't hear a single word he said, but he holds a sign that says "Not guilty".

After that, Kako walked in, and says the following: "Well your honor, I do not fucking know why Mr. Bones is always a jerk to us. The motherfucking reason is because he kept forcing us to go on his wild ride. This ride would always take forever! This ride is nothing but a piece of shit, and we prefer rides from amusement parks, but not the rollercoaster-typed ones! They always make me fucking throw up, this means, Mr. Bones is a shithead! FUCK YOU, MR. BONES! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A LAZY SKELETON! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD!" after that, the judge responded by saying: "Okay, so he's guilty. He'll be sent in prison for the rest of his life, never to return to the neighborhood ever again!" After that, everybody from the special, (everybody that is, except for Mr. Bones) went inside Oobi's house. And then, Oobi said to everybody: "Now that our Mr. Bones is in jail, what do you say we all go to the backyard to celebrate?"

Everybody else cheered as it fades outside where all of the characters were all relaxing in the backyard,

Oobi was sitting in a lawn chair, watching "Slneicko" on his Dell laptop. Grampu walks in and Oobi notices him: "Oh, I was only watching videos of Ratafak Plachta on my laptop and I was also dying of laughter." Grampu looked confused. "What on earth is Ratafak Plachta?" he asked. Oobi replies with "One of my favorite characters of all time. Trust me you'll like it!" After that, he looked at the camera and said: "Man, Mr. Bones is a mothafucka and shit. He deserved to be in jail! The characters from that previous part went in this gigantic neighborhood. Such as Henry Stickmin, The Burger King, Cookie Monster, Konata, and any other peeps. He's staying in jail forever!" but all of a sudden, a gravestone from the funeral episode, came in and gravitated to see Kako. It's her great grand-mamu. She had a voice of Big Bird from Sesame Street. he says the following: "Kako, I haven't seen you in a while. Should I proceed to check outside?" Kako replied with: "Sure thing. Go to the entire neighborhood and see for yourself." He then checked, and to my surprise, she said: "Oh my fucking god, that's a lot of dummies!"

Then, a spaceship showed up, revealing a bunch of recolored Ratafak Plachta clones. One of them said: "Otvorte tučné ústa, svině! Máme pre vás šťavnaté fizzly!" It showed a flood of fizzy water, powered by Slovakian powder. Soon after, everybody held hands, and Oobi said: "FIRE!" After that, Kako's cap is flung threw the air, The recolored flood was the same height as the flood, for your information. And then, the spaceship exploded through the sky.

It then cut to all of the characters (minus the Ratafak Plachta clones and Mr. Bones) with satisfied looks on their faces. Then, Oobi said to everybody "Now that we destroyed these pathetic clones, it's time to have a blast!" Everybody else cheered as it fades to a scene were all of the characters were eating food, playing video games, and chatting. This goes on for about 45 seconds before it fades outside of the house. It went to the credits, but the music was replaced with "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green and it showed the house with a black half-transparent screen. Then the episode ended, FINALLY! Well, I ejected the DVD and did the same thing like I did in the funeral episode. I found this so shocking. Besides, how in the world did this exist like the funeral episode? Well then, who am I to disagree? It's just...

Sorry about that rough interruption there. But will THERE be a third installment of this saga? We don't know. So follow the clues. And by that, answers will be revealed. So yeah. Thanks for listening or reading this tale. Who's next? Find out in part 3 of the saga, okay? Thank you.