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Note: This is a continuation of Nicktoons Ü 3, this was created because the original sillypasta was past its deadline.

Created/Written by TailsDoller2, Boltgon and Devonte.

Where we were?

Oh, right.

Brody and S. M had went trough a portal.

The screen went black and it showed "WORLD 2: DUCK"

It showed the world of Breadwinners.

What the fuck? Another cringe ass show? This was the worst crossover ever.

We see Brody and S. M outside of the Breadwinners's house in the evening.

"Where are we?" Brody asked.

"Beats me" S. M said.

Suddenly, SwaySway and Buhdeuce came out of the house.

"Wait, who are you?" Buhdeuce asked.

They all presented themselves. and Brody said what's going on.

"That's rough, buddy. Wanna stay at our house? We could even teach you two how things work here." SwaySway said.

"Sure" Brody said.

They prepared beds for them.

"Oh, I almost forgot! We need to pick up some stuff from the mines! We'll be right back!" SwaySway said as he left with his friend.

"Mines? All of this is weird..." S.M. said.

After a while they came back with a bag.

"Alright, we are gonna be honest. We have no idea of what the fuck you are, but clearly you ain't a duck, so you'll need this to go undercover" Buhdeuce said, as he opened a bag revealing a couple of green loafs.

"The hell is that? It looks rotten" S.M said.

"With this bread you will turn into ducks and no one will know who you really are! It only lasts 24 hours tho" the ducks said.

"There's no way in hell i'm eating that" Brody said, to which S.M said "You better eat it before i shove it right into your mouth".

"Fine...yeez" he said, as he ate the entire thing.

They bodies glowed and the transformation began.

After that, they looked up their new bodies. They looked like some low-effort OC's from DeviantArt. Both were green now.

"This sure feels weird" said Brody.

"Well you better fake it so no one finds it out" SwaySway said. "Now, can you explain us how the hell did you got here?"


"I see. Ok, have rest, tomorrow we will teach you how we work"

"Work? We need to go back to our universe, jeez!" complained Brody.

"Man, if you came from that place fighting a "mom", we might have to do the same here" said Buhdeuce.

In the next day...

The brothers woke up Brody and S.M. and they brought them to the bread mines, teaching them about the different types of breads.

Then they got in the rocket van and flew to deliver bread.

Their first stop was at T-Midi's house.

"Ok, it's simple, just knock the door, act naturally and give the bread away." SwaySway said.

Brody and S.M. got out of the car with the bread and knocked the door.

"Wait a moment, I just got out of the shower" said T-Midi inside the house.

After 30 seconds, he opened the door.

"Wait. Who are you?" he said, confused at seeing the two new ducks.

"My name is Brody, and she..."

"Claire. I'm Claire" S.M. said. "We're new to this job."

"Interesting... I hope you don't cause much trouble unlike THOSE TWO" he pointed at SwaySway and Buhdueuce.

"Heh... good to see you too..." said SwaySway nervously.

After that they went on delivering bread and then they went home.