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Boo scaring the customers in the restaurant

Created by TailsDoller2, Hewkii and Devonte.

Listen. Monsters University and Monsters Inc are great films.

I recently found out there was a show called "Monsters at Work" and it was a sequel to the movies.

I watched the episodes on Disney +. It was amazing.

One day, after finishing watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier I decided to rewatch the Monsters show.

To my surprise, there was a new episode. It was called “Monsters at Ü” and the cover image showed Mike and Sully standing in front of their destroyed house.

Let’s just cut to the chase.

The intro started with a look of some kid's room. He noticed the closet's door opening and he saw something come outside. He closed his eyes on fear. The monster walked slowly into him. He was about to scare him, but when the kid woke up and saw him, he pulled out a soaker gun filled with mustard sauce and shot at the monster, making him scream. He then looked at the screen and said “The Ü is our do.”

After that, we see Mike Wazowski staring at the screen.

He pulled out a fiddle and played the main theme song with it, but it was off-key and terrible.

When he was done, he broke the fiddle with his knee.

We then see Fritz at the MIFT office. He was talking to someone in a phone.

Suddenly, Tylor Tuskmon barged at the entrance, with white powder in his face and bloodshot eyes.

"WHATS UP FUCKERS?!" he screamed.

"Tylor, what the fuck? Are you high?" Fritz asked, shocked by Tylor's sudden strange attitude.

"You fuckers act like crack addicts all the time!" replied Tylor.

"Candice would be dissapointed" Val said.

"Who's Candice?" asked Tylor.

"Can deez nu-" Before Duncan could finish his sentence, Tylor ran into him and began beating him up

Luckly Fritz pushed them aside and grabbed Tylor from the arms.

"What has gotten into you? Dude, you can't come at work like this!" he screamed at him.

"Sorry, dude, I did a bad thing..." Tylor said, as he returned back to himself.

"It's alright. Just... don't make anything like this again, we wouldn't want to lose you." Fritz said.

The episode then showed Monster's Inc. in the night. A mysterious figure entered into the factory, went to a storage room where there were multiple files and found what it was looking for.

Randall's info file. There it saw where he was sent after the events of the first movie.

It turned out the mysterious person was none other than Tylor.

What the fuck? Why he was doing this?

He then activated the conveyor belts and somehow restored the very own door Randall went into.

He opened the door, got out of the van without getting noticed and found Randall sleeping a few meters outside.

He grabbed him and went back to the factory.

Randall suddenly woke up and was really shocked to be back in the factory.

"WHAT? How did I... Wait... who are you?" he asked Tylor.

"My name is Tylor. I know what happened to you, and I want to return Monsters Inc. to its former glory.” he said

"Sounds good" Randall said. "But where is Waternoose?"

"Oh, that fucker got arrested" Tylor said.

"Fuck, we need to break him out of prison. NOW." Randall said.

The scene transferred to Mr. Waternoose sleeping in a cell.

Suddenly a guard appeared out of the cell and opened it, waking him up.

"What do you want for me? It's not the time to wake up now" he said.

"I can't let you stay here forever" said the guard, who was Tylor.

"Why are you helping me?" asked Waternoose.

"How about we leave the questions for later?" said Randall, who was hiding on Tylor's back thanks to his camouflage abilities.

"Randall? I thought... Whatever, let's break outta here!" he said.