Do you guys remember Ruby Gloom? It was a funny show I guess, because my dad worked at Nelvana a few years ago (from 2001-2014). However, there was a lost episode of that show.

I was watching the news and they showed me references of the 1960 Valdivia earthquake. That quake that happened on May 22, 1960 and I began to cry. My little brother asked me why do I cried. I told him "That's where my older grandfather died". So I decided to go with my father (that you must know as bibibop in YouTube) into the Nelvana studios (since it was Bring Your Child to Work Day).

The episode began with that same RG intro, but with some differences. Various other Nelvana characters' dead bodies. It scared me a little bit, but I watched it. There was no opening sketch. The title card said: "Ruby's Suicide". The title scared me a little bit, but I watched the episode.

The episode began at the mansion. Ruby was walking and she had a sinister smile and everyone got scared. Was this called "Ruby's Suicide"? I didn't knew how this episode was going to be. Skull Boy ran scared from Ruby and Iris said: "What the fuck Ruby? What happened to you?"

I got surprised as i heard swearing on a kids' show, but i commited a big big mistake after watching the episode. Ruby smiled at the camera with her sinister smile. I got so scared to note that there was no sound. It was just dead silence.

She then punches Skull Boy and he made a spin, and doing a donkey bray as he spins. The mix of the spinning with donkey brays scared me a lot, since i disliked to hear donkey brays in that time.

As soon as Iris got Ruby's sinister smile, i began to scream. The windows at the Nelvana/Corus studio broke and i escaped with my dad's car who had the windshield and windows broken to KFC, but that was another big, big mistake i made.

I went to KFC, and the characters... were eating there. Misery smiled at me and she also had a sinister smile and a demonic voice. Frank and Len also smiled at me with a sinister smile. I went back to the car and went back home to watch Looney Tunes!

As i sat there for 14 minutes, i heard chainsaw sounds from my window. Someone was cutting my door with that thing!. I went to be trapped in the bathroom but the chainsaw also trapped me! It was Ruby Gloom who still had her sinister smile and red eyes, i punched her and looked for a knife and i did killed her!.

When i awoke, i felt like someone was sorrounding me, and there were Ruby's friends!. I punched them and killed all with a butcher knife. When i watched the news, there was a notice that Martin Hsu, the creator of the show, commited suicide after the death of his creations.

If you are an RG fan, stay away from that show, or you will have those experiences i had!.

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