Since my dad was walking at soul threads. I found a copy of the Lorax! Instead. It was made by roadshow Entertainment. Not universal. It's a bootleg since 2011. I went home with my DVDs and I firstly watched LoRaX: Invincible

It cuts to the roadshow entertainment logo from 2011 since until the end, there was a fucking basketball smacked the v of heaven, causing it to get obliterated and the logo was corrupted.

the universal logo was like the original, and there was no illumination entertainment logo

it‘s just the fucking uv stream logo!

it opens normally just like the original. After Ted starts the motorcycle with only one wheel. It's stared to ride all the way to hell. While seeing some spikes death traps. Ted has his fucking stomach ripping out of the axe. And there was a butcher knife slicing his half of his head and his motorcycle falling off a cliff. Realistic blood came out of ted's half face. I was so shocked.

after aloysius O'Hare starring at the full moon, he began to change invincibaly and turns himself to BelarusBot! Indirectly smiling at the camera with robot teeth showing out of this bloody mouth witch


was horrifying! It cuts to ted's house with Audrey and Ted. Aloysius broke the door open as it bursts out,

Aloysius: "die paul, and die JENNY!"

Ted: "Oh No You Did Not, I Will Stab You with an axe, and use your intestines, As NODDLES!"

Then it cuts to an extremely graphic domestic violence scene started with green plastic blew fucking everywhere as aloysius exploded like a fucking pipe bomb!

Realistic blood came out squirting out of the heart of aloysius's remains.

Morty And McGurk Came Into Ted's House, With Intestines.

Its Was randomly different when their minions jumped out of an attic. And their corpses where shown. Then it fade to black.

the end credits was different. At the post credits, Ted picked up a phone as he began to answer BelarusBot!

BelarusBot: "this will be your last phone call"

Then ted's head started to graphically exploded, his face blew fucking everywhere as he exploded like a fucking pipe bomb! It's squirts with blood. It cuts to black. After the roadshow entertainment logo like as usually started. Suddenly, the disc ended.

i kept this DVD in a black box forever until i was making to record DVD openings.

my life went back normal again.

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