Let's Fail! at Life is a series of 2010-present retro video game Let's Plays.

Series Traditions

  • Purposely poor quality video.
  • Purposely inaccurate and insane explanations of game mechanics, plot, and history.
  • Nonsensical, often impromptu, stream of consciousness humor.
  • Bizarre sexual humor.
  • References to popular retro video game reviewers, such as the Angry Video Game Nerd, the Irate Gamer, and the Game Dude. References are often, though not always, subtle.
  • Narration delivered in a depressed tone of voice, often with sighing.
  • Political references (U.S. Presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, and former U.S. Presidential candidates such as Michele Bachmann.)
  • In later videos, use of text-to-speech voices representing characters who seem to be holding a conversation.

Full List of Let's Fail! at Life Videos