This story is not by 'Anonymous'. It's by DaveTheUseless.

Johnny the Emo Skeleton was very mad and upset because his female friend from work refused his Facebook friend request. He went home and turned on his webcam and complained a little bit and uploaded it to YouTube. Then he ordered a pizza, but that's when things got really scary.

It was Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, instead of a normal pizza guy! He had eyeliner running down his cheeks and onto his knees and cock. At first it appeared that he had feces spread all over his cheeks, but it was actually pudding. He was probably seeking comfort foods. His wee-wee had a tattoo of Neil Patrick Harris dressed up like Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince eating a taco made out of Spongebob Squarepants.

CREEPYPASTA- Johnny the Emo Skeleton

CREEPYPASTA- Johnny the Emo Skeleton

"This is My Girlfriend Left Me Pizza Pie Special!", Jerry Seinfeld, I mean, Gerard Way exclaimed. He looked... disheveled. He shoved his penis into Johnny's mouth, who gagged and spat it out after taking a bite.

"I thought I ordered pepperoni pizza.", Johnny started. Then he opened the pizza box and examined the toppings and he SHRIEKED IN HORROR!!!!!!!!!

On the pizza was used lady's sponges, mascara, toothpaste smears, eyelashes, and highly realistic gore, and the piece of penis he spit out that teleported into the box.

"Your girlfriend left you because you killed her!!!!!". Johnny's eyebrows tensed, other than that he didn't have eyebrows. Gerard Way laughed and prepared to strike with the razor he normally used to cut himself.

It was pointless, because Johnny the Emo Skeleton was a skeleton and didn't have any hair! Johnny ran to the phone and dialed 911. Then a beautiful baby deer walked past his window and he admired her, so the 911 lady gave up and hung up the phone. Then she masturbated at her desk to thoughts of Justin Bieber and Rosie O'Donnell, but that's for another day.

Jerred cut the wire to the phone, because skeletons can't get a job so Johnny still used a 90s cord phone. Johnny used to work at KFC until PETA threw blood at him and he ate all the blood even though it was actually a new topping for chicken.

"Why do you want to fight me, Gerald? I like emo too. Because we like the same music, we should be friends."

Gerry's face tensed. A vein was about to pop out of his forehead. His eyes became bloodshot.

"I am not emo!", Gary screamed. It was so loud that it ripped open a hole in the space-time continuum. Hyper-realistic blood poured out of all the dead people who went to Heaven.

"... Uh oh." Johnny muttered. He knew The World Was Over.

A giant chicken wearing a PETA shirt fell on the house and it smashed everyone and they died.

The End.

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