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Weird Hugh Test

Do you like Johnny Test? I do.

One day while I was looking for a movie to watch on Netflix I found something strange.

A Johnny Test movie called: Hugh and the Sparkling Meatloaf.

This was strange. No one announced this, not even after the show's revival.

I decided to watch it anyways.

The movie cover showed Hugh in what seemed a German village holding a meatloaf.

The description said: "Johnny Test is an out-of-the-ordinary kid who lives with his family and a talking dog. What he doesn't know is that his life is about to change."

I played the movie.

20211121 104757.jpg

Instantly, the Teletoon and CN logo appeared, which didn't made any sense cause Cookie Jar got shut down.

The Netflix logo then appeared.

The movie started with some initial credits followed by Mr. Blue Sky as it showed Johnny Test coming out of the house riding a skateboard going to his school while Susan and Mary took the bus.

The animation was the same as the original show but with improved quality, kind of like the Spongebob Movie.

Lila went to work and Hugh test got in the car with a bag and drove off to a hypermarket.

It was far away from the house and it took an hour to arrive there.

"Ok, so if I want to make the perfect meatloaf for my son's birthday I will need to buy the required ingredients!" he said.

He looked for many things, and since it was the first time there he spent a lot of time looking for what he needed.

The screen then showed the sisters. They were planning Johnny's birthday, from decorations to food, and Dukey was helping them without no one noticing.

Luckly for Lila, she had spent days working overtime, so she could leave earlier and help with the birthday.

Hugh stayed in the hypermarket eating in a cafeteria, and procceded to go back shopping.

While all of this looked. Bling Bling Boy was looking closely but hiding at Johnny's house with a spyglass. Everyone except Dukey, Johnny and Hugh were at home preparing everything.

"Well, so the Test's are preparing a party for that brat... Well, I sure have a SURPRISE for them" he said, as he pulled out an envelope with an adress on it.

"This beauty will sure help me conquer Susan's heart, one way to another" he said on an unfitting evil laugh. "I have to wait for everyone so my plan can work"

Then the screen showed the time: "8:00 PM"

Johnny arrived with Duke at his house.

"Dude, we have arrived very late! I'm lucky I was able to do my homework at the library, otherwise my parents would have ground me" said Johnny, upset.

"Oh buddy, today you won't have to worry about it" Dukey said.

"What do you mean? You really have acted weird today... Like, why you didn't allow me to go home?" Johnny asked, confused.

"You'll see" Dukey replied, grinning.

"Ok..." said Johnny, as he opened the door.

"Hey, why is everything blac-"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY!" said his family, as the lights went on.

"Wow, I didn't remember! But, where's Dad?" asked Johnny.

"He said he was arriving in some minutes" Lila replied.

Suddenly, the door bell rang.

"Oh, that must be him!" said Johnny, as he ran to the entrance door and opened it, but there were just Mr. Black and Mr. White.

"Wait, why are you guy's doing here?" asked Johnny.

"What? Can't two agents visit the kid who helped them and the world a lot on his birthday?" said Mr. White.

"Ok, you guys can come in" Johnny said.

Just as he closed the door, Bling went to the door, put the envelope outside, rang the bell and went out of there.

"Hope it's Dad this time..." said Johnny opening the door, but he didn't saw anyone.

He looked at the floor and found a letter with his name and adress.

"Weird..." he said, as he picked up the letter.

"What's that, Johnny?" asked Lila.

"A letter that was outside just now." replied Johnny.

"Strange, we just came in and didn't see a postman" said Mr. Black.

Johnny opened the envelope and read the message.

The letter

"yo it'z me, bling boy, sorry for making ur life a mess, i know that susan will beat my azz if i appeared here, so i hope this letter works as an apology.

Pd: look at the back"

Johnny looked at the back and was horrified by what he saw:


Then, the letter released a weird kind of green gas that filled the entire house, which made everyone fell unconcious.

"Curse... you..." Johnny said, before passing out.

Just after that, Hugh went back home, with a mini-oven with a meatloaf inside.

"Wow, didn't knew they let customers cook there!" said Hugh.

When he arrived at the house, he saw all the lights on, and got into the house.

He was shocked to see his family and the agents in the floor.

"What happened to you guys?" he said, trying to wake them up.

He shaked Johnny desesperately, but it was of no avail.

He found the letter that Johnny opened and his face was filled with terror.

He then ran to their sister's laboratory thinking it was some sort of twisted prank.

He was looking everywhere for a solution when he found a button labeled "only for emergences"

He pressed it and instanly the screen showed that it was calling someone.

It was the general.

"Better be important, I was taking- oh wait, you aren't the sisters or the fire kid..."

"Aren't you the leader of the agents?" said Hugh.

"Exactly. I'm The General." he said.

"Well, "The General" I have found my family on the floor and I wasn't able to wake them. According to this letter Bling has to do something with this." said Hugh.

"Oh, that kid? He's been a nuisance for us..."

Out of nowhere, the screen showed static and Bling appeared.

"Well well well, seems that someone escaped... I have your family captive, and they are infected with a disease that will give them cancer, but I will heal them if Susan agrees with marrying me. I have healed her so she wont suffer..."

"You monster! I won't allow you do that!" Hugh screamed at him.

"I'll want to see you try stop me!" he said laughing, as he ended communnication.

"Well, this sucks" The General said.

"What I can do?" asked Hugh, desesperately.

"I will call someone to pick you up and take you to my base, there we can discuss it" The General said.

After an hour, he arrived there.

"This situation is terrible. Two of my best agents down, the scientists and the kid too... Bling has defenitely outsmarted us this time. But hope isn't lost. There's something you can do!" he said, as he pulled out a map, with seven crosses.

"What are the- wait, aren't those...?"

"Exactly, the New Seven Wonders of the World. You see, we know everything about you and your family, and you are a meatloaf enjoyer, right? Well, there's a way you can save your family with this. You must go across this seven places to find ingredients for the Sparking Meatloaf, a meatloaf so powerful it will make you save your family! But beware! Some of this ingredients are really rare and only appear once in a bunch of years, so you must collect them carefully" said The General. "Oh, and there's also your brother..."

"Wait, I have a brother?! I didn't knew!" said Hugh.

"He lives in Germany, you'll meet him when you arrive" said The General.

"How I will even do all of this? I don't even have the money to travel now!" exclaimed Hugh.

"I'll give you some. Now, let's take a plane and fulfill your destiny!" said The General.

Hugh took a suitcase and went to the airport with The General.

Suddenly, while in the plane, the fucking crab police officer from Starfish Cove appeared and started going on a rant about why McDonald's is garbage and how the American government planned 9/11.

Jesus christ, what the hell? Almost a earthload of children barely know that show!

The blue circle character from Rock N' Learn appeared and screamed "ALL HALLOW'S EVE, JIMSHIT" before the scene changed, thank god.