The Author of this Story is Anonymous/Unknown. This is the thirty-fifth CreepyPasta that was narrated by DaveTheUseless.

Ohh... My head... What the hell just happened? Where am I? I remember seeing a flash of light and then everything just went black.

Is this a blackout?

An electrical outage of some sort?
CREEPYPASTA Floating Darkness

CREEPYPASTA Floating Darkness

I feel like I'm falling but my feet are placed firmly on the ground... At least I think it's ground... It's certainly solid.

A tiny light lies ahead.

I hear someone calling me to it.

I am unsure if I should go towards it but I feel drawn towards it... Like a magnet to metal.

I am almost halfway there.

Everything's getting brighter, I feel warm, as if someone were holding me in their arms.

The light... It's fading away now.

I'm being pulled back.

Back into the darkness I was just in.

A voice calls out to me:

"Find the key. You will be free."

What? What does it mean? What key?

Something forcefully pulls me back and I am back where I saw the flash.

I look around. Looking for the so-called key.

The key is nowhere to be found but I see someone laying down.

There seems to be a red liquid around the body.

It looks nearly dried now.

I feel compelled to go towards the body.

I now have a full view of the body.

It looks familiar... There's a metal object in the body's hand.

The red liquid looks to be coming from the body's head.

I look at the body.

It looks to be a male.

I look at the face.

What I see absolutely terrifies me.

The face was my face. I killed myself.

Why though? What happened?

I am thrust back where I was.

Into the floating darkness.

It seems I found the key but... I'm nowhere near the light again. I don't feel free.

"You are to spend eternity here. In this floating darkness. In this Purgatory."

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