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July 17th

What Another Game Over look like this.

6 X 3! WHAT 6 X FUCKING 3?

“The elf shooting at us, you fucking carrot leg long nose bowl head fried egg scarf wearing white Dr. Phil looking asshole!”

Created by TailsDoller2, Devonte and Boltgon

Inspired by Sesame Street: Very Hard Mode.

Five Nights at Freddys is a horror game where you have to survive several nights against animatronics.

It gained such popularity people made several fan-games.

But there was one that no one expected.

Five Nights at Disney XD.

The strangest thing is that it was on the official Disney XD website.

I went to that website.

(Toon Disney doesn't fucking exists anymore)

And I found it. Strangely, It was posted on 2009.

What the fuck? First off, FNAF fan-games came out in 2015, and second, FNAF came out in 2014!

I didn't thought it much and I decided to play it.

I was greeted by Phineas and Ferb building an advertising billboard that said "WARNING: This games contains flashy imagery, loud sounds and jumpscares. If you are sentitive to these things close the game."

Well, at least they gave a warning...

The title screen showed up, there were several Disney XD characters posing, with Mickey's Clubhouse theme playing in the background, but it sounded like it was beign played in a vinyl player. There were 4 options.

"New Game"




That last one was strange, more strange than the existance of this fangame.

I pressed play.

The office looked similar to the one from FNAF 1, but they added the Main Hall from fucking FNAF 2.

I got a phone call:

"Hey there, how's going on your first night? Don't worry, it can be tedious, but you get used to it. Now, you probably know how things work already, so I don't have to lecture you. Good luck!"

The camera and red bar looked similar to the FNAF 2 one, but it said "HIDE"

I checked the cameras, to see which animatronics were in this game.

Woody appeared on the Show Stage.

I was confused. Why he was on this game? Sure, he was from Disney, but not Disney XD. Disney XD is a channel where Disney movies and shows appear, but he doesn't belong to that channel.

I closed the cameras, thinking it was some sort of easter egg, and I opened them again, on Cam 1.

There were: Yin and Yang from Yin Yang Yo, Will Smith and Carlton Banks, Mr Potato Head, Pucca, Garu, Coop Burtonburger, Burt Burtonburger and others

I checked the other cameras. The rooms were decorated with Disney stuff, even the bathrooms.

It was 1:00 AM. I checked Cam 1, and Garu was missing.

Oh fuck, it was time to survive.

I was trying to find him in the other cameras, but it didn't worked. I checked Cam 1 again, and now there was a button on Pucca's forehead that said "CHASE"

I clicked it, and inmediately Pucca jumped off the stage and began looking for Garu.

Garu noticed it and was trying to hide from her, but she found them. They went to a room called "Baby Jail" and a message poped up, and said that Puca and Garu weren't be giving trouble anymore.

I liked this mechanic. It made the game somewhat easier.

The night finished at 6:00 AM.

The screen showed a message that said "Don't let her catch you" in pixelated text, meaning it was a minigame.

We see Garu in the Show Stage. He looked around and walked off the stage.

I was controling him. I walked around when I heard a strange sound. Pucca appeared and I began running from her. She tripped over and I lost control of Garu. He walked into her and helped her getting up. She hugged him and he sighed.

After that, it was Night 2

The phone call was by Crash from Crash and Bernstein. He told me Mr. Potato head was filled with rage and I had to survive his attacks.

When I checked the cameras, Pucca and Garu weren't there; they were still in "baby jail" but the other characters were looking at me, and it was creepy.

I could hear Mr. Potato head saying "oh shit, oh yeah!" in the distance.

I saw Mr. Potato head on the toilet throwing toilet paper inside the toilet, pressing the lever and making water come out of it as he laughed like a prick.

Sunddenly, Hassan Khadair's Mickey Mouse appeared, dressed as Foxy.

What the HELL? Hassan Khadair was supposed to be 9 years old! Why he was a grown man?

He was coming from the left side, but I closed the left door at him.

Mr. Potato head suddenly appeared in Main Hall.

I flashed him with with the flashlight, but it didn't worked, and he slowly walked into the office.

i pressed "HIDE" Button, but it didn't do anything.

I kept pressing it but still nothing.

Then Mr. Potato Head jumpscared me, with the reused jumpscare of Withered Foxy from FNAF 2, but louder.

Then static appeared and it showed the game over screen, which was the Hershey mascot just smiling and saying "GAME OVER BITCH!" And there was shitty stock crying sounds and someone yelling "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME" at the distance.

That was unlucky. I tried again.

To make Mr. Potato Head go away, I clicked the toilet paper at the bathrooms and he went there, grabbing it and wrapping himself, making himself look like a fucking mummy.

Fortunately, I got to 6:00 AM.

In this minigame, it showed Minnie Mouse on co-

What the fuck?

It showed Minnie fucking Mouse in court. Apparently Mickey had cheated on her with Daisy, and Donald was crying a lot.

The Judge then said Minnie was having custody of the house, leaving Mickey with only 40% of their stuff.

Mickey then suddenly pulled out a fucking shotgun and shot at the judge's head, blowing blood and brain parts everywhere.

Everyone then screamed and tried to escape, but Mickey spinned and shot some of the people.

Upon this, Donald grabbed a rope and choked himself to death.

Mickey then was alone at the court. There were like 20 dead bodies there, Donald and Minnie included, and the police was coming. He then looked at the screen and said "GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE" before he shot at the screen and static appeared.

What did I just watched? Was this even related to the game?

After that, Night 3 started.

The guy on the phone was Phineas.

He told there were TikTok Disney parody voices.

There was..

Tal_on Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, And Minnie Mouse.


To make Tal_on's Mickey go away, I had to open the door or he would be pissed.

And to make Tal_on Minnie Mouse go away, I had to press buy deodorant button.

Also I had to deal with Ying and Yang.

But suddenly, I heard Tal_on Mickey bloodcurling screams.

I flipped the camera.

It's was Tal_on Goofy beating him up.


Tal_on Mickey: I'M SORRY!!!!!

Tal_on Minnie Mouse (in demon voice): I will get that bitch. (whips out a metal baseball bat)

Oh shit.

I pressed the same button again, but Hassan Khadair Mickey was fucking running in Left Hall.

I closed the door.

I could hear Tal_on Minnie's Mouse roaring.

I see Yin and Yang in Main Hall.