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"And when I woke up the next day, they were all there."

...It was all a dream. (Last installment wasn't a dream, it was real lol)






Before I begin, make sure you've heard the previous stories about the terrifying Elmo's World Ü films, because otherwise this won't make any sense.

Another thing, this whole thing about those characters in my house was entirely a dream. After watching the rest of the third installment, I realized there was way too many shit going on there.


Are you surprised, to be honest? Wasn't it inevitable that this would happen at some point?

Well, fuck you, because it wasn't, and you SHOULD have been surprised. You should be very surprised to learn that, guess what, Sesame Workshop is to blame for this entire mess.

Remember how I discovered that Elmo's World Ü was created by a group of former Sesame Workshop employees who simply wanted to mess with the company? That's a load of nonsense, because I just received an email from Sesame Workshop. Like I stated before, Elmo's World Ü is just basically Elmo's World of all things but for an older audience. Perhaps maybe something wouldn't be the same...

I was browsing a FYE store at the Neshaminy Mall, when I found something. It said: "Elmo's World Ü 4: MECHA BUILDERS". I was shocked, thinking "How many more of EWÜ videos am I ever going to find?" I decided to just buy the DVD.

After buying the DVD, I went home to watch what Sesame Workshop would kill me with next.

The first thing that showed up was the Sony Wonder FBI warning. The Sony Wonder and Sesame Workshop logos were played afterward. There were previews, somehow, because the original Elmo's World series just got into the main menu after the logos played.

The first preview the Hanna-Barbera logo, and there's even an extremely funny video. Quack from Peep and the Big Wide World started screaming and singing "I LIKE FOOD! THERE ISN'T ANYTHING BETTER THAN FOOD!" and the logo was completely sped up.

Then Cookie Monster appeared, and said, "HEY LOOK! IT'S VERBAPINCHFACE!" followed by Pinchface singing Verbalase's Tetris Beatbox but faster.

The Enterprise Home Video logo appeared, but the clapboard was replaced by Big Bird saying "Welcome to Enterprise home video, please be sea-"

Grover interrupted him saying "HI BIG BIRD! Ooooooooh! What's this pretty logo do?" Big Bird said "Don't press that! It'll scare the viewers!"

As Grover pressed a button, he screamed "EEEEEEK! ELMO! BIG BIRD'S GOT A SCARY ENTERPRISE HOME VIDEO LOGO!".

It was followed by Peep getting scared of the stdabbers Purple Elmo.

Then it cut to a scene where Bert and Ernie, who laughed at the V Of Doom logo, but Grampu (from Oobi) destroyed the V of Doom, which caused him to accidentally unleash demons to the Warner Bros. logo!

Regardless, the second preview had the Orion Pictures logo, but Pingu came in and painted the logo in purple. Then, the Group W Productions logo played, but it was in purple.

Then, the Walt Disney Pictures logo played, but it was purple! King Koopa from the Mario cartoon trilogy came in and shouted, "WHY IS EVERYTHING PURPLE? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE?".

Then, it cut to a rough drawing of a Warner Bros. logo for several seconds, then it cut to the Vestron Video logo, and then the Prism Entertainment logo.

The Cartoon Network Productions logo played, making it seem like it was real. Then, everything played back again, and everything was purple.

The third one had a quickie where it had Oobi, Uma and Kako from the Oobi TV show.

Oobi said to Kako, "Hey, Kako! How many stupid Little Airplane Productions logos does it take for you to go to the bathroom? Just one, and that's what's happening NOW!"

Kako got so mad, he summoned Uma to attack them. and eventually, more logos come in.

It then cut to the 1994 View Askew Productions logo on TV, but with the Dexter-like boy replaced by Po and the clown replaced by Tinky Winky, then getting dressed up in an Ickis costume.

When the clothes changer fell, Steve Urkel (from Family Matters) walked in and the music changed to the V of Doom logo's music. Steve then yelled his overly-repetitive catchphrase, "DID I DO THAT!?"

Cookie Monster with a broom on his hand walked to the logo and shouted, "CUT!!! Steve, why you fucking son of a bitch, you ruined my show! Now I'm gonna send you to the witch and she's gonna turn you into an Ickis!"

Urkel said "Cool! I'm gonna be like my best friend! I'll have great hearing, night vision, one toe on each..."

Then, Cookie Monster came to the camera and said "Now I'm just like the MGM lion! I can roar so loud that I can scare a hundred people away from the movie theater. Wanna hear?" Before I could hear Cookie Monster roar, the last preview came in, thank god.

The first one had a weird WildBrain logo from 2007 where the puff from the "I" was beating up the letters.

The next one was a weird Nick Jr. logo which consists of the following...

The Nick was just walking in a straight motion, with the Jr. following along. and to my surprise the Gaumont logo showed up but it was entirely different. It was out of the ordinary. The whole logo is blood-red, and it was Devil's Blast.

Then the Nelvana logo appeared, but just like Gaumont. It was also modified. The blue was red and only the Nelvana name was also spelt backwards, reading "anavleN".

Afterwards the Paramount Television logo appeared, but just like Gaumont & Nelvana, it was also modified too!

The background is black, The text Paramount Television in green, and the words, 'THIS IS THE Ü, BITCH!', written in Marker.

Afterwards, the Sesame Workshop logo appeared, but like the Paramount and Nelvana and Gaumont and Games Animation Inc. logos, it was also modified. The lightning was now dainted and realistic.

The Sesame Workshop name was now spelt backwards and read "pohskroW emaseS" in green. The copyright read "© 420 MTV Networks." In the background was a soft guitar piece that felt out of place.

And then, it finally got into the DVD menu.

It had Elmo doing the floss, along with Cookie Monster was beating up the letters of the Sesame Street sign, as well as many other characters doing weird shit, such as smoking marijuana, fighting in the style of Naruto, whacking each other in the...I don't wanna say it.

It had only 1 button which read: "play episode". And then I selected the button and went straight to the intro.

It opened with a view of Sesame Street, and then the Elmo's World Ü logo appeared. It was normal.

And then a few seconds later, Elmo popped up, and made the letters of the logo fly uncontrollably, and yelled: "Yo, whaddafuq are ya up to, kids and bitches? Elmo's back for more! Let's smash some apples!" And then the music began.

The song was probably music containing rapping in a weird, Dutch-like unknown language I couldn't even make out what they were saying.

Suddenly, a fucking green Grover puppet came crawling out of Oscar's trash can with a goddamn Glock and began pulling the trigger, before a LOUD raspy voice said "shhhhhhhhit!" and the episode started.

We begin with a zoom-out to see the entire Sesame Street.

As we zoom to where Elmo lives in, he said: "It's a lovely day to be a fuckin' robot! No one can ever hurt the turd I don't know where it's going to be!"

Cookie Monster appeared, and said: "What the actual fuck are you saying?"  Elmo now shot a shotgun and said "I'm gonna blast some mongoloids asshole!" 

And then, Rosita appeared, and said: "Can you at least smile when you talk?!"

Bert then came leaping onto the stage yelling "BEEP! BEEP! BEEEEEEEP!" and running around with a car-like Ernie. Rosita looked straight at him and told him to quote "Knock that the fuck off", but Bert just kept doing it. He wouldn't stop. He just kept fucking doing it for what felt like half of a human lifetime.

Rosita then yelled "MISS THIS, ASSHOLE!", whipped out an AK-47, and gunned Bert down before singing another weird song about alternate timelines and Einstein's Theory of Relativity in Spanish.

This was interrupted by Elmo appearing and gunning everybody down.

Elmo then started chanting in some horrible backwards Latin as a massive fucking letter "Ü" came crashing down from the sky.

This resulted into a massive graphic explosion, sending Elmo and shit everywhere.

When the smoke cleared, a creepy red Grover with slanted eyes, sharp teeth, long arms and tall legs appeared, and started to dance to some awful off-beat rap song. The lyrics were so distorted that I couldn't even make out a single word what it was saying.

Just then, Elmo comes in and said, "Will you vomit on Oscar's trash can? It will make me laugh hard!" but the red Grover said, "Who give a rat's fucking ass about that? I punched Ernie in the balls."

We then see another scene which had Oscar the Grouch. He fuckin' said with an extremely deep voice: "I have been waiting for this for a long, long time". Big Bird then came in, and screamed "What the flying fucks, not this shit again". 

He then started to fight with a bunch of airplanes. Elmo then yelled "Everyone, calm the fuck down. We have an important movie to make here, an important movie with integrity!" 

But Oscar kept on fighting.  Finally he said, "How about a tie?  We both lose!"  As an afterthought, he also yelled "Cookie Monster! Come in! We've got a new fuckin' idea, so come in!"

Cookie Monster sighed.

He then belched at the volume of 100 fucking car-horns.

Grover suddenly screams in shock after seeing the fucking green copy from earlier heading into the stage.

The green Grover then proceeded to yell "I'm going to make everybody in Sesame Street hear the fucking chime!" while swinging and throwing wind-chimes out of the fuckin' blue.

But right before he does anything to do so, The Count jumped on his head and told him: "NO! AH! AH! AH!"

"Big chungus, forgive me for-" The Count said. He then fell down from the floor before he would even finish his sentence.

Suddenly, the Amazing fuckin' Mumford appeared out of fucking nowhere. ”Yo, what up jimshits?!” Mumford screamed. He then ran to the whole street.


Just then, Elmo appeared again. He said the following: "Everybody would like to know. Mumford, you are a piece of shit. If you don’t want to talk about it, then he won’t let you talk about it. The Ü is my fucking king. and all i have to do is just kill myself to make him happy as shit, and he spares me from any shitty holy water flash flooding in the 'basement of fucking flames'. Besides that, you're acting like we own this whole place, sir!"  Mumford cursed and kept up his bullshit cuz it actually got him to the building. 

“And that’s the way it fucking is.” Big Bird said.

“Selfish. We all think that we’re in charge, that we’re the rulers, but the truth is that there’s only one ruler. And it’s me.” Grover said.

We then see...

Oh, for fuck's sake-

Cookae Mursar. What was with the fucking fixation on him in these videos?

Anyways, he was making food. It looked like he was on some cooking show with cameras and everything following him everywhere.

Knowing Cookae, it was probably fuckin' Kitchen Nightmares.

All things considered, this scene wasn't THAT weird. Cookae was giving instructions to the viewer and preparing what looked like some kind of burgers.

Although, his voice was different this time. He sounded like Dr. Robotnik from the old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon for some reason and he kept rolling his R's like he was fuckin' Hispanic.

"And now....." Cookae Mursar began, "I will now launch RRRRRRRRRRRED MEAT FROM MY ASS!"

Suddenly, red meat BURST out of his ass along with some fuckin' rotten bananas coated in a weird liquid that started covering everything.

Cookae then whipped out a PC and started hacking the WHO on live television to mis-report coronavirus information.

"Oh, SHIT. Oh, YEAH." said Cookae. That was like ALL he ever fuckin' said.

Cookae then proceeded to look into the screen and began to sing to the tune of the fucking Harry Potter theme in the voice of Patrick Star.

"The gas that you pass is lethal

Cover that ass, my friend

The gas that you pass kills people

Your poppers leave people dead."

There was a disturbingly loud fart noise and the screen then went black.



After this we see Bert and Ernie enjoying a nice dinner together.

Did you say "Oh, no" just now? Are you just WAITING in anticipation for this scene to be interrupted by something HORRIFYING?

Well, it wasn't. Bert and Ernie just had dinner and talked about life and stuff. I mean, I literally watched them eat their entire meal, which took like half an hour, but other than that, this was pretty nice as far as Elmo's World Ü was concerned.

Bert and Ernie were still pretty fuckin' weird in these videos, but at least they had a stable relationship, unlike whatever the FUCK the abusive friend dynamic Elmo and Grover were going through was.

Ernie even asked Bert's permission for something when they saw a birthday cake being carried to some kid's table while that kid's family was singing creepily. Bert agreed to whatever the fuck it was Ernie wanted to do, and then he abruptly BURST out of the fuckin' cake at supersonic fuckin' speed and yelled "YÓ, ANYONE ORDER A STRIPPER?" while throwing his Muppet clothes off and then proceeded to whip out a motherfuckin' boombox and played the LOUDEST fucking sound mankind has ever heard. It made the crying noises from "Sonic Funeral" by fucking Antoons sound like a fucking lullaby. Everyone screamed and one of the waiters picked Ernie up and threw him.


Really? After that, we cut to another scene.

We see the fruits and vegetables who as usual opened the "Healthy Habits for Life" short segments.

However, instead of saying “Stay happy and healthy on Sesame Street”, they instead began singing...


.......they instead began singing Trap Queen by Fetty FUCKIN' Wap as Cookae Mursar came BURSTING into the background throwing up gang signs.

Mayo and Rejo chased the fruits and vegetables as Cookae began to blast "I JUST HAD SEX" by Akon and the Lonely Island out of his speakers.  

People began running and screaming as Cookae Mursar's violent thrusting toppled the shelf and caused boxes of arts and crafts to explode everywhere.

We then cut to some random building that was complete. Perhaps it was the same building Elmo was constructing in the previous installment.

Elmo walked up stage, and cleared his throat.

He said the following: "Listen up, Ü fucking fuckers. Today we are going to unleash the demons to the audience, so that it's gonna be full of chaos. So let's do this!" The others cheered by saying "Ü!" But suddenly, Cookae Mursar came back. “Well, well, well…” he said. “You’re not gonna get away with my evil plot.”

“When you and your friends were asleep, we poured this potion into their mouths, but we forgot to pour it into you.” Cookae Mursar said.

"NO WAY, BITCH!" Elmo screamed as he held up a blood-red potion. “This is the potion I created. Now, you will become part of the blood thirsty demons!”

“WHAT?!” Cookae exclaimed. Big Bird then said, “We are going to finish your life, slowly and clean.”

Cookae Mursar then ran towards the house to hide. Behind him, The other characters chased him. Once Cookae got into Sesame Street, he realized there was a character who looks like Elmo, who looks possessed, and was a giant, monstrous robot with realistic skin, his eyes were bloodshot and he had small patches of blood around him.

“Oh No! Not that!” Cookae yelled. Cookae Mursar then ran to the back doors, but once he was about to take the last step outside, the weird Elmo robot ran and grabbed Cookae by the ankle.

Cookae Mursar screamed as the robot fucking pulled him fucking towards him.

Behind the robot, the other EWÜ characters walked up. Cookae fucking looked at the group, his fucking vision blurred from tears.

“Uh… Oh… This is not the end!” he fucking moaned weakly. Cookie Monster then said, “are you ready to become a demon, Cookie Monster rip-off??”

“No…” Cookae wheezed, sobbing for a bit. Cookae Mursar sobbed, wishing for mercy. His days were coming to an end. His life was currently being ran by two psychopaths and there is nothing he can do about it.

Elmo then poured the potion into Big Bird's throat. The characters grinned sinisterly with their teeths. Through Big Bird's teeth, he said, “it’s time to turn your life to your fucking worst nightmare!”

The potion started absorbing into his skin... but suddenly, the characters started fucking unleashing demons to Cookae Mursar. "HEEEEEEEEEELP!" Cookae screamed with rage.

As rotten fuckin' bananas started blasting out of Cookae Mursar's mouth, an EXTREMELY loud fart noise was heard, and the scene abruptly changed.

We see Don Music. Then we meet Don Music, who I suppose is a less well-known persona these days.

He was banging his hands on a piano RIDICULOUSLY fucking hard. Keys and shit started falling off the piano, including a fucking NOKIA phone.

"TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR!" he fucking Screeched in the key of D Enigmatic or some SHIT.

Suddenly, Big Bird popped in with a MP3 player in his hand.

He then started playing a shitty rap beat off the MP3 player and rapping

"Yo music man,

Get a grip on your life,

While you're playing in here


"WHAT THE HELL?" Don Music SCREAMED as he SMACKED Big Bird off the piano alongside 8,794 pages of music.

Big Bird then tripped backwards, fell on the piano, and began to disappear into the sheet music. As the notes in the song began to morph into angry screaming Big Bird heads, chords and SHIT began hitting Big Bird in the face. As a huge, splitting fart noise sounded out and the fuckin' piano burst, blasting Don Music into the air to the sound of a live audience crying and laughing like it was a fucking Friends episode, the title of the composition changed to "If All the Raindrops in Z Locrian" by Donald Trump.

Ross from Friends then appeared, his eyes replaced by fucking gold coins, and began ranting and raving about how the Bank of America is his favorite Mediterranean restaurant.

Then a singing Nintendo Wii with eyes and a FUCKING mouth appeared and shot POOP out of the disk tray, triggering Ross's morbid shit allergy and causing Big Bird to leap into the air and explode repeatedly into smaller and smaller little FUCKING explosions.


The next scene was horrifying.

We see a MASSIVE southern family in a rusty Ford Transit.

They were the fattest human beings I have ever seen. They were like the fucking Gorgs from that old show "Fraggle Rock".

The father yelled "WHO WANTS TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD?" and the kids all cheered.

They began to drive to "Disney World", but they pulled up to a fucking dilapidated old house and the van broke down.

The windows caved in and the fat fucks started screaming.

Bert and Ernie appeared and started pouring fucking gas everywhere, setting EVERYTHING on fire.

This abruptly changed to a shot of a dark fucking alleyway accompanied by disturbing horror movie music as we see Cookae Mursar selling drugs to the green Grover puppet.

What's with the green Grover being here? I figured there was probably some hidden meaning here, but it was still really fuckin' weird.

Anyway, the green Grover started inhaling cocaine like a fucking vacuum, and a fucking spotlight came out of nowhere as he began to recite the entire fuckin' Communist Manifesto.

That's right, I sat there for what I'm pretty sure was like an hour as I watched the damn green-colored Grover read the Communist Manifesto.

When this scene FINALLY ended, we see Grover running in a beach at FULL SPEED while Giorno's theme played in the background.

Suddenly, Grover tripped on a MASSIVE rock and exploded like a nuclear bomb, and "A Place For You" from Sesame Street in Communities began playing in a minor key.

Okay, what the hell is with that? Is this basically what happens when you mix Adult Swim with Sesame Street? Maybe not.

To make matters worse, a fucking rock guitar descended from the sky on a metal wire and Elmo grabbed it and started fucking playing along with the music, making the most RIDICULOUS facial expressions with his stupid fucking puppet face.

Bert and Ernie did the same thing, but with drums.

"YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!!!" Elmo SCREAMED in a heavy metal voice.

The video then exploded as the text appeared in Comic Sans font as read by… what appears to be the voice of King Koopa, “IF YOU CALL THE POLICE… IF YOU CALL THE ASYLUM… OVER THIS EPISODE… YOU WILL BE NEXT… WATCH THE REST… YOU WILL FIND MORE CLUES… AND BY THAT MOMENT… ANSWERS WILL BE REVEALED.”

After this, the fucking video continued as normal as if that scene had never happened.

Bert then appeared again on the screen swinging a fuckin' plastic flamingo into a Target and bowling over a bunch of shoppers.

This was all happening way too fuckin' fast. I don't know if this was some fuckin' FBI torture device designed to induce a fucking heart attack, but there was some SERIOUS sensory overload going on here.

Elmo and Grover then fell down to some weird game show thing.

The lights turned on, with the background revealed as a Jeopardy-like game show background, with a large crowd of kids sitting in chairs. An announcer sounding like Matt Vogel impersonating Jerry Nelson having a stroke can be heard saying: "And now, it is time for Sesame Street's new fun game show, Mathematic Mania! Please welcome your host, The Count!"

The kids can be heard saying "woohoo" and making weird screaming noises and they were all clapping their hands very fastly, while Elmo said "What the fuck is this shit?"

The Count walked in.

"Ah ah ah! I'm so glad you're here!" he said. "Come join us in our game of mathematics! Ah ah ah!" Everybody else but Elmo and Grover cheered. They just shrugged without saying anything

The Count began to ask the kids simple math questions, but when he got to Elmo and Grover, he said "For your question....." and then INSANELY began to quickly write the most difficult 3-digit problem on the board as the music became dramatic and the entire background started going insane.

"Solve THIS!" The Count SCREAMED.

Elmo immediately began using his immense intellect to solve the problem, but EXTREMELY intense fuckin' hard rock music began to play, which made it really hard to fuckin' focus. To make matters worse, the Count picked up a fucking clock.

"SOLVE MY SHIT OR DIE!" the Count screamed as the kids started dancing fastly.

Elmo and Grover then whipped out AK-47s and fired it against the Count and the audience.

"Mathematic Mania is now cancelled! Thank you for watch-" The announcer said before Elmo shot him too.

"That'll take care of those damn bastards!" Elmo said.

It cut back to Sesame Street. We can see all of the characters (except Grover) standing on the ground of the street. Elmo said, "Let's go!" and they all began to dance strangely. Then, the Screen Gems S from Hell popped up behind them. Big Bird got scared and ran away. Then, Cookie Monster says, "Let's go before the reel S gets us!" They all ran out, but Grover somehow enters the street and destroys the S. Grover then looks at the camera and says "Watch this!" and that's when he fucking puts his two hands together to form a C. The Comedy Central logo forms out of this. Big Bird enters the scene and says, "That's one strange thing, huh, Grover?" then does Jim from the Office's trademark look-at-the-camera pose. Soon enough, Ernie said: "WHAT'S WITH ALL THIS MADNESS?"

Guy Smiley suddenly appeared out of nowhere and he said: "LET'S EAT THE SHATTERED CHUNKS THAT REMAINED OF COOKAE BUT FRIED AND CRISPIER!" And then everyone started eating Cookae Mursar's remains like that one SpongeBob episode, titled "Ugh". Elmo then said: "All done!"

Soon after when the episode continued, Big Bird says: "Ladies and gentlemen, the worst disgrace of the whole Üniverse, Kermit the Frog!"

Kermit then appeared and said: "Well, how do you all do?" All of the characters screamed and ran away.

Kermit then said: "Well, at least I still have my personality!" Elmo then appeared.

"Elmo, I'm tired of this Ü shit. I don't even understand what it means. Nobody understands what it fucking means, Elmo." said Kermit.

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Ü" Elmo said as the world FUCKING exploded.

Yes, that's right, the entire fucking world exploded. Crust and all.

Suddenly, everything was back to normal again, as if it had never happened.

"Elmo, what the fuck just happened?" asked Big Bird as the others. Sometimes Big Bird acted like the only normal person in a fuckin' sea of mentally deranged fuckin' crack addicts.

Seriously, the fuck WAS the Ü? Was it a euphemism for Elmo's dick or something? Suddenly, a voice which sounded like the Jerry Nelson announcer from Elmo's World said "HEY EVERYBODY IT'S TIME FOR THE Ü"

It was loud enough to cause a earthquake all over the world. Elmo facepalmed and yelled "PLZ KERMIT ITS NOT THE Ü" The voice then said "YES IT IS" I knew this won't end well.

It then started raining Monster Clubhouse monsters. Yes, it is actually Narf, Googel, Phoebe, and Mel. Elmo said "FUCK YOU MONSTER CLUBHOUSE, GO TO FUCKING HELL" before vomiting in their mouths. She felt the vomit in her mouth, and threw up rainbows and Tide Pods. The characters then had going crazy while putting popcorn on musical instruments and blow it around each other for a few minutes. Big Bird came in and tazes the Monster Clubhouse monsters to death. The MC ghosts then said "Wait this is my nightmare?" After that, Elmo then said: "Our clan must continue!" and then it shows a text in GrilledCheeseBTN saying "To be concluded..." Soon after, the normal Elmo's World 2006 credits plays like in the first episode, but Despacito was playing instead of the credits music. It also went to the same logos before the DVD menu, and it went back to it.

I then putted it into the drawer like I always do.

My friend, you need to get the FUCK away from Elmo's World Ü. Seriously, it's for your own good. And now you know. So just get the fuck away from it.

But, y'know,

You do know how to get to Sesame Street.