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Created/Written by Boltgon, Devonte, TailsDoller2 and Hewkii

What the fuck?

Why the fuck did Joel G make this shit?

I was binging some videos on YouTube when I found an upload of him, called "ENA Ü".

The thumbnail featured... nothing, actually, it was completely black. And it was one hour long.

I pressed play and some text appeared:

"I'm glad to present my most ambitious project ever. Thank you for all the support".

I assumed it was a message from Joel G himself.

The video began with-

What the fuck?

The video began with ENA sitting in a toliet in some dark, disgusting bathroom.

”uh, hello? Moony? Merci? Anyone? Where are you guys?” ENA said.

Suddenly, a weirdass off-voice screamed "BRING UP DAT ASS!"

ENA jumped out of the toilet, and somehow it fucking exploded, drenching ENA in shit.

Turned out all of this was a nightmare, and ENA woke up in her bed, scared.

She then realized Moony, who was ENA’s friend, was staring at her with a camera. “Really, Moony? Trying to film my sleep?” ENA said.

Then an “ENA Ü” logo appeared, but the Ü disappeared and the E fell off and was replaced by the Ü as the logo now said “ÜNA”.

Really? I mean, they spoke in spanish a few times, but, really?

Anyways, it cut back to the ENA and Moony scene.


So, umm…..

ENA fucking farted.

Then Phindoll BURST from the wall and said “yo, want some weed?”

ENA the looks at the screen and says “help my ass.”

Sunddenly, We See Tal_on Mickey Fucking Mouse BURST To The Fucking Door, but he looked like a walrus and he had warts and shit all over his face. He threw a soccer ball at Moony, causing her to explode into like a million white and grey pieces.