Bolded stories are ones considered by DaveTheUseless to be among his best writings (15 stories currently bolded).

In order of release to the DaveTheUseless YouTube channel:

1) The Flintstones' Series Finale

  • This was not written as a CreepyPasta, as DaveTheUseless did not know about CreepyPasta at the time. It was also not the first one written by DaveTheUseless. Yogi Bear Adventures! was written a day earlier.
  • The video is a re-uploading of a narration on the long deleted/defunct DaveMustSaveSandy youtube channel.
  • The first CreepyPasta to feature '576'.
    • This number was chosen as an alternative to '666', which Dave considered to be too cliché.

2) Yogi Bear Adventures!

  • Was also not written as a CreepyPasta, for the same reason as The Flintstones' Series Finale.
  • The video is a re-uploading of a narration on the long deleted/defunct DaveMustSaveSandy youtube channel.

3) Frasier: The Harvard Vaults

  • The first CreepyPasta to feature the politically incorrect use of 'faggot' for 'cigarette', as a play on the British word 'fag'.
  • The first CreepyPasta in which 'Blockbuster' was replaced with 'Blockbust'.
  • Later re-narrated and re-released under the facetious title of ''if you come inside and watch this video i'm telling you we're goign to have a talk'. The re-narration was uploaded between Meet the Beatles. and Jeff the Killer vs. Mega Man.

4) Beavis & Butthead Origins

  • A surprise take on how the Beavis & Butthead show began. This story presents the duo as brilliant research scientists who were manipulated by MTV into inventing a serum that lowered people's intelligence. MTV then used this serum on the two, so that they could use them as characters. (Of course, this set-up ignores that Beavis & Butthead is a cartoon.)

5) New Mommy

  • An unusual take on the thought of a killer (whether a person or otherwise) being a sort of mother as it/he/she sends one to the afterlife, which hypothetically lasts much longer than a person's life on Earth.

6) Yogi Bear's Great Reawakening

  • Written as a sequel to Yogi Bear Adventures!.

7) When A Man's Gotta Go

  • A sillypasta about a spoiled and inconsiderate child who does not recognize the diligent work that was put into his inheritance.

8) DaveTheUseless's Creepy Journal: Day 1

  • The first CreepyPasta written by Dave to be created stream of conscious, rather than written out beforehand.
  • A sequel was once being worked on (also via stream of conscious), but recording was interrupted. The sequel was based on the Alice in Chains hit single "Down in a Hole".

9) FreePainReport.Com

  • Based on the band from the '' commercials, except that the FreePainReport.Com band murders those who dial for their services.

10) Head for the Hills

  • A tribute to Schizima (who either retired or was in the process of potentially retiring from CreepyPasta writing at the time), and to the author of the King of the Hill story that Dave read as his first CreepyPasta narration.
  • The story contains the entire King of the Hill lost episode CreepyPasta story encapsulated inside of it.
  • Re-imagines Schizima's Renaldo character (from his The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lost episode) as the sexually promiscuous 'Dr. Renaldo'.
  • Contains a reference to pirates occurring on statically television. This cliché appears in other DaveTheUseless CreepyPasta stories. It is a reference to the famous CreepyPasta story Candle Cove.

11) Santa Claus Was Real

  • The first appearance of Slenderman in a DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta, although Slenderman is not referenced by name.

12) The Lost Episode of Wheel of Fortune

  • First reference of the protagonist's native language being Egyptian heiroglyphics.
  • Use of Illuminati imagery, inspired by Schizima CreepyPasta stories.
  • Famously (or perhaps infamously) mocked by youtuber MichaelLeroi.
  • The first DaveTheUseless CreepyPasta based on a game show.

13) The Lost Episode of Deal or No Deal

  • References Bob Saget, as a sort of continuation of his character from Schizima's Full House lost episode story.
  • Uses skeleton imagery (the models from the usual show were replaced with skeletons), as a nod to Schizima lost episode cliché.

14) Honey Boo Boo is a Lie

  • Written by DaveTheUseless to illustrate a point: although significant more time and effort was placed into his narration of the popular CreepyPasta Psychosis, he believed this video would get more views.
    • It did (approximately 6.8K to Psychosis's approximately 1.2K, as of today September 22nd, 2020.)

15) The Lost Episode of George of the Jungle

  • The first DaveTheUseless CreepyPasta to utilize marijuana as a significant plot device.

16) The Swedish Sleep Experiment.

  • So incredibly forgettable that this list went through Top Cat (#117) before Dave realized he messed up and never added this.
  • A parody/satire/whatever-this-was-supposed-to-be of the famous CreepyPasta story The Russian Sleep Experiment.

17) The Irate Gamer Show

  • A conspiracy in which Ronnie the Skeleton from the Irate Gamer Show was inspired by Chris Bores digging up a relative from a cemetery.
  • Chris Bores' mother, LadyBuggin777, became a fan of the DaveTheUseless youtube channel sometime after this video was made.

18) 21st Century Breakdown.

  • Presents '21st Century Breakdown' as a real psychological disorder, based on lyrics from Green Day songs.
  • Parody of Green Day's sociopolitical side is a cliché of the DaveTheUseless youtube channel, such as the video promoting a fictitious Green Day album known as Corona Whyus.

19) How (Subway's) Jared Really Lost the Weight.

  • Jeff the Killer, only referred to in this video as 'Mr. K', gives Jared Fogle liposuction by cutting him open with a knife. Given the video title, this may be considered the 'real' reason Jared Fogle lost his weight.
  • This story was written before Jared Fogles' criminal activities were known to the public. When the story was written, he was famous for encouraging people to lose weight, and not... what we know him for now.
  • Reference to Cliché: Jared Fogle weighs in at 576 pounds.
  • First appearance of Jeff the Killer in a DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta.
  • The story was intended to be connected to the barbie.avi universe: Jared ends up in the house from that story. It is unknown what the chronological order of the stories is.
    • Obviously, Dave does not actually have authority over the barbie.avi canon.

20) The Lost Episode of Dudley Do-Right (Rocky & Bullwinkle)

  • Despite allegedly being a Dudley Do-Right lost episode, the majority of the story is based around Rocky, Bullwinkle, and a fictitious charity worker known as 'Mr. Winston'.
  • The name 'Mr. Winston' has appeared later in DaveTheUseless CreepyPasta stories. However, this is the only canonical appearance of the character.
  • DaveTheUseless considers this to be one of his most bizarre CreepyPasta stories he has ever written, if not the most bizarre CreepyPasta story he has ever written.

21) Space Rock

  • Written to be a 'serious' story that subtly used Schizima CreepyPasta clichés and references (random food reference, Magic School Bus, the Jetsons name 'Judy') but unexpectedly evoked sadness, surprising the viewer.
  • The title is taken from a Weezer song of the same name.
  • The item in the package was indeed a 'space rock', if Dave recalls correctly. The title was hinting at what 'the truth' (as referenced toward the end of the story) is.
    • As for why that rock was so important, who knows?
      • Dave is a big fan of the Ace Attorney video game series. There is a case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies in which a space rock is of significant importance to a murder. Whether this story is inspired by this case is unknown.
      • Dave once had a fascination with the idea that an artifact brought back from space could multiply microscopic organisms/germs that could somehow eradicate life as we know it. If Dave recalls correctly, that was what the rock in this story was capable of if not properly concealed.
        • As for why the protagonist's mother would trust an 8-year old with a package containing this: who knows?

22) Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Lost Episode (?)

  • Features Steve Urkel. Written as a sort-of continuation of Schizima's Family Matters CreepyPasta story, although none of the circumstances of that story are directly mentioned other than Urkel being an undead, Grim Reaper like figure.
  • Reference to Cliché: 'Who Wants to Win $576'.
  • Reference to Cliché: Comic Sans text (a Schizima CreepyPasta cliché) appears on the baseball bats that the skeletons use to murder the protagonist.
  • Reference to Previous Story: The question that the protagonist must answer is a reference to Schizima's Home Improvement CreepyPasta story.

23) The Dunkin Donuts Massacre. (Part One)

  • 'Ducklite' is a reference to a fictitious beer introduced in Schizima CreepyPasta.
  • Ace Attorney is the favorite video game series of DaveTheUseless. He views this story as a failed attempt to introduce the character into the DaveTheUseless CreepyPasta canon.
  • 'Part Two' would not be written until years later, and only as a reboot that featured minor similarities rather than serving as a direct continuation of the story arc.

24) The Lost Episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.

  • The Georgia mountain setting is a reference to where a girl Dave knew lived.
  • The first DaveTheUseless lost episode CreepyPasta story in which the protagonist murders the main character of the show the story is based off of. (However, Bam-Bam murders Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones' Series Finale.)
  • Is a loose sequel to Beavis & Butthead Origins, as the stupefied version of the two characters appear toward the end of the story.

25) Lost Episode of Fawlty Towers

  • The first (and to date, only) DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta to be based off of a britcom.

26) You Are Alone

  • A cynical twist on the friendship theme of Final Fantasy IX. Title and story reference the Nobuo Uematsu composition "You're Not Alone", or "Not Alone".
  • The bothersome concept that no one can ever truly 'be' with someone else is a DaveTheUseless-wrritten CreepyPasta cliché.

27) Crash Bandicoot Origins

  • Long considered by DaveTheUseless to be his best story.
  • Reference to Cliché: The Schizima CreepyPasta 'Secret Decoder Ring' cliché appears, as a drawing on a wall of the more-or-less rundown building that Naughty Dog was fictitiously headquartered in in this story.
  • Crash Bandicoot's supposedly real/human name, Lewis Digges, is an arbitrary reference to a name of someone of relevance to the Weezer fan community AllThingsWeezer.
    • However, Dave considers Crash Bandicoot to be a symbolization of himself, and Tawna of someone he frequently conversed with.

28) Everything Will Be Alright in the End (EWBAITE)

  • The title is taken from the 2014 Weezer album of the same name.
    • The story is a twisted take on the album's lead single "Back to the Shack", but instead of being about a band's return to writing and recording in a rock music style it is about a murderer who commits his crimes in a shack.

29) Samus's Suicide (The Lost Episode of Metroid CreepyPasta)

  • The protagonist's name is a reference to Hans & Franz from Saturday Night Live.
  • There never was a Metroid television show. However, the story presents the protagonist as playing the Metroid NES game, but being too out of his mind to recognize it is a video game rather than a television program. Either that, or the story takes place in a surreal universe in which an NES game is a television show.
  • The part about Ridley's heart growing is a reference to Dr. Seuss's The Grinch, in which he comes around to the joy of Christmas and learns to celebrate the holiday with the people of the fictitious town of Whoville.
  • ALF's appearance to the end suggests that this story is a sort-of continuation of Schizima's ALF lost episode CreepyPasta.

30) Omegle

  • Yes, the villain is George Jetson.
  • No, Dave did not expect this story to get as many views as it did (approximately 25k as of today, March 27th, 2020).

31) The Big Bang Theory

  • This is the first DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta story in which the main character is turned into an animal.
  • The theme of everyone turning into horses is a reference to Schizima's Full House CreepyPasta story.
    • This story is supposed to be the fulfillment of the promise the narrator character makes in the Full House CreepyPasta story about everyone turning into horses, and includes the prophesied date from that story.

32) Guitar Hero

  • Dave does not remember if the main character being a skeleton is a tribute to Schizima CreepyPasta, but he would not be surprised if it was.
    • Especially given the arbitrary food reference in the rewritten lyric to Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike".

33) Ebola

  • Meant to dispel people's fears about the Ebola virus potentially becoming widespread in the United States.
  • Like other DaveTheUseless 'intellectual premise' CreepyPasta stories, it does focus on a disturbing truth about human mortality.

34) Papa John's Fritos Chili Cheese Pizza

  • Another DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta story that references Slenderman, but this time it actually uses the word 'Slender' as part of a name.
  • Dave does not remember if Jane implies Jane the Killer, or is just part of the story's referencing of Schizima's The Jetsons CreepyPasta.
  • Papa John's Fritos Chili Cheese Pizza was an actual limited time item.
  • The story, and its inclusion of Slenderman, may be a reference to the CreepyPasta story The Papa John's Killer.

35) The Lost Episode of Monday Night Football

  • In Schizmatic style, features an alleged Illuminati conspiracy.
  • The protagonist supposedly becomes Boo-Boo Bear, which is implied to be the origin of that character. However, it is unknown if this story is linked to the two Yogi Bear themed stories that DaveTheUseless wrote.
  • The first DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta to be based on a sporting event. There is another CreepyPasta story that Dave started about a World Series, but it has never been finished or released.

36) The Lost Episode of Popeye the Sailor Man

  • Spoofs the 'then I woke up' CreepyPasta cliché.
  • The protagonist's name is a spoof on the CreepyPasta cliché 'highly realistic gore'.
  • In Schizmatic style, implies a significant conspiracy about a major day of catastrophe in United States history.

37) The Oprah Winfrey Lost Episode

  • Considered by Dave to be one of the more bizarre stories he's ever written, along with The Lost Episode of Dudley Do-Right (Rocky & Bullwinkle).
  • The first (and so far only) DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta to be about a talk show.

38) The Pinky and the Brain Lost Episode

  • Contains various tributes to Schizima CreepyPasta, in terms of dialogue, a character appearance, and a reference to... Schizima.

39) American Idiot

  • Although similar in tone and theme to the 21st Century Breakdown CreepyPasta, it is unknown if it is the same character or in any way related to that story other than in terms of subject matter.

40) Holder of Taco Bell

  • Later stolen (no credit provided) by another youtube CreepyPasta narrator.
  • A parody of the popular Holder series of CreepyPasta stories.
  • Taco Bell, of course, is frequently referenced in Schizima CreepyPasta.

41) The Legend of Zelda Lost Episode

  • Written as a satire, if not tribute, of the The Legend of Zelda CD-I video games.
  • Although Samus appears in this series under the name 'Metroid' like she did in Samus's Suicide (The Lost Episode of Metroid CreepyPasta), no link (no pun intended) is implied between the two stories.

42) Dr. Mario

  • Features an actual guitar track written/played by Dave.

43) What Color is This Dress?

  • Written about the popular meme/phenomenon of the time about different people seeing a dress as being one of two colors. Of course, there's a surprise ending...

44) Castlevania Theory

  • A DaveTheUseless sillypasta that implies that Dracula allows the Belmont clan to whip him because he is fond of BDSM relations.

45) Adventure Time

  • An end-times themed CreepyPasta about a show that actually takes place after the end-times.

46) MichiganJFrog.exe

  • Dave went on a loooong break, after this video.
  • Years later, received a sequel in MichiganJFrog.exe 2.
  • The final story is an expansion/remake of a sillypasta of Dave's that had been released awhile earlier.

47) The Lost Episode of Lamb Chop

  • One of two DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta stories that reference Dave himself. In this story, he appears as a villain (in the other appearance, he is a 'good guy').

48) The Lost O'Reilly Factor Episode

  • Introduces 'the Killer Beans from Neptune's Moons', who would reappear years later in the Alex Mack lost episode.
  • Troy McLure is a reference to a charismatic character from The Simpsons voiced by the late Phil Hartman.

49) Johnny the Emo Skeleton

  • The titular character is a reference to Ronnie the Skeleton from The Irate Gamer Show. Johnny is a character Dave created as a spoof.
  • The orange-and-white polo shirt is a reference to a shirt worn by youtube retro video game reviewer and Irate Gamer satirist IGSRJ.

50) Where's Waldo

  • Waldo is found, but with a shocking twist.

51) Fast Food is Evil.

  • Fast food is a popular cliché in Schizima CreepyPasta stories.
  • This is one of Dave's least favorite stories, of the ones he has written.

52) Super Mario Falls into a Pit

  • A sillypasta. One of several goofy short stories written by DaveTheUseless that did not receive a narration until long after it was written.

53) Burger King (Have It Your Way)

  • Blurs the line between sillypasta and CreepyPasta, which ended up becoming a more common style in DaveTheUseless writings.

54) Hungry Hungry Hippos?

  • The actual balls in the board game turn out to be testicles in a lost edition of it.
    • 'Surprise': George Jetson is involved.

55) Discount Doublecheck

  • A play on the insurance commercials starring Aaron Rodgers. Surprise: the protagonist is actually a legendary Packers QB. At least allegedly. Assuming he isn't insane and projecting the whole thing.
  • The hypnotic part includes motivational quotes Dave found.
  • Regarded by Dave as one of his worst stories of the ones he has written.

56) American President Theory

  • A theorypasta with a surprise conspiracy ending: aliens are benevolently attempting to get elected American President, but they keep failing because they don't understand the human psyche.

57) Rockstar Photograph

  • A CreepyPasta in which the protagonist is obsessed with Nickelback to the point of mania.
  • Likely inspired by Schizima's interest in joking about Nickelback enthusiasm.

58) The Lost Episode of Beetle Bailey

  • Occult magic theme.
  • Features Bernie Sanders as a surprise hero.
  • Regarded by Dave as one of his best CreepyPasta stories.

59) The Lost Episode of The Price is Right

  • The fourth game show CreepyPasta written by Dave (the previous two featuring Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?).
  • The return of Mr. K, aka Jeff the Killer, in a DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta (he previously appeared in the Jared Fogle story).
    • Jeff is a good guy this time, attempting to warn the protagonist that he needs to change his ways or he will face condemnation.

60) The Curious George Lost Episode

  • Loosely based on the Haramabe Cincinnati Zoo incident.
  • Regarded by Dave as perhaps his best written CreepyPasta story.
  • Cliché: The main character is turned into a non-human animal (a monkey, this time).

61) Tiny Toon Adventures Lost Episode (Montana Max's Suicide)

  • Features a character named Polonius (a reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet), assumed to have been killed by the protagonist.
  • The classroom debate is a reference to the 2016 Presidential debate and its controversies concerning immigration.
  • Many characters (unknown if voluntarily) lose their lives in a Hale-Bopp Comet cult ritual.

62) The Haunted Denny's Restaurant.

  • Yes, the waitress who attempts to cut off the main character's penis is based on a girl Dave knew. Though she didn't attempt to do that to him. Or anyone else. To his knowledge.
    • Likewise, the use of John and Lorena Bobbitt as characters shouldn't surprise those familiar with their infamous... interaction that once dominated the news.

63) Wally Bear and the NO! Gang

  • Does not bear (no pun intended) with the Let's Fail! at Life video about the same game.
  • The skeleton character has some similarity to Johnny the Emo Skeleton.

64) Bill O'Reilly Returns

  • A sequel to the previous Bill O'Reilly CreepyPasta written by Dave.
  • This time, the protagonist is someone who once worked for Mr. O'Reilly, and noticed a sort of... cognitive decline (which he refers to as 'Doritos Locos').

65) The Lost Episode of Inspector Gadget

  • Written in the same month of Trump's election, one of the story's themes is cultural apathy/numbness potentially resulting from such a disrespected person becoming President of the United States.
    • In fact, Gadget himself allows Trump Tower to burn. He is too apathetic to answer the phone and his boss's orders.
    • Trump's opponent in his re-election is said to be Jaleel White. He is the actor who played Steve Urkel on Family Matters. Whether this provides a continuation with Schizima's Family Matters story of Dave's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? story is unknown.
  • This story is most remembered for Inspector Gadget arbitrarily yelling, "I have to go to CVS and pick up my herpes medication!".
  • Regarded by Dave as one of his most entertaining CreepyPasta stories.

66) Crash Bandicoot Continues

  • A sequel to the Crash Bandicoot Origins CreepyPasta story.
  • Yes, that reference is to Steve Urkel and the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Lost Episode. However, it is unknown if this is supposed to provide any continuation of previous Urkel CreepyPasta stories.

67) Amazon Alexa

  • A satire of society's dependence on smartspeakers, which was a new phenomenon at the time.

68) The Lost Nirvana Cartoon Episode

  • Cliché: CreepPasta #576 in the DaveTheUseless narration catalog.
  • Intended to be the final CreepyPasta that Dave ever wrote, since it wrapped up some 'personal things'.
  • Kurt Cobain's Fermented Sloths t-shirt is a reference to a band Dave once participated in.
  • Cliché: Skeleton in a top hat. Can you ever have too many of those?
  • Like Samus's Suicide, in that the story is about a television show that never existed.

69) Lost Episode of Salute Your Shorts

  • Yes, unicorn beverages were an actual Starbucks craze at the time.

70) The Archies' "Sugar, Sugar"

  • References the 1969 #1 hit single and the Archie characters...
    • ... although Jughead and his hamburger addiction are re-imagined as Junkhead, and he has a drug addiction.
    • Although this the 69th DaveTheUseless CreepyPasta video based on a story that he wrote, the song being from 1969 is entirely coincidental.

71) The Billy Mays Lost Episode

  • That's My Billy! was not an actual sitcom.
  • Billy Mays III liked a tweet about this story. How cool is that? Dave hopes he watched it and enjoyed it.

72) Chicken Theory

  • The logic of this story isn't cogent. Has something to do with chickens being from outer space.

73) The Home Depot Legend

  • A surreal ritual story, perhaps based on the Holder series.

74) Imagine Dragons

  • A theorypasta with a shock ending, delivered by Zenu the Dragon: dragons live inside the Earth's crust, and they intend on conquering the planet.

75) Mr. Peaboy and Sherman (Lost Episode)

  • Young Earth Creationism and the Beatles are referenced.
  • Yes, unlike the Dudley Do-Right story, the characters this story is said to be about are actually pivotal to the plot.

76) Leave It... to Beaver (The Lost Ep)

  • The main character gets murdered at the end because his departed fiancé's family blames him for her death.
  • Cliché Alert: The main character studies ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics as a language.
  • Yes, Eddie was a man. The main character was unknowingly was in a relationship with a man.

77) lost episode of dunkin donuts or something (DD Massacre Pt II?)

  • A coming together of the Ace Attorney and Judge Judy universes...
    • ... plus George Jetson makes an appearance as the villain, although he seems to be a 'good guy' at first. It is a clever disguise.
  • The story is a sort-of-conclusion to the original Dunkin Donuts Massacre story, but it is not a continuation and has very little in common with it outside of referencing.

78) Underdog: The Lost Episode

  • A story about parental neglect and... maybe some sort of delusion-related mental illness.

79) The Pink Panther (A Lost Episode)

  • A story about not getting over loss, and specifically, relationships that ended in rejection.
  • The ending is likely inspired by the Mexican culture references in Schizima CreepyPasta stories.
  • Regarded by DaveTheUseless as one of his best CreepyPasta stories, if not the best.

80) The Looney Tunes Show: Dilly Dilly STDaffy

  • A lot of casual, needless death. So, so much casual, needless death.
  • There's a part that pays tribute to Schizima's Fat Albert CreepyPasta story.

81) Fast Food Waiter.

  • Mistaken for being a 'trollpasta', the story is intended to prove a point.
    • Don't cling to the past or fetishize it. Live your life!

82) Clifford the Big Red Dog

  • Intended to be the weirdest CreepyPasta Dave ever wrote. It was intended to put the reader/listener in another world that they had difficulty making sense of.
  • The story and some of the characters are loosely based on the gnostic gospels.

83) The Holder of Fucking Yourself

  • Created spur-of-the-moment.
  • There's a reason Dave didn't add this to the original list on this wiki article.

84) The Holder of Cucking

  • See the first comment of the above entry.
  • See the second comment of the above entry.

85) Fraggle Rock Lost Episode (The Fraggles in: The Grass is Always Greener)

  • A youtube commenter managed to figure out the general intention of the plot. Impressive!
  • 'Mike P' is a reference to Mike Pence. In this case, it is to his alleged ties to gay conversion camps.
  • The story was written on a Dunkin Donuts receipt and part of a bag.
    • It is not the first DaveTheUseless CreepyPasta to be written down.

86) FreePainReport.Com II

  • A sequel to the original FreePainReport story, of course.
  • Premise is similar to the original story. Same idea, different set-up. Not a particularly remarkable entrant in the DaveTheUseless writing catalog.

87) Damn Daniel

  • A twist on the 'Damn Daniel' meme: what if saying 'damn' before someone's name could actually have the power to sentence them to damnation?

88) Yanny and Laurel

  • Similar to the What Color is This Dress? story, it portrays a sensation/perception meme as a diversion from important matters--with potentially catastrophic results.

89) American Idol: The Lost Episode

  • The two songs featured as 'entries': "Cotton Eye Joe" by Rednex and "Pants on the Ground" by Larry Platt.
  • Another narrator later read this on youtube and did not give Dave proper authoring credit.
    • Yes, he is still not thrilled about this.
  • Ostriches.

90) Chester Cheetah: The Lost Episode

  • One of the 'animal transformation' stories, or in this case, a mascot transformation.
  • Dave believes 2018 was his most impressive year as a CreepyPasta writer. This is a reason why.

91) Step By Step: A Lost Episode

  • Co-written with Schizima, over the Lizards Anonymous discord server.
  • Although the Carlos Mencia lost episode was also co-written between Dave and Schizima, it's primarily Schiz-written and therefore not included on this list.
  • "Tennessee Tuxedo... had eaten all of my popcorn!"
  • Only DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta story to have a fake ending that doesn't just follow with a shock ending or sound effect or something similar, but actually has a full second part to the story.

92) ITsperation

  • Written because the new IT film was trending.
  • Dave has never seen an IT film.
  • Despite intending the video to be a 'hit', it never even got to 200 views (as of today, March 28th, 2020).
  • This is the 800th CreepyPasta video recognized in Dave's list of CreepyPasta stories he has narrated.

93) Super Smash Bros. Disheveled

  • Written to reference many CreepyPasta story clichés.
  • It took Dave a long while to come up with an ending to this story (if he recalls correctly, he did it impromptu while narrating the rest of the story).
  • Dave is not fond of this story.

94) MichiganJFrog.exe... 2

  • Michigan J. Frog returns, this time to haunt Ludwig Von Koopa of Super Mario World.
  • In the original MichiganJFrog.exe, Michigan became a frog version of Slenderman. In this video, he has an appearance based off of Jeff the Killer.

95) Meet the Beatles.

  • A ransomer, either seriously or jokingly, claims that his hostages are The Beatles.

96) Jeff the Killer vs. Mega Man

  • Dave finally gets around to narrating an old sillypasta of his that he never intended on narrating (as far as he remembers).
  • It's thoroughly ridiculous. If anyone takes it seriously, joke's on them.

97) Snagglepuss in: I Have No Ass, and I Must Shit.

  • The subtitle is an allusion to an old, brief sillypasta of Dave's of the same name.
    • Which is a reference to the horror story I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.
      • Which is a very, very messed up story. Though Dave never read it. Seriously, the plot alone will give you nightmares. You may want to avoid it.

98) King Koopa's Kool Kartoons

  • From a traditional writing perspective, arguably the best DaveTheUseless-written Creepypasta.
  • Based on an actual, short-lived public broadcast show of the same name.
  • Surprise ending: a reference to Princess Peach.

99) Drew Fanart

  • An expansion/remake of an old DaveTheUseless sillypasta.
  • Brings back the campy British aristocrat voice that had been used years earlier in the Meg's Suicide video.

100) The Piggsburg Pigs! Lost Episode

  • Dave believes it'd been one of his most popular stories if it had been based on a popular franchise.

101) Super Chicken: The Lost Episode

  • Dave remembers very, very little about this story. Basically nothing. But he remembers he liked it.

102) I.M. Meen: The Lost Video Game

  • Writing an I.M. Meen CreepyPasta story had been on Dave's list of to-dos for a long time. In fact, he finally got around to removing it from 'the list' months later, after seeing it on there.
  • Cliché: A yard sale CreepyPasta... but it is the protagonist family's own.
  • A theme: Being trapped within a video game universe.

103) Chocolate Chip Trip

  • Written to get views because of the then-upcoming Tool comeback album Fear Inoculum, which featured a song of the same name.
    • Dave doesn't actually listen to Tool much at all.
  • A true chocolate chip trip: a hallucinogenic chocolate chip cookie is responsible for the protagonist's mishaps.

104) Impossible Whopper Theory

  • What if the impossible whopper was indeed impossible?

105) Dr. Rabbit's Intergalactic Bright Smiles World Tour

  • A take on the classic YouTube Poop (YTP) videos in which Dr. Rabbit tours the world and makes highly inappropriate/politically incorrect gestures.
  • Alludes to Dave's Curious George CreepyPasta story, using the Harambe/Cincinnati Zoo theme.
  • Was potentially the final DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPasta story, as he coincidentally considered retiring from CreepyPasta narrating before he ended up writing another story (as for the reason? ... Ehhh, maybe some other time).

106) I'm Sexually Attracted to Gatorade

  • Story title a humorous suggestion from Schizima that was not an actual suggestion (as far as we know).
  • Written quickly. That was the idea. Have fun, write fast, and don't overthink it.

107) Stick Stickley Was in Someone's Ass

  • Story title another off-the-cuff Schizima recommendation.
  • Yes, it should have been spelled 'Stickly'. But Dave may have even known at the time. He doesn't remember if he did.
  • Per Dave in the Lizards Anonymous Discord: "Stick Stickley left his son behind because he couldn't afford baby supplies, but came back years later to murder him by crawling up his somehow human child's ass in a grocery store freezer and knifing out his bowels."
    • Yes, that's very messed up.

108) The Ten Commendments

  • Written in the Lizards Anonymous Discord as a more-or-less stream of consciousness series of messages.
  • Strange aliens attempt to take over the world by attempting to play god.
  • Yes, this title's typo was definitely on purpose.
  • Sillypasta in nature, but... there is something quite unsettling about it.

109) Alex Mack (Nickelodeon Lost Episode)

  • Created off the cuff during the 'Real Life Super Mario' livestream session.
    • Slightly edited later, for the sake of making the story more compelling and presentable.

110) OK Boomer

  • Dave had an idea while out walking for a CreepyPasta story called 'OK Boomer' in which someone is murdered for putting down his elders, and is then reborn.

111) Krazy Kat: A Cartoon Called Life

  • Written to 'scratch an itch': Krazy Kat is excellent CreepyPasta material.
  • The plot twist involving the murder-by-brick and its influence on the main character was not planned in advance.

112) Wilford Brimley Eats All the Snacks

  • A random/impulse writing after coming home from a long walk to Dunkin. Perhaps comparable to the Gatorade and Stick Stickley stories, in the sense that they weren't elaborately planned.
  • Wilford Brimley is one of many classic 'YouTube Poop' topics that have gotten their own DaveTheUseless CreepyPasta stories (I.M. Meen, Dr. Rabbit, and the Zelda CD-I games are others).
  • Is the main character a dog? A dog man? A dog owner/'parent'-as-they-say? Why is his dog capable of speech? Is the main character just imagining his dog talking to him? Why is Wilford Brimley in the man's house? Why is the main character so starved as to resort to cannibalism?
    • These questions will remain unanswered because there's no concrete answer. Consider it from the angle that we have dog-like characteristics at our core, and the whole thing makes a lot more sense.

113) FreePainReport.Com 3

  • Nihilistic impulse writing is a helluva drug.
  • First DaveTheUseless written CreepyPasta series to get to three stories.
  • Dave didn't want to include the FreePainReport jingle (clearly inspired/spoofing of the famous freecreditreport jingle) or 1-877-PAINNOW in this story. It was time for a different take.
    • Likewise, the motivation of the FreePainReport gang is a different take. In the past, they murdered those who called them. In this story, they take the character along for a ride, as one of their own.
  • Dave doesn't consider the previous two FreePainReport stories to be anything special. However, this one explores themes of nihilism, existentialism, acceptance by oneself and others, and justification of routine life.

114) Game Dude Theory

  • One of five DaveTheUseless-written CreepyPastas in a row that were more or less made up spur-of-the-moment, as the audio recorded.
  • The gist of the idea: what if the Game Dude was the AVGN all along, and James Rolfe possessed metaphysical game reviewer disguise powers in order to accomplish this dazzling feet?

115) DaveTheUseless's Creepy Journal: Day 2

  • Oh, come on. You know it's the sequel you always wanted. (/sarcasm)
  • A couple of the places (library, graveyard) remind Dave of places he actually lives near. Not literally reminded of them, of course. The story events are a tad too strange for that.

116) Every Copy of Mario 64 is Personalized

  • Schiz identified and appreciated the meme. Dav-ey-the-Use-Less followed.
  • Miyamoto-san: the perfect CreepyPasta protagonist!

117) Every Copy of Mario 64 is NOT Personalized

  • Because following memes while they're in their prime is an easy way to get clicks and views. And if you're having fun doing it, why not?
  • Poor Link.

118) Top Cat: The Lost Episode

  • A series Dave had considered making a story of for a long time, but hadn't gotten around to it.
  • That unmentionable fact about how cats interact is true, by the way.
  • Batcrap insane theme songs pretty much always make CreepyPastas better. The trend continues here!
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