Have you ever wondered why so many things in Caillou are red? Well, I have TWO THEORIES! WOW!!!

A) Caillou's mom is 'leaking' all over the place (heh heh heh.) This would mean that it's more than 1x a month this happens, unless they never clean the house (possible, because they're from a foreign country.) This means she's an alien, so Caillou is an alien. This explains why he's bald. Also b/c he's the brother of hyperrealistic evil Patrixx Star?

B) It's all hyper-realistic blood from Caillou's older brother. Caillou is assembled from his older brother's organs. THIS IS WHY HE'S FUCKING BALD!!!!

The End.

You'd never know this show's dark secrets.

Written by Cjaymarch84