Welcome to the CJayMarch Wiki!

This site hosts hundreds of creepypasta stories, including ones narrated by DaveTheUseless and stories written by folks inspired by the DaveTheUseless YouTube channel. Other information pertaining to the mysterious man known as 'cjaymarch84' (it should be pretty obvious who that is) is also available here.

Who is 'CJayMarch'?

David Jones Wilson, aka DaveTheUseless, is a CreepyPasta writer and narrator, voice actor, and rock n' roll musician. He enjoys being a creative artist and entertainer.

What kinds of contributions are welcome?

New stories and category labeling are the most common updates. Although this wiki is dedicated to assisting the DaveTheUseless community, stories of various sorts are welcome. Comments help stimulate the community, as well.

NSFW Warning

Many articles on this site are Not Safe for Work, and contain sexual and/or other politically incorrect content. All content created by DaveTheUseless/cjaymarch84 is designed to entertain, and never to offend. Many pages on this wiki may not be suitable for persons under the age of 18. CJayMarch Wiki aims to promote a community of peace, love, understanding, art, and entertainment.

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