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Welcome to the CJayMarch Wiki!

This site hosts hundreds of creepypasta stories, including ones narrated by DaveTheUseLess, stories written by folks inspired by the DaveTheUseLess YouTube channel, and those who have no affiliation with DTU(L) whatsoever! Other information pertaining to the mysterious man known as 'cjaymarch84' (it should be pretty obvious who that is) is also available here, including listings of all of the stories he has written, a cheeky haiku archive, and much more.

Who is CJayMarch?

David Jones Wilson, aka DaveTheUseLess, is a CreepyPasta and SillyPasta writer and narrator, voice actor, and (on occasion) rock n' roll musician. He enjoys being a creative artist and entertainer.

What kinds of contributions are welcome?

New stories are the most common updates. Although this wiki is dedicated to hosting CreepyPastas and SillyPastas and various DaveTheUseLess related things, stories of various sorts are welcome. Comments and blog posts help stimulate the community, as well.

NSFW Warning

Many articles on this site are Not Safe for Work, and contain sexual and/or other politically incorrect content. All content created by DaveTheUseLess/cjaymarch84 is designed to entertain, and never to offend. Many pages on this wiki may not be suitable for persons under the age of 18. CJayMarch Wiki aims to promote a community of peace, love, understanding, art, and entertainment.

A Few Brief Rules for Story Uploads

  • If a story is unfinished/still-in-progress, it should be finished within a month of the page's creation or it may be deleted.
  • Although adding images and making other reasonable changes (e.g. fixing formatting errors) to articles can be great, vandalizing is a no-no.
  • Stories sometimes get removed for Quality Control purposes. This wiki is more lenient on this than some others, and was partially founded for the purpose of giving honest authors (creepy, silly, or otherwise) the opportunity to have their stories hosted without risking arbitrary deletion. The two users with the ability to delete stories at the time of this writing (on February 22nd, 2021) are cjaymarch84 and Chimichangar.

In Response to Vandalism

  • If you notice vandalism of an article and would like for me to take action, then post on the Message Wall of my Profile with the name of the vandalizer, the article, and any other information that may be useful (time/date of upload, etc.).

  • Stories (the actual text of them) are not to be edited, regardless of intention (other than spelling/grammar/formatting, which the author has the right to undo changes about), unless the author grants you the express permission to do so.

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