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Information on the articles, videos, music, and more created, narrated, and covered by 'cjaymarch84', aka 'DaveTheUseless'.

Who is 'CJayMarch'?

CJayMarch is a CreepyPasta writer and narrator, voice actor, musician, and retro video game reviewer. This wiki is designed to bring together his works, as well as works he's narrated and covered, in one credible source.

How can *I* contribute? This is such a niche wiki!

Au contraire: this site is also very much about the people and works that influenced CJayMarch and his stuff, as well as works influenced by CJayMarch or stories he's narrated. For example, feel free to make pages containing the transcripts of CreepyPastas he narrated, articles about bands that influenced his music, or CreepyPasta Lost Episode stories you've written. If it's related to CJayMarch in some relevant way, it's fair game to make as a page! You could make an article about an NES game he's reviewed, or peanut brittle, or flying spaghetti monsters! Just imagine the possibilities, man!

NSFW Warning

Many articles on this wiki are Not Safe for Work, and contain sexual, toilet, or politically incorrect humor. All humor used by DaveTheUseless/cjaymarch84 is designed to entertain, and never to offend. Many pages on this wiki may not be suitable for persons under the age of 18. Thank you!

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