Since my dad was looking for some cool movies, and I was looking roadshow entertainment and transmission films DVD’s. I found something rare. It was bump in the night! It’s cheap

And my dad and me went home and watched something cool in PlayStation4

it was the fuckin‘ StreamUV Logo! In some shitty reasons, just harsh for no reason. The DVD menu looked weird. The Sky was fuckin’ cheap looking grey clouds. Squishington and mozart where pitch black. it’s kinda different somehow.

the intro was normal somehow, the title said for the episode

“!edir enalpria ehT”

Shit, It was weird. It begins with mr. Bumpy including his hybrid. He is a fuckin’ verson mixed with fandroid the fuckin’ musical robot and mr. bumpy.

Mr Bumpy The Hybrid: “I cantz takez carez of him no mo” its voice was mixed with mr bumpy and the fuckin’ fandroid

Mr. Bumpy: “ i can count past infinity”

He said in a bizarre accent like gru, fuck!

molly collide started the plane engine on, the airplane has 4 seats, mozart can’t get in the fucking



Molly Collode: “the plane texture was the smile dog original image“

Mozart: “cussing”

Mozart cusses lots of bad words just like Jeffy.

Swearing in a children’s cartoon? In the 90,s

They started the fuckin’ plane before it just take a flight to Florida to Logan’s house, and suddenly. A fuckin’ basketball smacked into the plane causing it to lose control, the plane started to crash at the billboard of melisha tweety‘s sign, they die and Mozart appeared in a black screen with the camera covered in blood.

Mozart: “this will be your last phone call, I’m fucking done! I cantz takez carez of him no mo”

The credits was crimson blood the Disney junior logo appeared and the roadshow entertainment logo just appeared out of the dvd. After the DVD Ended. The AFACT Picture Of the what are really burning image popped up after about fuckin’ 5 Seconds, then. The old TV Graphically fucking exploded, i stopped recording after the creepypasta for about 9 Minutes.

I sold it again to soul threads because it was just absolutely ridiculous, I went back home and started to watch DVD’s. I’m never watching this show. Ever Again!

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