Part 1[edit | edit source]

I recently found this old VHS tape in a box of old things, and i was very happy

the tape said “BIG PINK LOSER” and i just remembered that was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE episode.

I popped the tape in and watched.

It started like the regular episode, Patrick thinking he got an award, Spongebob showing him the award was for himself, blah blah blah so anyway at the part where Patrick finds the room with a bunch of awards, The screen freezes for a bit (2 seconds.) i thought it was a glitch since the VHS was from like, 2001. so anyway Patrick started crying for a long time.

According to the title card, 8 Hours has passed. Spongebob is fed up with Patrick (who is still crying)

He then shouts “PATRICK! STOP CRYING OR YOU WONT EVER GET AN AWARD” which cause Patrick to cry even more. i don’t know why, but i burst out laughing.

Suddenly, Patrick stops crying and looks at Spongebob with an angry expression, Patrick then walks out of Spongebob‘s house while still looking at him. later in Patrick’s house Patrick plots revenge on Spongebob, by killing him.

This was definitely not part of the episode, and i know that.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

That night, Patrick runs to Spongebob‘s house.

Patrick enters his bedroom, Gary (who is awake) tries to wake up Spongebob but Patrick steps on him and kills Gary. Patrick then repeatedly stabs Spongebob in the eyes which kills him.

Then he takes his skin and disguises himself as Spongebob so he can get awards,

However this does not work as he does not know how to do anything but ”nothing”

Later at the Krusty Krab, his Spongebob skin falls off and everyone runs out of the Krusty Krab scared.

Mr Krabs says “Im sure everyone will come back”

12 hours has passed, and no one has came back. this gets Mr Krabs angry and he says to Patrick

”YOU SCARED ME MONEY AWAY! I‘LL KILL YOU!” he then kills Patrick offscreen, as the episode ends.

i sat there speechless. i had to know what happened to my VHS.

Part 3[edit | edit source]

So i have done some research, and i found out somebody hacked it under the name of “Andrew Parker (not real name)”. this guy is well known for taking VHS tapes and hacking them.

so even though that tape scared me for life, i still wanted to watch Spongebob.

the episode “Big Pink Loser” played again, and the same thing that happened on the tape also happened on the TV. except at the end, Spongebob somehow came back.

He looked more grey then yellow, and he was staring off into space with a deadpan expression.

He then turned his head to me with a painful-sounding creak. as he was about to talk it ended.

2 Hours later on the news, a report said 3 people went insane and were repeatedly saying “Yellow is coming!“ this must’ve had something to do with that Spongebob episode.

nothing important happened until 2 weeks later, when a new Spongebob episode came on.

they were repeatedly saying “Yellow is coming!” (they are Squidward, Mr Krabs and Patrick who somehow survived) Spongebob came in the Krusty Krab.

everyone was staring at him, until Spongebob got angry and said “STOP STARING AT ME YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES” and he got a gun and shot everyone in the face, although Patrick survived.

he then charges at Spongebob and kicks him all the way onto land. Spongebob then shrivels up and dies.

I never watched Spongebob again.

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