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i used to be a fan of the BFDI series, and even today! My favourite character from the whole series is Leafy. The character who stole dream island from Firey, witch i don't mind.

But one day, i was scrolling on YouTube until i came across a BFB episode. The Battle for B.F.D.I. episode was called "Unknown". I was confused. What IS this unknown episode? When i looked at the thumbnail, it was a normal BFB episode title card sorta... My sceptical self, then got Wendys fries & nuggets, i clicked on the video for curiosity. When the video played, something wasant right, the grass was red. Not blood red or anything but default red. The sky was pastel red and the clouds are white. I mean of course! Clouds are supposed to be white! But then Four appeared. It seems to be the same from the actual Battle for B.F.D.I. episodes. Then, it raised her hand and then the intro started. Everything was wrong with the intro, First of all, the background was red. It was even static-y.

Four seemed to be depressed. And then the camera pans down a line of contestants. Second of all, while panning down the line, the contestants looks completely dilapidated. I can't show you all the 64 dilapidated contestants since there's a LOT of them. 

Spongy: Ripped Apart

Marker: Smashed

Pen: cut into pieces

Taco: Limbs ripped apart and smashed like Marker

Tree: His leafs were ripped off painfully

Icy: Eyes ripped off

All the dilapidated contestants all have the same poses in the actual into. As for the soundtrack, it was low pitched and was very distorted. It was even playing backwards. When the logo showed, It was normal and the music was back to it's pitch but still reversed. When the episode started, we see a shot of the eliminated contestants from the E.X.I.T doing maths. Until Four showed up. He said "Hello eliminated contestants" But when he said that, his voice sounded a little demonic. Everyone did'int look at Four to say hi but ignored him. 

Four then said "WHY ARE YOU CONTESTANTS NOT SAYING HI!?!". Then 8-Ball said "We are tired of doing fucking math in this stupid fucking classroom" I was shocked at 8-Ball for what he said. Then the screen cut to static for a few seconds. Battle for B.F.D.I. doesn't even contain that kind of language. Four just walked out of the classroom and headed outside. Nothing was too scary. But the eliminated contestants were whispering to each other. They were whispering about escaping. Meanwhile outside, Four was doing the elimination. His voice sounds different. His voice sounds a little weird, mixed with his demonic voice. But then, i fast forward it because it was pretty boring. While fast forwarding it, i found a scary image during the elimination. It was an image from a cartoon character i knew. Upon closer inspection, the character looked like.. Thomas.. The number 1 blue tank engine. I was confused why Thomas is here, the Huang twins never even mentioned him or knew him. Anyways, as for the engine himself, his face was almost ripped off, they were scars and bruises on his face, his expression was the happy face used in the intro but his eyes were gone.

Thomas was completely broken and most of his cab and external parts, his funnel was badly dented and there was a message and the bottom that says "Stay tuned for the scary part". I stayed silent for 10 seconds straight. Until i found out that Spongy is eliminated. Spongy then says "FUCK YOU ALL" then looks directly at the screen and says "you're TOASTED!" I was frightened.. i decided to go get a glass of water. when i got back, Spongy grabbed a knife and stabbed Four's hand. He JUST STABBED THE HAND FOUR CAN RECOVER PEOPLE WITH!!! I was so shocked! Now Four is enabled to recover anyone. Then, He looks at Barf Bag. He looks at her directly and says "You ruin everything" In a demonic voice and then he runs all the way to BB and stabbed her. Instead of her blood being vomit, it was hyper realistic blood! Spongy stabs Barf Bag's intestines, guts and blood were EVERYWHERE ON HIM!!! Then we see a shot of the eliminated contestants building a huge tower to escape. But i realised that all of this I MEAN ALL OF THIS was from the 16th episode of Battle for Battle for Dream Island! But Spongy was getting sucked in by Four but as in the actual episode itself, Spongy was barely inside Four. Spongy was screaming in pain and started to cry. It sounded like if Cary was ACTUALLY crying. Every eliminated contestant climbed up the tower to Spongy. Instead of Snowball saying that Four's struggling, he criticises Four saying that he's weak. I said to myself Snowball, Spongy is a BIG Contestant, Four cannot even suck up a big contestant like that. 

But then the contestants from the E.X.I.T got out of Spongy. Four said in a distorted voice "HOW DARE YOU ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS ESCAPE!" Then Four started to turn into a demon. The other contestants pulled Spongy out of Four but this happened.. Four the started to scream. But the scream was so demonic and loud. So loud that i turned down the volume! Four started to go berserk! Four ripped Spongy off of him but He was cut into Two pieces. Spongy's inside was so bloody to the point i… barfed in the garbage bin ! I barfed very hard that my barf was all over the place & even some of my nuggets and fries. My nuggets and fries looked bloody NOW! because i was really and I really Barfing up BLOOD! Four started running towards the contestants! He Grabs multiple contestants and bites them. Blood was everywhere. Four continues to eat the contestants violently. The sky turned red and the ground was still burnt. It's like Four was going on a rampage or something..... Then, 8-Ball pulled out a AK 47 and said "Time to die you fucking number" Four looked directly at 8-Ball and grabbed him. Four's fingers started to squeeze the poor pool ball until he was dilapidated. 8-Ball then exploded into guts. I then ran outside my room and then i heard a voice from the video. The character yelled at me to stay here! I looked at the character and it was Fanny. I asked her why until she responded with this: "Four will kill you!" I just sat in my chair completely afraid. This episode was more like a war then a scary episode. This is where the episode got in a more dark twist. X said to Four "Are you ok? I think you need some orange juice" Then Four just snatched the OJ from X And stared at the multiplier. Four then roared on it and just KILLED X! X was screaming until it died. X's intestines were everywhere. It was pretty sad. So sad that. It shed a popsicle flavored tear in my eye. I started to tear up. After a 30 seconds of tearing up. I started to sob in sadness at X,s body. My tears were rolling down my face. Then I made puddles of Popsicle flavored tears. Then I stoped sobbing and I continued. The Free Smart crew were running in shock until four grabbed Pencil and ate her. Match then screamed "Noo Pencil!" And started crying. She then commits suicide and leaving the rest of Free Smart to survive. Four roars like a scary demon and crushes contestants with his feet. The contestants were 





Coiny yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOO PIN" and started crying. Fore eats the contestants in a completely violent and scary way. By garbing the contestants and eating uncomfortably by ripping them apart (or biting them and tearing them apart) and killing them But then, the episode got more gory and gory because four ate the remaining intestines of some objects that died (Including X) until all the contestants were killed. The sky turned back to normal. Four just stood there causally smiling like nothing happened. As the camera zooms in to him. The screen started to get static before fading away  completely.

After seeing this episode, i was Crying in fear. And then i clicked off the video. A few days later, i looked at jacknjellify's home page, THE VIDEO IS FINALLY GONE!! And i was super happy! I then happily watched BFDI. but OK thank god it was gone because i never wanted to see this video EVER AGAIN!

But it's not over yet!

While sleeping, i had a nightmare that i was one of the objects getting attacked by that demon Four. But luckily i did'int die. As i woke up, my room was a mess! the last time i saw my room, it was completely clean! I was thinking Fanny was right because, since my family members were going on vacation, i was alone so it would probably be Four.. I was getting ready to go to work. When i arrived at the workplace (wich is the construction site) i was talking to my friends until i saw a shadow appeared and just disappeared out of nowhere. I was thinking that it was some sort of squirrel. But i brushed it off and continued working. While working, the same thing happened again. The shadow appeared. I was pretty scared, so i decided to brush it off once again. But the same problem happened, while digging the dirt someone was screaming during break time. The girl was named Catherine, wich i already know her. She screamed and ran out of the cabin. I ran up to her and told her whats the matter. She responded with this: she said that she saw a random number demon eating her lunch after she came back from the bathroom. I stood there in shock! That was Four! The gender less number that turned into a demon! I told her what had happened, and she was confused and did'int do anything but believe me.

When i came back home from work, you WON'T believe what i saw! I saw Fanny watching TV. I'm pretty sure she was watching the exact same episode i was watching yesterday morning! The only thing i did is just walk towards Fanny and IT WAS A BAD IDEA! As i tapped her for a question, she started to go berserk! She said "I'LL RIP OFF YOUR HEAD IF YOU INTERRUPT ME!!" and then she started to chase me all around the house. I kept hiding in some places but she somehow keeps finding me. Until i ran outside, got in the car, and drove away. Fanny then entered my house and continued watching that lost episode. I decided to stay in my friends house. Since it's 9:AM we got to go to bed. The next morning i got out of bed and went home. I was scared Fanny was still here. And she wasn't, i was relieved that she wasn't here. So i got up and destroyed the VHS Tape. Seriously, Fanny made the episode on VHS.. When i destroyed it, Four came.. Oh No! Four is going to kill me... But then i got teleported to a random arena. Four gave me a sword and then i said: I'm not afraid of you! We started battling. Four nearly killed me but i jumped into the air landed on him and then stabbed him! Four screamed and released the objects that died. including X but it stayed with Four instead. Four was still alive and released the contestants. (and Fanny) Pretty much now all the contestants are my family members due to goiky being completely destroyed. He spit out a recovery centre. I was pretty happy. I decided to keep them all in my home. (And the recovery centre) Im not sure if my family will like it but in a surprise they do. Sometimes this, if the objects se a real human, they would be unfazed by it. So as my family. But since my brother and sister loved Battle for Dream Island. But sometimes, the objects can get pretty violent like Snowball throwing Woody downstairs. But i don't mind. I lived a happy life with them.

Ideas that popped into my head! :D 


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