gumball´s banned story

one night, gumball has diabetes in my stomach in the elmore hospital

doctor said, we can getting illness, he is sick

richard watterson and nicole watterson felts sad at gumball got diabetes and sleep

nicole watterson and richard watterson starts to cry

nicole watterson saids

its okay, we wont make me sad

richard watterson is weeping up away

next day, gumball wokes up is black huge eyes with bloody pupils in my tears

gumball has a evil smile to kill your parents

darwin is reading a book in the bedroom

gumball has a evil side at darwin

hello there, darwin

do you wanna play with me

darwin got very scared at gumball

gumball pulls her eyes to eat and kill darwin

its time to play, play with me, play with me, PLAY WITH ME

darwin close your eyes and died

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