gumball´s banned story

one day, gumball has hypoglycemic on her, doctor said, we can getting her sweets for you

nicole says

l sorry, l can getting hypoglycemic symptoms, gumball

l wanna miss them

l can make me okay

nicole watterson and richard watterson felts sorry at gumball

a next day, richard watterson starts to cry

but nicole watterson says

its okay, we wanna getting my life

darwin is writing a new story for gumball

one night, gumball woke up, she had a black and red eyes under in the black tears in the skin

gumball has a evil smile

suddenlyn, nicole watterson and richard watterson woke up

gumball is psycho to kill her parents to die

darwin got scared at gumball´s parents is dead

gumball says

goodnight,darwin, we close your eyes and die

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