I really don't appreciate what Mr Fox did to me years ago. He robbed one of my friend's companies, Made it bankrupt and plenty other. Now the city I live in had to pay a super huge bill due to damages of buildings and more. What was I thinking not letting Mr Fox do what appreciates him?

This really isn't quite a story about the damage to my town, There's a lost episode of Recess that I must explain to you all. It was somewhat funny and kind of dark. To start this off, My name is Franklin Bean. No, It's not Mr Bean, You know, The comedian, I'm a man who worked for an alcoholic cider factory and much more.

My wife divorced me after I forgot to take care of the basement that holds all the cider. It literally ended up with me catching Mr Fox stealing it and getting away with the whole situation. I now had to marry a sweet baby named Alice. She went to Wonderland before and told me all about her adventures.

Pretty sure you are getting tired of the chit chat. Well guess what? I'll just explain everything about the lost episode as I said. One day, We decided to move out of England and start life in America. After moving in, I decided to visit the Goodwill store to see what's interesting and exciting.

I made my way into the VHS section and got some video tapes about Blue's Clues and plenty other. Then I got myself some new furniture to help myself move in a little more. I met up with someone by the name of Mr Krabs. He owned a restaurant called The Krusty Krab and was planning to move his restaurant up into the world so he could get more money to buy a carnival and plenty other.

I asked him how life was and he told me that it was A-okay. That's when he handed me a video tape that had a picture of the Recess gang on it. The VHS was titled All Alone And It's Fun. Mr Krabs claimed that it was a lost episode of the show and was meant to be the fourth season beginning, But the creators of the show decided to scrap it and keep it private and one of the tapes managed to get out of the vault.

I got what I needed and headed to the checkout. The 2 store clerks that checked out my stuff were named Julie and Annabelle. They told me that they owned a garden and they lived with each other. The tape was purchased and I went home to watch this secret episode.

But Alice was a huge hater of the show and she did not want me to watch Recess in front of her. So I waited until the coast was clear.

Later that evening, I took my TV/VCR combo and the tape itself with me to my workshop where it has an outlet and inserted the hippy nippy baloney VHS in it. The Recess intro started to play as I got myself a root beer and a pepperoni pizza hot pocket and sat back. The episode title was the same as on the case.

It started with one of the characters named Ashley Spinelli (Spin-Nell-E) sleeping in bed until her alarm went off. She got up and decided what he should wear. She usually wears what she normally wears in the show.

Then Spinelli went down and saw that her family wasn't in the house. She looked at the clocks thinking they were wrong. Then Spinelli checked to see if they were still sleeping, But they were not, They were completely gone.

Spinelli began to realize that the entire town people were gone too. She soon realized this and said, "Everyone isn't in the city of Third Street, So, I'm free!" She walks down to her school and goes to the cafeteria to pick up some breakfast. Spinelli ate some pancakes with the sides of bacon, Eggs, Sausages, and hash browns. And for a drink, Some OJ.

Then she decides to go to sit on the king of the playground's chair. She liked how it was cool to see the view. After that, Spinelli decides to use the gym changing rooms to have a shower. Spinelli came home from school and turned on the TV watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. In the episode of what she was watching, Shake, Frylock and Meatwad were at a farm about to milk the crap out of a cow.

A time card appeared and it read, "The Next Day." Spinelli has a shower in her own house to get ready for the day.

Then she heads off to school and decides to imitate other people such as Guru Kid and the Ashleys. But things took quite a dark turn. While Spinelli was mocking the Ashleys, She got cut off as her face turned into a pale expression.

This is what Spinelli said:

"What have I done? I know that i'm not dreaming, This is all real!"

Then she started to grow tears from her eyes and went outside. Presuming that she was going to cry. And I was correct. The next scene showed Spinelli walking to the courtyard and kneeling down on her knees. Next, She said something that automatically came from Alice In Wonderland.

"Well, I went along my merry way, and I never stopped to reason. I should have known there’d be a price to pay, some day. Some day. I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. Will I ever learn to do the things I should?"

Then she really started to cry as water filled the eyes. I watched this scene for over 2 minutes until it showed what looked like school buses pulling up to the front of the school presuming that everyone was coming back. And I was right. TJ, Vince, Mikey, Gretchen and Gus were walking down the halls of the school with someone that looked like George Clooney. I could automatically tell by his voice, It really was Mr Clooney! He had a coat on with some glasses in his eyes.

TJ opens the door to see that Spinelli is on the floor crying and the rest of the gang see what's going on. Spinelli stops crying only to recognize that everyone came back. She gives them a hug and apologizes that she will not threaten any kid on the playground again.

Then Mr Clooney claimed that the reason everyone disappeared was because it would be National No Spinelli Day.

That was when I completely took the tape out. It transitioned to show the Ashleys taking their swimsuits off and showing their completely nude bodies. I took the VHS away from the player. I was considering smashing it but I decided to wait until Alice went to work.

And I swapped my mind by going back to the Goodwill. Well, You can try to imagine how I watched my wife leave for work. I marched to the entrance of the thrift store until I walked by General Asquith. He worked for the army and he asked me how my day was. I wasn't feeling not great after seeing that tape. I went straight into Goodwill and demanded to know the meaning of this godforsaken tape. I stormed in, Slamming the DVD/tape on the counter where Julie and Annabelle were. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?" I yelled, To Julie and Annabelle.. They turned around, Revealing… A terrible look on them. They looked horrible! They look like they hadn't showered in 2 weeks. I had wondered what had happened to him after Cherub Wings. They had warts and scars all over their bodies, And they were dressed exactly like Frankie Foster from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Lotta from Charlie and Lola. “Y’ see, Franklin.” Julie said, Leering at me. “PEOPLE, ARE LIKE ONIONS.” I began to shudder. “AND ONIONS, HAVE LAYERS.” She took out a potato peeler and lunged at me! I took out the VHS as she stabbed the potato peeler and she stabbed the DVD slipcase, the source of his power … (Probably). Julie and Annabelle exploded into memes on paper and I was kicked out of Goodwill, But it’s Ok because I was immediately detained by the United States Government and given a coupon for KFC.

A few days later I got a letter on my door. If I could read with my glasses, I would’ve known that it said that the Ashleys were coming to my house for a special exclusive “Recess Tour” in my living room. But I didn’t know that. When I opened my door, The Ashleys were standing there. Happy smirk. What they said next sent a shiver up my spine. “Scandalous. Scandalicious.” They smiled even more.

They started taking their hairbrush and other hair supplies and started turning me into a girl. I looked weird. I looked a lot like Mikan Shiratori from Sailor Moon.

Then another knock on the door was heard. This time it was my friend Isaiah Vargas and he had a gun in his hand claiming he was gonna kill the crap out of those girls who gave me a makeover. After he left, I heard the sound of what looked like the queen of bees buzzing in my living room. She told me that I should have never watched that tape because this would happen.

I drove myself away from the house due to all of this. Ending up on a road near a farm. I met some people by the names of David Tennant and Kit Secord. Mr Tennant said his daughter was adopted and he punched me in the face and stealing my car. Leaving me, Alone, In the road. With no means of getting home.

The End

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