The Author of this Story is Anonymous/Unknown. This is the ninety-third CreepyPasta that was narrated by DaveTheUseless.

When I was in high-school I remember my psychology teacher telling us how a person can become addicted to anything. He told us several stories of how people became addicted to the oddest things and fixations such as flushing toilets or listening to radio static. Something about the actions simply trigger enjoyment in their brain and thus, they repeat and repeat becoming an addict.

I for one, have sadly become one of these people. I am addicted to having orgasms and while to most people this wouldn't be a problem at all, it has affected me greatly. I usually beat off at least five to six times a day, every day. Some days all I can think about is doing it... Luckily, I have a beautiful girlfriend who gives me good material to get off to and even better sex.

About a week ago, I received an email from an unknown user; in the email it told of a brand new premium pornography website that offered the best in business. Interested, I clicked away at the numerous photographs and saved several. What I noticed most was that one photo was often all it took to climax, so if I got sick of one, I could simply move on to the next. I think I saved somewhere around 300 photos before ending my subscription to the website. As per usual, I kept with my one photo routine but I noticed something somewhat odd... Everytime I'd go to open the previous image of the woman I had masturbated to, the file had become corrupt. Confused and mildly annoyed at the fact that my new stash had become tainted, I simply continued until about 50 of the photos had become corrupt.

Now angry and frustrated, I returned to the site and was prepared to demand my money back, but upon arriving there was simply an error message that said “Check your folder.”

Hesitent but curious I opened the folder, at the first I scrolled through the multitude of photos that I had yet to get off but when I reached the corrupted files, I vomitted in absolute disgust at what I saw. Every woman in those photos were mutilated and butchered beyong recognition, horrified looks on pale dead faces. It was sick and awful and I was in dismay at the site. I needed release and I began to look through the other photos, flipping through them and watching as the ones before it became multilated as well. I finally stopped myself around 150 or so... When Facebook popped up.

It was my girlfriend, she had just sent me some beautiful self shots of herself masturbating... I couldn't control myself... As I reached climax, tears filled my eyes as I prepared to view the next corrupted file...




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